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Game room with brick walls

26 Game Room Ideas for the Ultimate Entertaining Space

Calling all gamers, pool sharks, and board game collectors! Do you have a spare room at home? Consider transforming it into the game room of your dreams! Whether your game space is a Vegas-themed mini casino or an arcade room dedicated to everything ’80s, these awesome ideas will help you create the best entertainment room and level up your home.

Create a Versatile Rec Room

Room with pool table and guitars on wall. Photo by Instagram user @mediavine

Photo via @mediavine

Combine all of your favorite games and creative outlets to form the coolest entertainment room on the block. Play a round of pool, jam out on your guitar, and watch a couple of movies all in the same place.

Go All Out with a Theme

If you’re super passionate about one game, use it as inspiration for your entire space! Whether it’s PacMan, Pikachu, or Princess Peach, use your favorite video game characters and their worlds as wall decor. Don’t want to stick to just one theme in your video game room? Mix and match for a playful variety!

Add Some Theater Magic

Home theater with game console. Photo by Instagram user @elite_screens

Photo via @elite_screens

Gaming and movies go together like butter and popcorn. Create a combined space where you can enjoy two of the best activities at the same time. Not only will a theater room provide a big screen for viewing parties, but it also offers comfy seating and a designated spot for your next gaming tournament.

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Design Your Own Sports Room

Game room with sport decor and ping pong table. Photo by Instagram user @desert_flats

Photo via @desert_flats

Love baseball, football, soccer, or golf? Use it for your home rec room design. Sports room decor is not for fair-weather fans, so pay tribute to your team by utilizing memorabilia as wall decor, shelf decorations, and even light fixtures. Here’s a simple decor project: create aΒ DIY jersey frameΒ for your favorite players!

Make an Old-School Arcade

Play pinball 24/7 when you transform an extra room into a retro arcade. Whether your affinity is for PacMan or taking a ride on a racing simulator, purchase arcade cabinets to make your home the talk of the block. Classic consoles can be hard to track down, so start your search ASAP!

Set Up a Pool Table Room

Prefer to play billiards? Turn your spare room into the ultimate hangout for pool. Whether you’re envisioning a rustic theme or a sports theme, be sure to design around the pool table’s style.

Embrace Natural Light

Looking for small game room ideas? Utilize natural light to open up a room of any size. Taking over the garage or repurposing a room with lots of windows will make it even easier to line up your perfect shot.

Add Cool Lighting

Lighting is an important component of all cool gaming rooms! The right lighting will add ambiance, as well as keep any screen glare to a minimum so you can see your video game foes and friends clearly.

Use Game Equipment as Decor

You won’t have to add storage space when you display your game equipment on the wall. Everything from pool cues to board games can be used as game room wall decor.

Have Fun with Color

Especially if you’re designing a game room for kids or the whole family, don’t go monochromatic. Use a bright color palette or striking accent colors to give the room some energy.

Go Retro

Get funky with your entertainment room furniture! From tables and couches to wall art and decor, don’t be afraid to embrace a vintage style to match your beloved old school games.

Get Multi-Purpose Furniture

Wooden table with hidden pool table underneath. Photo by Instagram user @dkbilliards

Photo via @dkbilliards

If you’re converting a spare room, invest in game room furniture that has multiple uses. You can play poker or Go Fish before removing the cover on your table for a pool tournament. Selecting versatile furniture is an awesome game room idea for small rooms!

Create a Kids Game Room

Design a fun home game room the whole family will enjoy! Bright colors, comfy couches, and a large TV can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. You can go all out with a Mario-themed room or stick to simpler designs to create a cozy space the kids will love.

Utilize Built-In Shelving

Game room with pool table and white shelves. Photo by Instagram user @pooltablesgvl

Photo via @pooltablesgvl

Create a designated area to store DVDs, video games, and board games with sleek built-in shelving. Adding permanent shelving to your rec room will help with game room storage and organization.

Store Game Consoles Creatively

Game systems with blue lights behind shelves. Photo by Instagram user @t_bargah

Photo via @t_bargah

If gaming is your favorite hobby, you probably use more than one game system. Give each console a designated space with a TV stand or entertainment center for storage.

Mount Consoles on the Wall

Wall mounted game systems. Photo by Instagram user @hideitmounts

Photo via @hideitmounts

Easily hide wires when you store game systems directly on the wall. Not only will this simplify connecting your consoles to your TV, but it also eliminates the need for a TV stand. Plus, you can save even more space when you mount controllers on the wall, too!

Choose the Right Card Table

Hoping to host a weekly poker night? Love to play blackjack, craps, and other tabletop casino games? One-of-a-kind game room furniture is an easy way to make your home the hottest casino on the block.

Invest in Gaming Chairs

Gaming chair with computer desk. Photo by Instagram user @opseatgaming

Photo via @opseatgaming

Discover a truly immersive experience! Not only are gaming chairs comfy to sit in for extended periods of time, but they have speakers, cupholders, and interactive vibration to add to the adrenaline rush.

Opt for a Large Desk

Is PC gaming your obsession? Make sure to have a big enough desk for your monitors, speakers, snacks, and more! Don’t forget a laptop cooling pad or fan for your main monitor if you’re planning to log lots of hours.

Don’t Forget Good Speakers

Room with purple lights and large speakers. Photo by Instagram user @setup.ig

Photo via @setup.ig

Be sure to include good game room speakers. A nice sound system is crucial to feeling immersed in your video or computer game experience. You can either build surround sound into the ceilings and walls or set up more standard speakers around your TV or computer.

Make a Game Closet

Closet full of board games. Photo by Instagram user @bnelson_92

Photo via @bnelson_92

One of the best parts of converting a spare bedroom into a game room is that it comes with built-in storage. Create a home for all of your board games and video games by maximizing bedroom closet space. Are all your games digital? You can still use the closet to store gaming loungers and controllers.

Add a Scoreboard

No rec room is complete without a little dose of competition! Let your guests know the game is heating up with a chalkboard or marker board where you can keep score and track your winning streak.

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Include Tabletop Games

Tabletop checkers near a tall window. Photo by Instagram user @fearinwelch

Photo via @fearinwelch

When planning your entertainment room setup, make sure to leave space for board games. Even if video games are your passion, you can create an area for chess, checkers, and other tabletop games.

Save a Spot for Foosball

Foosball table in tan game room. Photo by Instagram user @casademorris

Photo via @casademorris

Unlike a pool table, a foosball table is smaller, easier to move, and still offers fun for the whole family. This is an awesome small game room idea that works on its own or in a flex room.

Use a Projector

Giant projector screen in game room. Photo by Instagram user @elite_screens

Photo via @elite_screens

Become the destination for tournaments when you add a projector to your entertainment room! If you love to play Mario Kart and other multiplayer games, having a huge screen will maximize the experience for everyone, especially when you go into split-screen mode.

Design a Refueling Station

Game room bar and food station. Photo by Instagram user @pureplumbinglv

Photo via @pureplumbinglv

Don’t forget to add a bar to your game room to ensure snacks and gamer fuel are always close. A wet bar with high-top stools creates additional seating for guests or spectators and livens up your entertaining space. If you don’t have the space for a full bar, simply add a mini fridge to chill your drinks.

Ready to design the ultimate home game room? Whether you’re into old-fashioned board games or video games through Xbox, Playstation, or PC, try these tips to turn an extra room into a recreation destination. Want more spare room transformation tips? Check out theseΒ home music room design ideas!

Game Room Ideas

Game room with brick walls
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