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Friends gather around a pregnant woman during her baby shower.

Hosting a Baby Shower: 15 Tips for Planning & Organizing

Hosting a baby shower? Planning a baby shower or sprinkle can be a fun and exciting task, and with a little bit of help, you can host a memorable event that’s enjoyable for all. Check out these 15 baby shower ideas for activities, food, decorations, and more!

Include the Mom-to-Be in Planning

Friends gather around during a baby shower. Photo by Instagram User @sinizplanning.

Photo via @sinizplanning

While planning a baby shower, it’s important to include the mom-to-be in the details without overwhelming her. At the start of planning, run your ideas by her and ask the expecting mother how much she wants to be involved in her baby shower planning. This can help you make sure she’s happy and save a lot of stress later down the line.

Make Sure to Ask for Help

Two people set a table. Photo by Instagram user @tohavetohost.

Photo via @tohavetohost

Hosting a baby shower can be a lot of work—especially for just one person! Ask for help and divide responsibilities among friends and family from the get-go to prevent stress. This will ensure tasks like food preparation, sending out invitations, decorating, and more don’t all fall on your to-do list, causing a last-minute scramble.

Establish a Budget

Before deciding what to buy for a baby shower, consider setting a budget—especially if you’re hosting your own baby shower or sprinkle. This will help you narrow down a lot of the planning later on. Your budget will impact whether you decide to rent a venue or host at home, cater food, hire a decorator, and more. But no matter how big or small your budget is, adding personal touches through invitations, decorations, activities, and more can create a successful baby shower experience for your guests and the new mom.

Pick a Date, Time, & Location

With a budget set, you can begin planning the date, time, and baby shower venue. Try not to schedule the baby shower too late in the pregnancy—aim for four to six weeks before the due date so the pregnant person isn’t too physically uncomfortable and can organize the gifts they receive before the baby arrives. Most baby showers happen midday and last about two hours, giving your guests enough time to eat, socialize, and play games without tiring out the mom-to-be. Where you’ll have your baby shower depends on your budget, the time of year, and how much space you need—some may opt to rent a venue for a larger shower, while a home or backyard shower may suffice for others.

Decide on a Theme

Decorative cookies with Winnie the Pooh imagery on them

Photo via @emily_retamozo

Implementing a baby shower theme is an easy way to create a memorable event. With so many unique baby shower themes to choose from, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with options. Try to keep it simple yet fun. Or stick to classic themes like a safari baby shower, pastel baby shower, or a Winnie the Pooh baby shower. Choosing a theme can help other decorating decisions fall into place, as well—including food items and even games.

Send Invitations

Once you have the logistics of the baby shower party figured out, start sending out invitations! You could use an online template, send digital invites, or even make handcrafted DIY invitations if you’re artistic. Make sure to list yourself as the point of contact for RSVPs to take stress off the new mom. Get a head count so that you can plan the seating, menu, and more!

Plan Party Games

Games are a great way to help keep guests entertained. Get the party together to play baby shower games like the Celebrity Baby Game, Baby Stroller Olympics, or crowd-favorites like Baby Bingo that guests can play while the mom-to-be is opening her gifts. Other popular baby shower activities include diaper games—or, for an affordable option, the Don’t Say Baby Game.

Plan the Menu Ahead of Time

See charcuterie cups for guests at a baby shower. Photo by Instagram user @thecheesechica.

Photo via @thecheesechica

On the day of the baby shower, you won’t want to be responsible for cooking while trying to host. If you’re not catering, plan a quick and easy menu that you can prep ahead of time like cheese and crackers and a veggie tray! With either choice, make sure to consider dietary restrictions for pregnant women so that the mom-to-be can still enjoy!

Make Room for Guests

No matter where you’re hosting the baby shower, it’s important to have enough seating for guests—and that need will vary depending on where the baby shower’s hosted. If you’re renting a venue, tables and chairs may be included, or you might need to rent them separately. But if you’re hosting a baby shower in your home, you might just need to spend time readjusting furniture and adding temporary extra seating. Outdoor baby showers in backyards or parks are perfectly fine to use folding chairs and tables.

Decorate the Venue

Having a theme makes it easier to come up with baby shower decoration ideas. Consider buying theme-related wall art, streamers, balloons, and table decor. This is also your opportunity to add some personal touches—like a table centerpiece to tie the shower’s theme and decor together. Opt for classic teddy bear centerpieces or a unique diaper cake. Or rent a statement decorative table to serve as a focal point.

Set Up a Photo Wall

If you’re throwing a baby shower on a budget, a photo wall is an easy way to keep guests entertained and add flare to your baby shower venue. Photo backdrops can be as simple as taping balloons to a wall and adding a string of lights. If you want to take a few extra steps, order a custom sign and photo props!

Keep Kids Entertained

A child approaches a woman at a baby shower. Photo by Instagram user @jocelynet_.

Photo via @jocelynet_

If you’re planning a kid-friendly baby shower, make sure there are plenty of things to keep them busy! Set up a table with some fun snacks for kids like fruit kabobs or tortilla roll-ups. Depending on their ages, you could send them on a pacifier hunt throughout the venue to help them stay occupied, provide toys and art supplies, or come up with extra baby shower games just for the kids.

Offer Virgin Cocktails

A baby shower-themed drink is a perfect way to keep guests refreshed and mark the special occasion. Check with the mom-to-be if she wants to serve alcoholic drinks for guests at her baby shower or if she’d prefer that it be a dry event. If the occasion will be alcohol-free, there is no shortage of creative mocktail recipes to try!

Have a Plan for Gifts

An expecting mother opens gifts. Photo by Instagram user @pangierdh.

Photo via @pangierdh

When it comes to baby shower gifts, there are several things to consider. Start by helping the expecting mother with creating a baby registry online and then include the link in the baby shower invitations. This ensures the new parents get what they need and makes shopping easier for guests. You could also suggest that guests replace cards with picture books to begin building a baby library! Ask the mom-to-be if she wants to have a portion of the shower dedicated to opening gifts or if she prefers guests bring their gifts unwrapped to save time cleaning up. Remember to have someone write down who each gift came from—and to make sending thank you cards a breeze, have guests self-address their own envelopes as they walk in the door.

Send Off Guests with Good Party Favors

Baby succulents are used as a baby shower favor. Photo by Instagram User @durhamexchange.

Photo via @durhamexchange

At the end of the party, send your guests home with a party favor they’ll enjoy. Stick to classic baby-themed gifts, or opt for a more personalized shower favor like soaps, candles, coffee mugs, or picture frames. Whatever you choose, the party favor should show appreciation for your guests’ attendance and contributions to the shower.


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