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Announcing EXTRAordinary Employee of the Quarter Winners for Q2 2023

At Extra Space Storage, we believe our greatest asset is our employees. From the people who work in our National Solutions Center to the managers operating our self storage facilities across the nation, the team behind Extra Space is what makes our company better every single day.

Each quarter, we announce the EXTRAordinary Employees of the Quarter award. These aren’t given to people who just do their jobs. They’re awarded to those who go above and beyond in demonstrating our core values, and the nominations are submitted anonymously by other employees, team leaders, or entire departments.

Below are the EXTRAordinary winners from Q2 2023, featuring the nominations from their peers!

Korie Gelumbus – District Manager

“Since becoming our District Manager, Korie has embodied our values of Passion, Teamwork, and Excellence. She has pushed our district to be one of the top performers in our division. She shows us every day what it is to be passionate about your job. Korie has seen potential in me, helped me grow, and has also been a great partner to her peers in the division. She facilitated our Best at Getting Better calls for the division stores and employees struggling with the sales process and behaviors. She always contributes and shares best practices during meetings and calls. Korie is a true example of our core values and lives them each day. Thank you, Korie, for everything you do for our team!”

Logan Harmon – District Manager

“When Logan joined Extra Space last year, his alignment with our company values was an instant match. He hit the ground running with his passion for developing highly engaged and competitive teams. Logan has shown genuine care by getting to know his people so he can support their needs and aspirations. This has resulted in a high level of engagement where the district rises to high standards, and sets stretch goals to run the business. Moreover, the impact is not just in performance but also in the sense of family felt throughout the district and a feeling of being heard within a large company as they work together in every challenge. Thank you, Logan, for being a great example of living our values.”

Brooke Piggott – Recruiter

“Brooke has been incredible to work with, especially throughout the Life Storage merger. She has done a great job of staying on top of all our requisitions and keeping our future team members apprised of where they are at within the hiring process. I have had a large number of requisitions with the merger, and I have been amazed at Brooke’s positive attitude and ability to stay on top of all of the candidates! Several new hires have commented on how impressed they were with the process and communication. Thank you so much, Brooke!”

Risa Saavedra – Customer Experience Manager

“As the Store Support Center was focused on preparing for the Life Storage merger in Q2, Risa Saavedra collaborated with several groups, including Marketing, Product, Operations, and Risk. Risa exemplified teamwork by finding ways to bring those groups together in a supportive and informative way despite many things being outside of her purview. Amid pre-merger planning, Risa also helped transition a role from Marketing to the Customer Experience team. This role was critical given the number of customer-facing communications and required Risa to hire talent and learn an entirely new process. Watching Risa quietly manage these efforts seamlessly was not only impressive but greatly appreciated!”

Ben Sanchez – Customer Service Representative

“Ben Sanchez has been a rock in our department. He’s supported the team by taking on challenging calls and being an expert resolution agent for digital access support calls, all done with a great attitude and integrity. He is skilled in a wide variety of service calls at the National Solutions Center. Personally, Ben has helped me through Teams chat to resolve difficult issues and has been a great example of our Teamwork value. Through the Life Storage merger, he has been an integral part of helping our newest customers.”

Patrick Simper – Sr. Desktop Support Engineer

“With the IT crew coming in from Life Storage, Patrick did a phenomenal job answering our many questions about how things work at Extra Space. He created solutions for all the challenges IT was facing and went out of his way to lend a hand when he could—even though, in most cases, the task at hand was far out of his normal scope of work. He is always upbeat and positive in every meeting and call, making a stressful and chaotic time better for all of us.”

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