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Employee Winners of Giveaway from Extra Space Storage

Announcing the Winners of Our 2021 Employee Giveaway

We’ve said it many times before—at Extra Space Storage, we believe our people are our greatest asset.

In the Extra Space Storage 2020 Annual Report, Executive Vice President and CLO Gwyn McNeal shared, “Our people rose to the challenges of 2020, and with adaptability and resilience, they continued to help our customers to a better tomorrow. We have always said our people and culture are a key differentiator for Extra Space, and this past year is evidence of that.”

After we surpassed a significant growth milestone of 2,000 stores nationwide, we were thrilled to celebrate with two exciting employee giveaways. To recognize the accomplishment of all employees who helped the company grow to over 2,000 stores in 2021, we held a company-wide raffle for a $2,021 cash bonus and 2,021 additional minutes of paid time off.

And the lucky winners were—*drumroll*—Lema Qawiy and Vianney Gonzalez!

Both Qawiy and Gonzalez are Store Managers at Extra Space Storage. After their big wins, we reached out to them to share a bit about themselves and how they plan to enjoy their winnings.

When did you join Extra Space Storage?

Qawiy: October of 2011. Ten years ago!

Gonzalez: May of 2019, and still going strong!

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Qawiy: My favorite part of my job is helping customers through their hard times and being a listening ear.

Gonzalez: My coworkers and the help we provide our customers. They sometimes come into our office very overwhelmed or with nowhere to put their items. I enjoy the sense of relief they get once they experience our awesome customer service.

What is your best advice when working with customers?

Qawiy: The best advice I can give when working with customers is understanding everyone is different, and everyone has a story. Try to adapt and listen to the customer’s needs. Everything else will fall into place.

Gonzalez: The customer experience is how our business thrives. Always smile, listen, and assess needs accordingly.

What motivates you at work?

Qawiy: Knowing that I am providing a great upbringing for my children motivates me at work. I am all about making my 14-year-old son and five-year-old daughter proud to call me their mom.

Gonzalez: I love my team and the people I work with. From my fellow Store Managers and Assistant Store Managers to my District Manager and Division Vice President, I believe that strong work performance stems from the people you work around. My team helps me and motivates me to try my best every day.

Do you have a favorite activity or hobby when not working?

Qawiy: My favorite hobby is designing clothes. After having my daughter, designing has become a passion of mine. My daughter loves when I create something new for her.

Gonzalez: I enjoy watching true crime documentaries and collecting Hot Wheels with my son.

Do you have any plans in mind yet for how you’ll use your winnings?

Qawiy: I plan on using my additional paid time off on some weekends off with my family.

Gonzalez: I plan to give my parents half of the bonus and the other half for my son and me to go shopping (his birthday is next month).

Congratulations to Lema Qawiy and Vianney Gonzalez!