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Celebrating 25 years with Dana Elce and Darrell Gibbs. Left: Dana Elce. Right: Darrell Gibbs

Celebrating 25 Years with Dana Elce & Darrell Gibbs

The success of Extra Space Storage comes from our great team. It’s their hard work and dedication that’s made our company what it is today. We want to take this opportunity to shine a light on some of our team members who have been with us for more than 25 years. These standout employees have taken to heart our key values of Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, and Passion. Their stories are a testament to the strength and spirit that push us forward every day.

Dana Elce, Store Manager

Dana Elce began her self storage journey as an Assistant Manager. She was new to the storage world but eager to jump in and learn both the business and the company culture. In her earlier days with Extra Space, she worked at various locations before promoting to the role of Store Manager in El Segundo, CA, and later moving to another store in Carson, CA.

Reflecting on her introduction to self storage, Dana recalls, “Originally, I didn’t know much about the storage world, but it was introduced to me by my friend. She believed this would be a perfect fit for me, and as it turns out, she was absolutely right.”

Dana appreciates the variety that each day brings. She arrives at work with an open mindset, focused on making a positive impact on someone’s life daily, whether in big or small ways. Throughout her years at Extra Space, Dana has navigated numerous changes within the company. She recognizes the challenges in adapting to new policies and managers, yet views these challenges as chances to enhance her skills and gain valuable insights from individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Dana takes pride in her role of guiding and training new team members over her years with the company. “You are an inspiration to all of us who work with you,” remarked District Manager Steve Horvath. “Your passion for quality work and your ability to connect with your peers is remarkable.”

Witnessing the arrival of fresh faces at the company has been a source of joy for Dana. With Extra Space’s growth and the increase in job openings, she has formed lasting friendships with both colleagues and customers, each of whom has played a vital role in her life.

“You have made a positive impact on Extra Space and on the lives of many customers and colleagues,” Steve continued. “We are proud to have you on our team, and we wish you many more years of success and happiness. Congratulations, Dana, on your 25-year anniversary!”

Darrell Gibbs, Bargold Field Representative

Congratulations to Darrell Gibbs on an impressive 25-year tenure with Bargold Storage Systems, part of Extra Space Storage’s family of brands. Darrell’s journey at Bargold started in construction, where he was instrumental in building storage units. Over time, he progressed from Warehouse Manager to his current role as a Field Representative.

In his role, Darrell’s day-to-day includes customer interactions, contract management, facility tours, processing vacates, and preparing units for new customers. His schedule changes daily based on site and customer needs, typically involving visits to eight to ten different sites, where he adapts to the distinct requirements of each location across New York City.

Marisha Boodram, Director of Rentals at Bargold, recognizes Darrell’s exceptional work, saying, “Darrell adds unique value to the rental team. He demonstrates a commitment to Extra Space’s core values in his daily actions and is highly regarded for his integrity, excellence, and teamwork.”

Darrell’s favorite part of his job is being in the field – visiting different sites, interacting with customers, and engaging in the dynamic aspects of his role. He faces New York’s challenging weather head on—from harsh blizzards to intense heat waves, embracing it as a natural part of his day.

A highlight for Darrell at Bargold is the camaraderie with his colleagues. Having worked with many of the same people for many years, he shares, “We are like brothers and sisters, you know. We sometimes get on each other’s nerves, but we don’t get disrespectful.”

Looking ahead, Darrell aims to continue his career in self storage for another 25 years. His dedication, positivity, and commitment to our core values make him an invaluable team member. We look forward to celebrating more of Darrell’s achievements in the future.

Featured Image: from left, photos of Dana Elce and Darrell Gibbs.

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