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4 headshots of people in the 2022 CEO Team Of Excellence

CEO Team of Excellence Winner Spotlights: Aleisha Adorni, Antwan Graham, Arturo Oliva, & Bill Mottram

Each year, Extra Space Storage recognizes a group of exceptional team members with the CEO Team of Excellence award. These outstanding individuals are chosen by leaders from across the company based on their remarkable accomplishments in the previous year and their commitment to upholding company values.

In addition to our annual announcement of these deserving winners, we wanted to give each one their moment to shine. We asked each honoree to share fun facts about themselves and their experiences at Extra Space Storage. Below, we’ve highlighted four winners and what they had to say about their time at the company.

Aleisha Adorni – District Team Lead

Aleisha Adorni - District Team Lead

In her spare time, Aleisha and her husband enjoy attending car shows with their antique truck and taking long rides on their Harley Davidson motorcycles. Her curiosity and fascination with understanding how things work drives her to create innovative solutions by analyzing the “how, when, where, and what” of every situation she encounters. As an advocate for personal and professional growth, Aleisha encourages others to strive toward learning, building relationships, and pursuing their career goals at Extra Space. She attributes her love for the company to its unique culture, supportive teams, and emphasis on relationships, making it the best company she has ever worked for.

On the Extra Space value of Integrity, Aleisha shared: “I believe my integrity has allowed me to build strong, trusting relationships with fellow staff, leadership, and customers. Always do the right thing, as it will make you grow in abundance.”

Antwan Graham – District Team Lead

Antwant Graham - District Team Lead

Antwan hails from Chicago, IL, and is a passionate sports fan with a special place in his heart for the Chicago Bears. His favorite aspect of working at Extra Space is the opportunity to train and develop new team members. Antwan believes that effective training is the key to unlocking the full potential of team members, which ultimately leads to the company’s success. He offers valuable advice to new Extra Space team members, encouraging them to take the time to fully understand each task before moving on to the next and to ask lots of questions along the way.

On the Extra Space value of Passion, Antwan shared: “Passion represents everything about me and how I go about doing my job. I have a relentless passion to be the best. I love to pass on any knowledge that I have, and I love to learn from others. I love my job—everyone knows that from the way I talk about it and show it.”

Arturo Oliva – District Team Lead

Arturo Oliva - District Team Lead

Arturo is a culinary master who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu’s esteemed culinary arts program at the top of his class. He uses his impressive culinary skills by teaching his two daughters how to cook, grill, barbecue, and create meals that most people could only dream of. His favorite dish to teach his daughters is Paella, a traditional Spanish rice dish. Above all, Arturo wants to see his daughters excel in whatever path they choose to take in life. As a seasoned member of the Extra Space team, he advises new hires to ask questions about everything, no matter how minor the question may seem.

On his job at Extra Space, Arturo shared: “I love my job. I love that on any given day I can meet someone who truly needs help and is looking to Extra Space for that help. We can make someone’s day go from bad to great by doing what’s in their best interest.”

Bill Mottram – Transitions Director

Bill Motram - Transitions Director

Bill is passionate about collecting comic books and has bought and sold over a thousand comics in the past few years. He is also a dedicated sports fan and even proposed to his wife during the first regular season 49ers game. What Bill enjoys most about working at Extra Space are the company’s culture and people. He is continually impressed with the caliber of individuals at all levels of the organization, from the field to the executive level. Bill advises new hires to embrace the learning process, ask questions, be curious, and lean on others for support.

On the Extra Space value of Integrity, Bill shared: “Integrity is the cornerstone of the Extra Space values. Remembering to stay true to who I am and holding myself accountable with ownership have been invaluable. Building honest and sincere relationships at every level of the organization has provided me with opportunities to grow professionally and personally.”

Congratulations to Aleisha, Antwan, Arturo, and Bill for being selected as winners of the 2022 CEO Team of Excellence! Stay tuned for more winner spotlights in the coming months!

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