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CEO Team of Excellence Spotlight: Mary Hernandez, Matt Davis, Matt Luba, & Matthew Borja

CEO Team of Excellence Winner Spotlights: Mary Hernandez, Matt Davis, Matt Luba, & Matthew Borja

Each year, Extra Space Storage recognizes a group of exceptional team members with the CEO Team of Excellence award. These outstanding individuals are chosen by leaders from across the company based on their remarkable accomplishments in the previous year and their commitment to upholding company values.

In addition to our annual announcement of these deserving winners, we wanted to give each one their moment to shine. We asked each honoree to share fun facts about themselves and their experiences at Extra Space Storage. Below, we’ve highlighted four winners and what they had to say about their time at the company.

Mary Hernandez – District Team Lead

CEO Team of Excellence Winner Mary Hernandez

Mary Hernandez is the youngest of nine children and grew up in a small Texas town. She loves to explore other small towns and immerse herself in sightseeing and the local history. In her leisure time, she enjoys RVing, sewing, and is an avid watcher of true crime shows and scary movies. Professionally, Mary thrives on meeting new team members and takes great pride in introducing and training them on our company’s core values and objectives.

On the Extra Space value of Teamwork, Mary shared: “Teamwork is collaborating together to achieve a goal. We must be willing to share knowledge with each other to achieve goals.”

Matt Davis – District Team Lead

2022 CEO Team of Excellence Award Recipient Matt Davis

Matt Davis is the father of three teenagers. He recently celebrated two decades of marriage this past April! When he has a long weekend away from work, Matt heads to the Pocono Mountains, where he has a cozy residence that he describes as his “happy place.” At work, the aspect Matt values most is the camaraderie with teammates. Over the past nine years, several individuals he’s met professionally have become some of his closest friends.

On the Extra Space value of Integrity, Matt shared: “Integrity is important to me. We often spend most of our work lives unsupervised, and I am proud that I would not change my behavior if I had someone watching me in the office all day long.”

Matt Luba – Sr. District Manager

2022 CEO Team of Excellence Award Recipient Matt Luba

Matt Luba has a lifelong love for motorcycles. Over the years, he’s owned at least 15 motorcycles, including street, dirt, and touring bikes. At Extra Space, Matt appreciates the company’s emphasis on its employees—fostering a culture of collaboration. He believes in the power of passion, emphasizing that it allows an individual to shine and is pivotal in harnessing one’s fullest potential.

On the Extra Space value of Passion, Matt shared: “Passion is not only about being your best. It’s about proactively contributing to others and their development so that we can better our organization together as one where everyone can be their best.”

Matthew Borja – District Team Lead

2022 CEO Team of Excellence Award Recipient Matthew Borja

Matthew Borja continually seeks to push the limits, which is evident by his participation in over 65 marathons and half marathons. Apart from his athletic pursuits, he is an anime enthusiast and enjoys attending conventions when possible. At Extra Space, Matthew finds satisfaction in the team dynamic and the positivity that his colleagues bring to the workplace. His advice to newcomers is simple: take your time, actively listen, and be patient.

On the Extra Space value of Passion, Matthew shared: “Passion to me means something you enjoy and love to do consistently. It’s important to me because it motivates and fuels me to make a difference in helping, assisting, and providing a positive experience.”

Congratulations to these four exceptional team members for being selected as winners of the 2022 CEO Team of Excellence! Stay tuned for more winner spotlights in the coming months!

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