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Row of thirteen people dressed in business attire standing smiling at camera for spring event at UVU

Extra Space Storage Supports Marketing Education at Utah Valley University

Dayna Hathaway, SVP of Marketing at Extra Space Storage, was recently invited to serve on the Utah Valley University Marketing Board of Advisors. As articulated by Gary Brown, Director of the Board and Marketing Professional in Residence, the board’s mission is to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world business challenges. The board is committed to preparing business and marketing students for successful transitions into their careers by providing insights from industry leaders and facilitating hands-on learning experiences.

Woman gesturing with right hand while holding a microphone and lecturing

Dayna Hathaway, Extra Space Storage SVP of Marketing, shares case study at Utah Valley University Marketing Board of Advisors spring event.

In addition to Extra Space, the board has a diverse mix of members from prominent organizations such as Google, Intel, Skullcandy, Studio McGee, Adobe, and other local businesses and agencies. This blend of perspectives ensures that students are exposed to a wide range of marketing strategies and career paths.

At the group’s spring meeting, Hathaway shared a case study about the history of Extra Space Storage and the strategic role marketing played in the recent acquisition of Life Storage. The students were highly engaged, and Hathaway’s peers on the advisory board had many follow-up questions, as they faced related challenges of their own.

A board member from a global tech company commented, “I was intrigued to hear how Extra Space is working to bring Life Storage customers and assets under one umbrella. Dayna and her team found some pretty novel marketing strategies to sustain growth. There are some great learnings in there for my own team.”

People seated at desks with four speakers also seated chatting at the front of the classroom

Quinn Johnson (top left), Extra Space Storage Creative Brand Manager, participates on panel sharing career tips for current business and marketing students.

One example of how the board is actively working to prepare and impact students for greater success as they transition into careers was this recent event where three organizations, including Extra Space Storage, brought members of their teams to meet and share career experiences with the students.

Quinn Johnson, Creative Brand Manager at Extra Space, participated in the activity by speaking on a panel of other semi-recent college graduates about tips for getting your first job and growing your career. “I really appreciate the opportunity to give back to the community,” Johnson remarked. “We spoke about the student’s concerns in the job market and what it takes to stand out. I hope it will be helpful in getting them started in their careers.” With over 60 eager students and 20 faculty members in attendance, there were lots of questions and productive discussions.

A senior student in Digital Marketing shared, “I found it so helpful to hear from the generation of marketers just ahead of me. They’ve already been through the ups and downs of finding that first real job and using their education and skills to grow a company. It eased some of my anxiety and helped me picture bigger possibilities for my own future.”

People seated at round tables with attention turned to side of the room where man with a microphone speaks.

Gary Brown conducts the Utah Valley University Marketing Board of Advisors spring event.

While direct engagement with students is a big part of the Marketing Board of Advisors role, the group also advises the business school faculty on keeping their curriculum up-to-date and relevant. Brown added, “Two new advanced marketing classes have been developed at the suggestion of board members, and we expect more to be added through these consultations. Getting real-time feedback from professional practitioners like Dayna is helping our graduates stay on the leading edge of marketing and business strategy.”

Hathaway expressed her enthusiasm for the board’s mission, sharing, “This is a unique and fulfilling board assignment. The networking with other marketing professionals is one thing, but I’m especially passionate about helping UVU students as they’re preparing to launch their careers. It’s already been rewarding to see some of the small ways we’ve had an impact, and there are more great opportunities to come.”

At Extra Space, we’re dedicated to contributing to our communities and supporting the growth of future professionals. We’re proud to support the efforts of the Utah Valley University Marketing Board of Advisors in shaping the future of business and marketing education.

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