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Adam Day honored with 2023 Lynne Lybbert Award

Extra Space Storage Celebrates Adam Day with the 2023 Lynne Lybbert Award

Extra Space Storage is thrilled to announce Adam Day as the recipient of the 2023 Lynne Lybbert Award, a significant recognition within the company.

Adam Day receiving Lynne Lybbert Award

The Lynne Lybbert Award, named in honor of a cherished team member whose life ended unexpectedly over a decade ago, symbolizes the company’s core values of Integrity, Teamwork, Passion, Innovation, and Excellence. Lynne’s unwavering dedication to her work, friends, and family left a legacy of goodwill and honor, inspiring this annual accolade for individuals who emulate these commendable traits.

Adam is a gifted Multimedia Design Manager and the first from the Marketing team to receive this recognition. With a tenure of five years at Extra Space, Adam’s artistic talent has significantly shaped the company’s brand aesthetics. His role in defining the optimistic, professional, and bright image of Extra Space Storage is a testament to his personal attributes of optimism, professionalism, and joy.

Adam’s journey to Extra Space resulted from a friend’s referral to join the Brand team. At the time, he was working as a freelance product designer. As Adam recalls, the transition was not just timely but has continued to be a perfect fit for his career.

In his role, Adam enjoys the diversity and challenges of supporting various teams and the constant evolution of marketing and brand representation. He loves to stretch the boundaries of the brand guidelines while keeping core consistencies and fostering a culture of continuous learning and creative problem-solving.

Image of Adam Day on stage after receiving 2023 Lynne Lybbert Award.

“Everyone who works with Adam immediately recognizes his commitment and care,” shared Dayna Hathaway, SVP of Marketing, who presented Adam with the award. “His keen attention to understanding the core needs of people and exceeding their expectations is evident from the get-go.”

According to Adam, it’s the people at Extra Space that make it such a great place to work. The camaraderie and life-long friendships he’s made within the company are what he’s most grateful for. Outside of work, Adam’s life revolves around his family—his wife and three children. Beyond family, his hobbies range from creating tabletop games, to LEGO, and painting miniatures. Adam’s advice: “Never stop playing!” He adds with a disclaimer, “I swear I’m not actually 14 years old. I do have a mortgage and pay HOA fees for crying out loud!”

Congratulations, Adam Day, for your remarkable contribution to Extra Space and for representing the values that Lynne Lybbert stood for. Your dedication and creative spirit continue to inspire and shape the company’s path forward.

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