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Assistant Manager Josh Dandridge Goes Above & Beyond for a Santa Clara Customer

When an Extra Space Storage customer in Santa Clara, CA called into her facility recently, she wasn’t expecting to be uplifted. In fact, given the nature of her situation, she was dreading the call. So when Josh Dandridge, Assistant Manager at the De La Cruz Blvd location, took her call, he made sure to cheer her up in addition to helping meeting her storage needs.

“I always put forth a lot of effort into helping every single customer that I encounter, and I feel very thankful that I happened to be working at this exact store that day, as I truly believe this customer needed someone to talk to,” Dandridge said.

The customer was in the midst of a divorce and was inquiring about a storage unit that contained items both parties wanted possession of. On top of that, the woman was a nurse who had recently been transferred to a medical facility in Chicago to lead on COVID-19 efforts. Between the 12-hour shifts, being in a new city, and the divorce, this was a task she had no desire to handle.

Dandridge was happy to answer her questions and walked her through her options, such as permission to enter and release of interest that could help her from across the country. But the call didn’t end there. Dandridge stayed with the customer to hear her stories and thank her for everything she’s doing to help.

“She went from breaking down over the phone over what she thought was a hopeless situation to me being able to turn her day around completely to where she was laughing and thanking me for making her smile as she needed a break,” he said.

Extra Space Storage employees understand that our customers are more than customers—they’re people who are trying to get a step closer to their better tomorrow. And while we’ll always be there to make self storage as convenient as possible, we also look for ways to make each customer’s day a little better.

“No matter how hard things can get, we all have an opportunity to help and perhaps turn someone’s day around,” Dandridge added. “I am very proud of how I was raised—always trying to help one another. I feel fortunate that I was able to take that call and help that customer. It not only made her day, but it made my day as well.”

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