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2022 Lynne Lybbert Award awarded to Lisa Smith at Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage Honors Lisa Smith with the 2022 Lynne Lybbert Award

Extra Space Storage is honored to announce Lisa Smith as the 2022 Lynne Lybbert Award recipient.

The Lynne Lybbert Award is named after an Extra Space Storage team member who passed unexpectedly more than a decade ago. Lybbert was the epitome of our company values: Integrity, Teamwork, Passion, Innovation, and Excellence. Those who knew her, remember her as someone truly good and honorable. Annual award recipients are honored for their efforts in carrying that legacy forward.

Lisa Smith accepts 2022 Lynne Lybbert Award at Extra Space Storage

Smith, a Senior Accounting Clerk, came to Extra Space Storage six years ago. She previously worked in the graduation business supplying caps and gowns, announcements, and class rings to local high schools and universities. After 17 years, the sales representative unexpectedly quit the business and closed the office. Lisa found herself applying for any position that seemed to fit her skillset. After she was offered a position at Extra Space Storage, she said “I wished I’d applied for a job years ago!”

Her start at Extra Space Storage was a bit unconventional. The job she initially interviewed for wasn’t the job she was ultimately hired to do. When she interviewed, it was evident that Smith was a thinker, a do-er, and a creative problem solver, and the hiring manager knew she’d be a perfect fit for the accounting department. But Smith wasn’t easily convinced at first. It took several phone calls to persuade her to join the Extra Space Storage team in this other role. She eventually agreed and proved to everyone involved, even herself, that it was the right decision.

“One of the qualities that stands out the most is Lisa’s unwavering excellence in everything she does,” shared Grace Kunde, Senior Vice President of Accounting and Finance. “Lisa improves every process she works on with great humility. ‘Good enough’ is not an acceptable standard, whether answering an email or taking a broken-down, clunky process and turning it into a fine-tuned, well-oiled machine.”

Smith’s excellence is also seen every October 31st with her out-of-this-world homemade costumes. Whether it’s Jack Sparrow or her most recent Willy Wonka, she always surprises her teammates with amazing creativity.

Extra Space Storage's Lisa Smith in homemade Willy Wonka Halloween costume

“While Smith’s excellence is most impressive, it comes second only to her unconditional acceptance of those in her life,” Kunde continued. “She does right by everyone she meets and accepts others unconditionally. When she’s not in the office, our team feels the affect because she is so endeared by everyone she works with.”

In addition to being a valuable member of the Extra Space Storage team, Smith is a mother, grandmother, and daughter. Her compassion and love for those in her life has been shown over the years through some conventional and unconventional ways. Whether it’s unconventional, like teaching her team to folk dance, or more conventional, like reminding the habitually late corporate card holders that their expense reports are due so they don’t incur late fees. Everyone knows that Smith has their back!

When asked what advice she lives by, Smith passed along some guidance from her mother to “always leave something better than you found it.”

Congratulations, Lisa Smith! We are lucky to have you on the Extra Space Storage team.

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