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Graphic with two women's headshots, Carissa Villegas and Ana Archuleta, on a black background with the text "Care, Appreciate, Inform. Customer Care Award. Extra Space Storage"

Extra Space Storage Recognizes Carissa Villegas & Ana Archuleta with Customer Care Award

Each month at Extra Space Storage, we recognize employees who go above and beyond in caring for our customers with our Customer Care Award. We’re happy to announce Carissa Villegas and Ana Archuleta as the March 2024 recipients.

Carissa Villegas, Store Manager

Carissa is committed to delivering outstanding customer service. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that each customer receives personalized attention and assistance. We are particularly impressed when we hear about Store Managers providing exceptional service close to closing time as this customer points out in their review. This dedication, even after a long day, highlights Carissa’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

“It was nearly closing time on a Saturday when I was nicely greeted and welcomed with a smile from the Store Manager, Carissa. She was incredibly patient, giving me her full attention in listening to my circumstances and storage needs. She made helpful and considerate suggestions, took me out into the property to show me a unit, and then kindly walked me through the amenities and guidelines right through the subsequent signing of all paperwork in completing the service agreement. It was exactly how every service experience should be: courteous, valued, informative, and supportive. Or, more simply put, PERFECT! Thank you, Carissa!” -Extra Space Storage Customer

“Carissa goes out of her way to help our customers and constantly works to provide them with great customer service. She is also very patient when it comes to assisting customers and ensuring their storage needs are fulfilled.” -Kesan Pillai, Extra Space Storage District Manager

Ana Archuleta, Customer Service Representative

Ana prioritizes building strong rapport with her customers, recognizing that resolving issues goes beyond technical solutions—it’s about connecting personally and showing genuine concern for their well-being. With extensive experience in the storage industry, including previous work at a store before joining the National Solutions Center team, Ana leverages her knowledge to offer the best solutions. She generously shares her insights with colleagues, enhancing their ability to serve customers effectively. Ana’s willingness to support her peers fosters a culture of teamwork and collective success, making a significant impact on both customers and colleagues as they strive for a better tomorrow.

“My call center representative…was very kind and understanding of my predicament. She showed great empathy and did her best, giving my call all the time it needed to help me. I came out having taken a positive step forward in my goal, and that was in no small part due to the helpful diligence provided by your call center representative. It’s employees like Ana who maintain my satisfaction and, dare I say, happiness with Extra Space Storage. For the record, I will have had my storage unit with you for twelve years this upcoming May!” -Extra Space Storage Customer

“Ana excels at building rapport with our customers. She conveys a sincere attitude and strives to be an advocate for the customer. She takes control of many customer situations and delivers results that can turn even difficult calls around. We utilize her skills to help mentor newer employees. Ana is a regular for the Rockstar program recognition. It is unsurprising that Ana’s customers leave many 5-star reviews of their interactions. We are lucky to have such a positive voice to support the core values of Extra Space on daily customer contacts! I truly appreciate having Ana as a member of my team!” -James Nolan, National Solutions Center Team Lead

Each month, outstanding team members are recognized as the Customer Care Award recipients with a company-wide announcement and sent a personalized care package from the Extra Space Storage Customer Experience team. Want to join an award-winning customer experience team? Visit our careers page to learn more about job opportunities.