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Extra Space Storage Customer Care Award Featured Image

Extra Space Storage Recognizes Stephen Weene and Joseph Mosley with Customer Care Award

Each month at Extra Space Storage, we recognize employees who go above and beyond in caring for our customers with our Customer Care Award. We’re happy to announce Stephen Weene and Joseph Mosely as the February 2022 recipients.

Stephen Weene, Store Manager

Stephen Weene, Extra Space Storage

Stephen Weene goes above and beyond by taking time to assess the individual needs of our customers. Because of his time at Extra Space Storage, he’s developed an expertise in the amount of space a customer will need to store their belongings.

“Yesterday and today, I received the utmost service since COVID-19 started. I was greeted by a gentleman employee by the name of Stephen Weene. I currently have two units at your facility. I was contemplating a pod and putting it at home on the property, as I was trying to save cost since I will continue to need storage for 8-12 more months. With him being so knowledgeable and seeing the two storage units, I currently have two 10×10 units, he suggested that I rent one 10×15 unit instead, as it would be a savings of $62 a month…I decided after talking with Stephen that getting one larger unit and saving $62 a month was definitely worth it!”

Weene thought outside the box and came up with a solution that allowed this customer to save money while still being able to keep their items safely contained. Because units are currently in high demand, he also assisted the customer in understanding the importance of making a quick decision so that they did not miss out on a fantastic opportunity. It was a great solution and helped this customer cross off a stressful item from their to-do list.

Thank you, Stephen Weene, for taking the time to guide our customers through their purchasing decisions. Your knowledge and experience are greatly appreciated.

Joseph Mosley, Customer Service Representative

Joseph Mosely, Extra Space Storage

When Joseph Mosley isn’t living out the House Hunters show in real life or looking for the golf cart of his retirement dreams, he’s helping our Extra Space Storage customers!

“I spoke with a very knowledgeable man named Joseph Mosley. He was very professional and answered all my questions. He had such a great tone and sounded very happy to be working for this company! Just awesome, Joe! You made this experience so easy for me!”

A variety of things can contribute to creating a memorable customer experience. Many of these characteristics come naturally to Mosley, which explains why he leaves a great impression on customers while interacting with them. We appreciate that the customer noticed Mosley’s tone, which we understand can be difficult to maintain after a long day on the phone. When you combine his upbeat demeanor with his expertise and knowledge, you have a customer whose day has just gotten a whole lot better!

Thank you, Joseph Mosley, for your commitment to providing an excellent customer experience!

Each month, outstanding team members are recognized as the Customer Care Award recipients with a company-wide announcement and sent a personalized care package from the Extra Space Storage Customer Experience team.