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Extra Space Storage Recognizes Tracy Walker and Debbie Edburg with Customer Care Award

Extra Space Storage Recognizes Tracy Walker and Debbie Edburg with Customer Care Award

Each month at Extra Space Storage, we recognize employees who go above and beyond in caring for our customers with our Customer Care Award. We’re happy to announce Tracy Walker and Debbie Edburg as the June 2022 recipients.

Tracy Walker, Assistant Manager

Tracy Walker, Assistant Manager

Tracy Walker, an Assistant Store Manager in the Los Angeles area, takes every opportunity to show that he cares about our customers. He has established a personal brand around generating positive and meaningful customer encounters.

“I have been with Extra Space Storage for a number of years. I was sad to move out. I need the money to go elsewhere right now. I have always felt protected and safe. The employees do a great job of helping everyone who needs them. All of my most prized possessions have been safe there for 5 years. Moving out, Tracy was so helpful to me, and I would see him going above and beyond to help so many people. I’m so happy to see that people like him are still trying to help others; no matter how the world is, he makes me willing to keep trying too. Please keep him; he represents your company with a caring heart and is good at his job. You need him because he does not just do his job; he cares for people. We need people like him to show others it is okay to still help others without cost. He makes me feel there is still hope in this world. You hired a good person, and you are a good company whom I would refer to your company ten times over. If I ever need storage again, I will certainly return to Extra Space. I’m a very satisfied customer. Thank you so much. You get five stars from me. Good job!”

Walker’s character of showing a genuine interest in helping others with no expectation of anything in return makes our team better. It’s a reminder to look for more opportunities to make the world a better place by helping others.

Thank you, Tracy Walker, for spreading hope and kindness to this customer and all the others you interact with each day.

Debbie Edburg, Inbound Sales Representative

Debbie Edburg, Inbound Sales Rep

Debbie Edburg, an Inbound Sales Representative at our National Solutions Center, gives our returning customers the experience they expect from Extra Space Storage—cheerful, courteous, and professional.

“I am a returning customer from 2017. My experience with the staff was outstanding. They were always cheerful, courteous, and professional. I am returning again and received the same experience with Debbie. I felt as though I was speaking with a friend and returning home.”

Maintaining a loyal customer base takes dedication from every team member through every customer interaction. It’s evident that Edburg recognizes the importance of providing a consistently high-quality customer experience. As a result, she ensures every customer who comes into contact with her has a positive experience and trusts Extra Space Storage.

Thank you, Debbie Edburg, for being an excellent example of why customers return to Extra Space Storage for all of their storage needs.

Each month, outstanding team members are recognized as the Customer Care Award recipients with a company-wide announcement and sent a personalized care package from the Extra Space Storage Customer Experience team.