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Extra Space Storage Charity Build

Extra Space Storage Teams Up with DIYer Kristen Reasch for Charity Build

The Extra Space Storage Social Media team gets to interact with a variety of people who use social media to make the world a more beautiful and organized place through do-it-yourself projects. There’s never a dull moment, and it’s always exciting to see how these DIYers incorporate our brand into their work. Every once in a while, we get to be part of a collaboration that profoundly resonates with our goal of helping people to a better tomorrow. That was the case when we teamed up with Kristen Reasch (@builds_by_kristen) to makeover three bedrooms for three very special girls.

About every three months, Kristen asks her followers to nominate someone they think deserves a room makeover—what she refers to on her Instagram as charity builds. For her eighth charity build she selected the Christensen family who have two girls, Lia and Hazel, battling Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD). MLD is a rare hereditary disease that causes fatty substances to build up in cells, particularly in the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. For Lia and Hazel this will mean treatments including a bone marrow transplant, chemo, radiation, and gene therapies. When Kristen shared past charity builds with us, we knew immediately we wanted to be part of her next build and were honored to sponsor a project for the Christensen family. And since this family of five has three young girls, Kristen included all three in the makeover plans!

The Inspo

Lia (10 years old): Loves a good joke, and especially loves Harry Potter! She is a brave Gryffindor!

Olivia (8 years old): Always chatting. Always creating. She loves green, her friends, and her collection of stuffed animals.

Hazel (2 years old): Loves nature. For months, she would tell her plants goodnight before bed. She always makes time to observe butterflies, bugs, birds, and anything connected to Mother Earth.

The Reveal

We love the whimsical and colorful touches Kristen and her team added to each of these bedroom makeovers. From pops of green and butterflies to Hedwig the Snowy Owl, no detail was missed. Thank you, Kristen, for your partnership. It’s truly amazing what you were able to accomplish in just three days! And a sincere thank you to the Christensen family for letting us share in a small part of the journey for Lia, Olivia, and Hazel.

Visit Saving Lia + Hazel for more information about MLD and how you can donate to support their ongoing treatments.