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Celebrating 25 Years with Jeff & Ericka Velderraint

The amazing people behind Extra Space Storage are why we’re a leader in the self storage industry. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be where we are today as a company. That’s why we like to highlight some of the team members who’ve been with us for 25+ years. This story is remarkable because it highlights a husband and wife duo who both celebrated their 25-year anniversaries with us in 2021!

Jeff and Ericka Velderraint, Extra Space Storage employees for 25 years

Jeff and Ericka Velderraint celebrated 25 years at Extra Space Storage this year in January and October, respectively. While they have different roles in the company, they are both able to be based in Oceanside, CA.

“I’m so excited to celebrate Ericka and Jeff’s 25th year with Extra Space Storage,” said District Manager Nicole Hunt.

Jeff Velderraint started his self storage journey at 16 years old with Storage USA and was quickly promoted to manager by the time he was 17. He now leads and supports multiple team members as a District Team Lead.

“Jeff, you’re an asset to our team and division,” said Hunt. “Jeff is a great example of how to live our values, especially teamwork. You can always count on him to support you, find an answer for you, and leave you with a dad joke. Jeff’s willingness to help and genuine care for his team and customers is rare. It’s inspiring to watch him build relationships. We’re so thankful for the way Jeff shows up every day!”

Ericka and Jeff Velderraint, Extra Space Storage employees for 25 years

Ericka Velderraint started her career in storage at 19 years old. Today, she’s an Assistant Manager of one of our Oceanside properties. She feels accomplished when she can help customers, clean the property, power wash the doors, and get as much done in an eight-hour shift as possible.

“Ericka is a wonderful example of how to focus on the customer experience and employ empathy to support our customers. It’s obvious Ericka has built trust and relationships with her customers as they call to share both great news and troubling times with her,” Hunt said. “Ericka takes pride in her property and is a continued resource for her peers. Thank you, Ericka, for always bringing positivity, laughter, and passion to your role and our team!”

The Velderraints’ favorite thing about working at Extra Space Storage is that every day is different. They both enjoy the new challenges that the job brings, the amazing people they work with, the customers, and of course, working together. Ericka describes Extra Space Storage as their home and family.

“Working together has created a wonderful bond between us as a married couple that works,” she shared.

Congratulations to Jeff and Ericka Velderraint on this fantastic accomplishment of 25 years! Thank you for your continued service to our company and customers.