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Legacy Rivera Honored with Team Extra Space Volunteers Award

National Volunteer Week is upon us, making it the ideal opportunity to celebrate Legacy Rivera as the Q1 2024 recipient of the Team Extra Space Volunteers award. Introduced in December 2023, this program honors Extra Space Storage employees like Legacy, whose selfless efforts uplift and support their communities.

Legacy Rivera sitting behind Extra Space Storage facility desk with hand propped under her chin smiling

As a Store Manager in Springfield, MA, Legacy’s dedication to community service shines through her extensive volunteer work with the YWCA New Britain’s Sexual Assault Crisis Service program. Her commitment to making her community a safer place is evident in her role as a sexual assault advocate, a position she has passionately held for over three years.

Starting her journey as a college volunteer requirement, Legacy quickly realized the profound impact of the YWCA’s mission, prompting her to continue her volunteer efforts well beyond graduation. Twice a month, she serves on the crisis hotline from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM, providing a vital support system for survivors of sexual assault and their families.

The YWCA New Britain offers vital services to survivors of sexual violence, which include a 24-hour crisis hotline, short-term crisis counseling from certified, identity-specific advocates, support through emergency medical, police, and court proceedings, as well as educational programs and support groups—all confidential and free of charge.

Continue reading to learn more about the valuable contributions and difference Legacy is making.

Why do you choose to volunteer with YWCA New Britain’s Sexual Assault Crisis Service?

I chose to volunteer with YWCA because the program is dedicated to ending sexual violence. This volunteer work allows me to go out into the community and advocate for the survivors and help them have a voice when no one else is listening. As a survivor myself, I know the struggles of not being heard or having anyone to turn to. If I had access to the resources YWCA provides, my life would have been a lot different. Despite the challenges, the experiences I had to learn made me who I am today. I stay resilient and continue to strive for what is right. I choose to advocate and have a voice for others in hopes that I can help someone every day. The best feeling in the world is when someone says to you, “You must be an angel to do this kind of work. Thank you!”

What is your favorite part about volunteering with YWCA?

All of it! Being able to advocate for others who are overcome, for any reason—whether it be fear, the feeling of being overwhelmed, the unknown, etc.—I am there to have a voice for them, and that makes me happy. Often, victims and their families don’t know where to turn to for help, and we serve as a steppingstone during a crisis.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your volunteer experience?

The organization supported me through my darkest days, and after joining them as a volunteer, I realized I needed them more than I knew. Reflecting on what I went through to get to where I am as a survivor, I realized the vital role of standing by and supporting individuals in any way we can. They not only offer 24-hour hotlines but they are also actively involved in the community. They advocate for their volunteers as well by hosting group meetings with other volunteers. We find ways to help everyone even if they do not fall into a category that we cover, we will reach out and connect them with the proper agencies that can help them.

Extra Space Storage’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee chooses one Team Extra Space Volunteers award recipient each quarter. Winners receive a $1,000 bonus and a $1,000 company donation to the organization they volunteered with. Visit our careers page for more information about company culture and opportunities to join the team.