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Meet WASA-B, the Newest Member of the Extra Space Storage Team

Extra Space Storage is excited to announce the trial of a security robot at one of our California locations, and after an overwhelming amount of support and feedback from our LinkedIn audience, we have named our newest team member: WASA-B!

Screenshot of Extra Space Storage LinkedIn Poll for Naming WASA-B

Although WASA-B was the clear fan favorite, named after our wasabi green, we loved all the creative suggestions from our followers. A few of our favorites were STOR-BOT, EX-Bot, Wool-E (named after Extra Space Storage founder Ken Wooley), TES (Team Extra Space), and Gus (Guarding Ur Stuff). The possibilities are endless!

But don’t let our passion for robot naming outshine our passion for innovation. From online leasing and Bluetooth access to flexible employee policies and strategic growth, we approach everything with an eye for innovation—including security. That’s why we’ve partnered with Knightscope to test out the latest innovations in security at one of our stores.

Founded in 2013, Knightscope is an advanced security technology company based in Silicon Valley that builds fully autonomous security robots that deter, detect, and report. Their long-term ambition is to make the U.S. the safest country in the world. The company believes that its software and hardware, when combined with genuine human interaction, is a game-changer for security.

Similar to human beings using their five senses to move through day-to-day life, each robot uses five sensors to navigate complex environments. With LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology, the robot projects a laser beam that reflects off surrounding objects, which allows it to create a three-dimensional map of the area every 20 milliseconds. While this is the primary input for navigation, sonar, GPS, wheel odometry, and an inertial measurement unit are also used for additional precision.

Four cameras deliver 360-degree video that operates in daylight, low-light, and no-light conditions, providing clear 24/7 video footage and photo imagery. A microphone allows for two-way communication with the intercom feature. The robots can even talk to you using pre-recorded messages, text-to-speech, or live audio through the integrated loudspeakers.

Knightscope security robots won’t replace the human oversight of our facilities or the involvement of law enforcement when theft, vandalism, or other crime is present. Instead, these sophisticated security machines are meant to provide an added layer of protection to the site and customers’ belongings.

If you haven’t already interacted with a security robot in your everyday life yet, it’s likely that you will someday soon. Knightscope robots are currently being used worldwide in malls, warehouses, hospitals, airports, offices, and now at an Extra Space Storage facility in California—and possibly, someday, near you!