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9 Qualities That Can Help You Excel in Any Job

When it comes to hiring at Extra Space Storage, we look for candidates who not only possess the necessary hard skills but also demonstrate the soft skills and personal qualities that align with our core values.

Angel Nix is a Sr. Field Recruiter at Extra Space. She began her journey with us as a Recruiting Intern in the winter of 2021, after studying Business Administration at Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah. Her passion for recruitment and talent development led her to become a permanent field recruiter in 2022 and eventually a Sr. Recruiter in 2023. With her experience and insight, Angel has identified nine qualities that can lead you to success and more opportunities in your career. Below, we’ll explore these qualities and the ways in which you can develop and demonstrate them in your professional journey.


Check expectations. Understand responsibilities and deadlines. Don’t be afraid to ask leaders for clarification. Create a routine. Sticking to a routine and adjusting where necessary will help keep you on track for successfully accomplishing goals and tasks. Be consistent. Consistency is key to building dependability. Aim to deliver quality work with consistency.


Foster collaboration. Seek input from others to work together toward common goals, and you could learn something new along the way. Lead by example. Demonstrate a positive attitude in your approach to teamwork. Show respect, cooperation, and dedication to collaborative efforts in the workplace.


Find meaning in what you do. What aspects of your job are personally fulfilling? Identifying and focusing on what matters most to you will help to drive a sense of purpose and direction in your work. Always keep learning. Continuously seeking opportunities to learn and develop your skills will help to drive you toward your goals.


Adopt a growth mindset. Embrace challenges as learning opportunities. Obstacles are only temporary. Consider how you can effectively utilize your resources to tackle the task at hand. Be curious. Ask questions, explore new ideas, and seek out information that allows you to find solutions to problems. Take initiative. Identify problems before they escalate and propose solutions. Show initiative by seeking out opportunities for improvement and acting upon them.


Promote open dialogue. Foster an environment of open communication where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and feedback. Listen actively. Pay attention to what others are saying and show that you value their input. Be clear and concise. Ensure that your messages are easy to understand and free of ambiguity.


Set realistic goals. Establishing achievable goals will build a sense of achievement, and in turn, confidence in your abilities. Seek feedback. Seeking out feedback and using it as a tool for improvement will build long-term confidence in your abilities. Remember, it takes time to build a skill!


Take ownership. Taking ownership of your work demonstrates integrity, uncovers learning and growth opportunities, and fosters trust and credibility. Learn from mistakes. Analyze what went wrong and view the moment as a learning opportunity for future development. Everyone makes mistakes—what you do with the experience makes all the difference.


Be flexible. Have a willingness to adjust plans and priorities as circumstances change and new information is presented. Focus on solutions. Instead of dwelling on problems, try to identify solutions and act on them. Seek constructive ways forward. Reflect and learn. Consider how you can apply lessons learned from past successes and failures to improve future adaptability.


Break tasks into manageable steps. Divide larger tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. Accomplishing smaller tasks provides a sense of progress and keeps motivation high. Celebrate achievements. Acknowledging and celebrating your successes, no matter how small, can help keep the spark of motivation alive.

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