Living in New York City

Thinking about moving to New York City? The City That Never Sleeps offers a whirlwind of new experiences and encounters for those ready to take on the city. From world-class restaurants to world-famous museums, living in NYC means you’ll always have something to do. Here’s everything you need to know about living in the Big Apple!

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What Time is it in New York City?

New York City is located in the Eastern Time Zone and does follow Daylight Saving Time.

What is the Cost of Living in New York City?

The cost of living in New York City is 61% higher than the national average and 36% higher than the New York state average.

What is the Population of New York City?

According to 2020 Census data, NYC has a population of 8,804,190.

What is the Crime Rate in New York City?

The New York City crime rate is 9% lower than the national average, and the city is considered safer than 19% of U.S. cities.

What is the Weather Like in New York City?

The weather in New York City is marked by mild summers and cold winters. July has temperatures averaging around 76 degrees, while January sees temperatures averaging around 30 degrees. Throughout the year, NYC also receives an average of 44.8 inches of rainfall.

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Life in New York City

Living in New York City is a truly unique experience. Considered the “Capital of the World” because of its premier media, culture, and financial influence, NYC offers residents a fast-paced East Coast lifestyle with all kinds of job opportunities and things to do. Learn more about what it’s like to live in New York City below!

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The New York City Lifestyle

While living in the Big Apple is expensive, there are few cities around the world that offer as much history, culture, employment, shopping, dining, and nightlife as New York City. NYC is also the largest city in the U.S., which is incredible given that it only takes up about 306 square miles. There’s so much packed into this East Coast city that it’s divided up into five major boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. There are tons of distinct neighborhoods within these NYC boroughs, too!

New York City Demographics

New York City is recognized as one of the most racially diverse cities in the U.S. The city’s multicultural population influences its art, music, food, and more, and festivals held all throughout the year celebrate a wide range of ethnicities, religions, identities, and cultures. NYC also has a long LGBTQ history and a thriving queer community, with many historic locations that have been fundamental in the fight for LGBTQ rights and recognition. Ultimately, New York City is home to people of all backgrounds and lifestyles from young professionals to families and beyond!

Jobs in New York City

Looking for a job in New York City? The Big Apple has many top employers and industries and a lower unemployment rate than the other top two-largest cities in the U.S., Los Angeles and Chicago. Financial services, healthcare, education, real estate, media and publishing, and information technology are all industries deeply rooted in the city. Residents looking for jobs in NYC can choose between established Fortune 500 companies and up-and-coming startups. Additionally, NYC is recognized as one of the top cities in the U.S. for internships. Students looking for internships in NYC will find a variety of opportunities ranging from NBCUniversal to Google.

Education in New York City

With dozens of universities and colleges, New York City is a great place to further your education. Study at Columbia University in Morningside Heights, New York University in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Fordham University in The Bronx, or Yeshiva University in Upper Manhattan—all four are recognized as top 100 universities. NYC also has some of the world’s most famous fashion and art schools, including Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons School of Design, LIM College, and Pratt Institute. Whether you’re interested in studying at a liberal arts college or earning an advanced law degree, The Big Apple has the school for you!

Where to Live in New York City

What’s the best borough in New York City? Each of the five boroughs of NYC has something different to offer, including a variety neighborhoods for singles, young professionals, families, and retirees. Whether you’re looking to buy a house in a safe, affordable area or move into an apartment in the heart of the city, there are all kinds of great places to settle down in New York City!

Aerial view of Bronx neighborhood grid with rivers and parks throughout

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Buying a Home in New York City

If you’re thinking about buying a home in NYC, you’ll need to consider affordability, amenities, ease of commute, and budget. Benefits like equity, tax breaks, and freedom from rent hikes make buying a home in New York City an attractive option.

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Renting a Home in New York City

The Big Apple offers world-class dining, plenty of green space, exciting nightlife, and more—and renting a home in NYC is a great way to experience all of these things. Typically more affordable than buying a home, renting in New York City is a popular choice among residents, with 68% of residents renting in NYC.

Aerial view of Central Park surrounded by skyscrapers with Hudson River in background

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Things to Do in New York City

Looking for things to do in New York City? From mouthwatering restaurants and trendy bars to a thriving arts and culture scene, you’ll never run out of activities when living in NYC. Check out some of the top things to do in The Big Apple below.

Side view of Brooklyn Bridge and New York City skyscrapers lit up at dusk


With over 23,000 restaurants, New York City is one of the most restaurant-dense cities in the U.S. So what are some of the best food spots in NYC? Enjoy no-frills Ukrainian food 24 hours a day at Veselka. Or order the Legendary Mutton Chop or the King’s Cut of Prime Rib of Beef at Keens Steakhouse. Looking for a classic New York slice? Dine on delicious over-the-counter slices of the award-winning cheese pizza or specialty burrata pizza at NY Pizza Suprema. It won’t be long after you move to New York City that you’ll find your go-to place for New York bagels, your favorite New York deli, and the best slice of New York pizza.


Whether you’re looking for a low-key night with friends or you’re ready to dance the night away, you’ll find no shortage of nightlife options in NYC. Sit down and watch standup at the Comedy Cellar. Sip on a glass of wine while you take in the night sky at 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar. Grab a local craft beer with friends in Nowadays‘ minimalist taproom, which has a big backyard and late-night DJs. Order Prosecco on tap while you hit the dance floor at Rumpus Room. Slip through a phone booth to enjoy cocktails at speakeasy Please Don’t Tell. Order a mini-bathtub Rub-A-Duck punch bowl at The Honey Well. Head to Grimm Artisanal Ales, where limited-edition brews push the style and boundary of typical flavors. Revel in the exclusivity of the beaded curtains at Dear Irving Gramercy cocktail lounge, as you sip on one of their time-honored drinks like Grove Groove, Tropic Tilt, or Pearl Collins. Or try your hand at vintage arcade games at Barcade.


NYC is the top fashion city in the U.S. Around 900 fashion businesses are headquartered in New York City, marking it as a home to top designers, stylists, photographers, and fashion publishers like Vogue. Watch international designers’ collections modeled on the runway during New York Fashion Week. Lace up your comfiest fashion trainers before taking on Fifth Avenue—”one of the most luxurious stretches of retail in the country“—to shop at stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Valentino, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Head to SoHo to peruse boutiques like Totokaelo and Flying Solo or high-end designers like Alexander Wang and Balenciaga. Visit the flagship Macy’s in Herald Square. Look through a variety of vintage shops like L Train Vintage in East Village. Get trendy home decor at stores like abc Carpet & Home, Herman Miller, and Fishs Eddy in The Flatiron District. Or browse bookstores, record stores, and knick-knack shops in Greenwich Village.


The Empire City is known for many things, and its entertainment scene is one of them. For music, get tickets to see DJs, indie bands, and electronic music artists at Elsewhere, a 24,000-square-foot warehouse nightclub in East Williamsburg. Or attend a show at Forrest Hills Stadium, the original home of the U.S. Sports lovers living in NYC will be happy to hear The Big Apple has more professional sports teams than any other metropolitan area in the country. Head to Citi Field in Queens to watch the New York Mets (MLB). See the World Series champion New York Yankees (MLB) at iconic Yankee Stadium. And there are always events going on at Madison Square Garden (MSG), known as “The World’s Most Famous Arena.” The venue is home to the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and the BIG EAST Men’s Basketball Tournament. But that’s not all you can find at MSG! This event center has hosted all kinds of bands and musicians, as well as events like boxing matches, circuses, and graduation ceremonies for years.

Art & Culture

NYC theatre is a big deal. The Theatre District, often referred to simply as Broadway, is one of the most well-known areas of New York City. There are 41 Broadway theaters with 500 seats or more. Catch the longest-running show The Phantom of the Opera at Majestic Theatre, or see the revolutionary Hamilton at Richard Rodgers Theatre. There are a number of Off-Broadway theaters to keep in mind as well. Off-Broadway includes theaters with fewer than 500 seats or outside of the geographically defined Broadway area. Museums are another major aspect of arts and culture in New York City. You’ll find about 100 different museums to visit in NYC. Spend a day viewing some of the two million collections at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), the largest museum in the U.S. Explore the awe-inspiring pieces within Frank Lloyd Wright’s seashell-inspired museum, Guggenheim. (Both the MET and Guggenheim are part of the Museum Mile, a mile-and-three-blocks of land that offers the most diverse art-viewing opportunities in the country.)


NYC entertainment doesn’t end at sports, museums, and concerts—there are plenty of other New York City events to fill your social calendar! See indie rock, classic soul, funk, and hip-hop artists at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! at the amphitheater in Prospect Park. Jam out with the biggest names in rap, rock, and electronic dance music at The Governors Ball Music Festival. Mark your calendar for Tribeca Film Festival, featuring a red carpet event, discussions with filmmakers, and a collection of short films. Explore the Metaverse, connect with fellow fans, and debate fan theories at New York Comic Con. Or sample foods from around the world at Ninth Avenue International Food Festival, one of New York City’s longest traditions that celebrates cultural diversity through food.

Family-Friendly Activities

Believe it or not, New York City has plenty to offer for families. If you’re looking for kids activities in New York City, visit one of several museums guaranteed to be fun for the whole family! Learn, climb, and explore the indoor and outdoor play areas at Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Enroll the kiddos in an after-school or art camp program at Manhattan’s Children’s Museum of the Arts, which features rotating art displays and sculpture classes geared toward young audiences. Experience the art exhibits, storytelling series, workshops, performances, and more at Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Arts & Storytelling. Or explore outer space, play with robots, use a 3D printer, and more to bring science, technology, and math to life at New York Hall of Science. Got animal lovers in the family? See some live animals in the heart of the concrete jungle. Spend the day at Bronx Zoo, one of the largest zoos in the U.S., which spans 265 acres and has over 700 different species. Or get some hands-on learning at the Discovery Center at Prospect Park Zoo.

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Are New Yorkers nice?

New York City residents may have a reputation for bluntness and embracing the fast-paced nature of the metro, but The Big Apple is home to amazing people from all walks of life who support their fellow New Yorkers and their local communities.

Is New York City a safe place to live?

While being aware of your surroundings is important in any large city, NYC is a safe place to live. The crime rate is actually 9% lower than the national average. In addition, there are plenty of safe neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

What is the traffic like in New York?

Traffic in New York City is notoriously heavy, but there are plenty of ways to get around Empire City. Over half of New York City households don’t own a car, and most people rely on public transportation.

What kind of public transport is available in New York City?

Operating 24/7, the NYC subway is often the quickest and easiest way to travel throughout the city. Twenty-two trains serve 472 stations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island. There are also hundreds of local bus routes that run every 15 minutes. Most buses run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On top of all that, there are more than 70 express bus routes and 16 select service bus routes that you can take advantage of.