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Skyline of Atlanta, GA

Best Atlanta Neighborhoods for Families

Are you planning to raise a family in Atlanta? As one of the largest cities in the south, Atlanta is a growing metropolitan full of opportunity and southern charm. With a strong economy, warm weather, and plenty of great schools, Atlanta has excellent neighborhoods and suburbs that are perfect for starting a family.

But how do you know which area is right for your family? Here’s our list of the best neighborhoods and suburbs for families in Atlanta:

Avondale Estates: A Top-Rated Area of Atlanta

Home in Avondale Estates, Atlanta, GA

Photo by Andrew Pratt

Home Price: $1,215 median monthly rent; $301,400 median purchase
Crime Rate: 89% lower than national average

AreaVibes gives Avondale Estates one of the highest Livability scores in the state of Georgia. Just east of Atlanta near Decatur, this area boasts great schools, a low crime rate, excellent shopping, and delicious restaurants. Avondale Estates offers many of the same conveniences as other neighborhoods and suburbs in Atlanta, including a MARTA train station for easy commuting around the metro. Though the major draw of this area is that its lots are larger than most you’ll find elsewhere, so it’s perfect for families who need space to stretch out and grow.

Buckhead: An Uptown District with Plenty to Offer

Home Price: $930 median monthly rent; $466,536 median purchase
Crime Rate: 7% lower than national average

Located in Uptown Atlanta, Buckhead is a district comprised of several smaller communities that each have a unique flair, such as Chastain Park, Garden Hills, and Underwood Hills. With hundreds of shops at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, family-friendly green space at Atlanta Memorial Park, and opportunities to explore arts and history at Atlanta History Center and Chastain Park Amphitheatre, there’s plenty for families to do in Buckhead.

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Candler Park: Tons of Green Space Near Downtown

Home in Candler Park, Atlanta, GA

Photo by Pawel Loj

Home Price: $1,105 median monthly rent; $390,562 median purchase
Crime Rate: 7% lower than national average

Candler Park is located about three miles east of Downtown Atlanta, making it a great neighborhood for those who work in the city and plan to commute. Centered around the 55-acre Candler Park that features a playground, swimming pool, tennis courts, and athletic fields, there’s lots of space for young families to get outside. Each year, Candler Park is home to a variety of festivals, including the family-friendly Fall Fest and the Candler Park Music & Food Festival.

Decatur: A Suburb Just Miles from Downtown

Home Price: $852 median monthly rent; $350,400 median purchase
Crime Rate: 25% higher than national average*

The city of Decatur is a popular suburb of Atlanta with its own downtown area and some of the finest schools in the metropolitan area. Just a few miles from Downtown Atlanta, it’s a great place to live for those who commute to the city for work. It also has its own MARTA train station, making it easy to access fast public transportation all around the metro. Decatur is also home to Agnes Scott College, a private liberal arts women’s college that offers 34 majors and 31 minors in fields like nursing and business.

*While the total crime rate is a bit high in Decatur, the violent crime rate is 66% lower than the national average, prompting AreaVibes to give it a total crime rate grade of B-.

Druid Hills: An Affluent Area Near Emory University

Home in Druid Hills, Atlanta, GA

Photo by Ken Lund

Home Price: $1,270 median monthly rent; $457,500 median purchase
Crime Rate: 55% lower than national average

Known as Atlanta’s “second suburb,” Druid Hills is located just northwest of Decatur and has evolved into one of the city’s most affluent areas. Home to Emory University and Emory Hospital, this area is great for students, faculty, and staff at these institutions who want to live close to school or work with their families. With ample green space, quality schools, and large lots, it’s perfect for raising a family.

Inman Park: A Neighborhood Full of Character

Home in Inman Park, Atlanta, GA

Photo by Glen Edelson

Home Price: $1,071 median monthly rent; $312,817 median purchase
Crime Rate: 7% lower than national average

Inman Park is a hip neighborhood near Downtown Atlanta with a lot of parks and family-friendly events like the Inman Park Festival. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta, Inman Park is home to truly unique architecture. Many of the Victorian-style homes in this area have been restored into multi-family homes, creating great opportunities for affordable housing and community living. Home to great local boutiques and businesses, Inman Park is an eccentric neighborhood that’s great for young families.

Mountain Park: Home of Outdoor Adventures

Mountain Park, Atlanta, GA

Photo by Jody Hamilton

Home Price: $1,221 median monthly rent; $209,400 median purchase
Crime Rate: 52% lower than national average

The farthest suburb on our list, Mountain Park is located on the eastern outskirts of the Atlanta metro. While the commute would not be ideal for those who work in the city, the affordability of homes in this area makes it worth consideration for young families who are just starting out. The nearby Stone Mountain Park is a great place for family recreation. Enjoy a scenic train ride or air lift, go tubing in the winter, visit shops and restaurants, or simply hike to the top of Stone Mountain. If you love the outdoors, this is home.

North Decatur: The More Affordable Decatur

Home in Turner, Atlanta, GA

Photo by Nate Steiner

Home Price: $1,008 median monthly rent; $237,900 median purchase
Crime Rate: 44% lower than national average

Situated between Decatur and Druid Hills, North Decatur has a unique vibe all its own. Most homes in this area are Mid-Century Modern homes (i.e., built in the ’50s and ’60s), but newer condominiums have been popping up recently. The area has lower median home costs than Decatur, so it’s a great option for families with lower budgets. Though it’s within quick commuting distance of Downtown Atlanta and Decatur, there’s also plenty to do in North Decatur with North Dekalb Mall and green spaces like Shamrock Forest.

Poncey-Highland: Tons of Green Space & History

Home Price: $1,084 median monthly rent; $262,033 median purchase
Crime Rate: 7% lower than national average

Located just east of Midtown Atlanta, the neighborhood of Poncey-Highland is home to Freedom Park and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, providing plenty of green space, outdoor recreation, and fun educational adventures. With great schools and more affordable home prices than neighbors like Druid Hills and Virginia-Highland, Poncey-Highland is a wonderful place to raise children.

Virginia-Highland: Atlanta’s Favorite Neighborhood

Virginia-Highland, Atlanta, GA

Photo by lyvwhyr

Home Price: $1,194 median monthly rent; $446,938 median purchase
Crime Rate: 7% lower than national average

Virginia-Highland is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Atlanta. Affectionately know as Va-Hi by locals, the neighborhood features tons of local businesses, from restaurants and cafes to boutiques and home decor shops. While it’s a popular destination for young professionals looking to live close to Midtown or Downtown Atlanta, it’s also a great fit for small families. The residential areas of this neighborhood are filled with cute cottage-style houses that are the perfect place to call home.

For an easier way to compare neighborhoods and suburbs in Atlanta, here’s a table showcasing the cost of housing and crime rates of each one we covered, as well as the rates for Atlanta as a whole.

Neighborhood/Suburb Median Purchase Median Rent Crime Rate
City of Atlanta $205,000 $969 131% higher than national avg
Avondale Estates $301,400 $1,215 89% lower than national avg
Buckhead $466,536 $930 7% lower than national avg
Candler Park $390,562 $1,105 7% lower than national avg
Decatur $350,400 $852 24% higher than national avg
Druid Hills $457,500 $1,270 55% lower than national avg
Inman Park $312,817 $1,071 7% lower than national avg
Mountain Park $209,400 $1,221 52% lower than national avg
North Decatur $237,900 $1,008 44% lower than national avg
Poncey-Highland $262,033 $1,084 7% lower than national avg
Virginia-Highland $446,938 $1,194 7% lower than national avg


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Neighborhood statistics from AreaVibes

All images are licensed under the Creative Commons.

Skyline of Atlanta, GA
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