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Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco for Singles & Young Professionals

For decades, San Francisco has been a city immortalized in popular culture. From the colorful streets of 1960s Haight-Ashbury to the brilliance of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco calls to mind a city teeming with brilliant arts and culture, which is why it’s such an attractive destination for singles and young professionals. If you’re planning to move to the Bay Area, check out this list of the best neighborhoods for singles and young professionals in San Francisco.

Marina District

Home Price: $3,250 median monthly rent; $951,696 median purchase
Crime Rate: 3% lower than the national average

San Francisco’s Marina District is home to an upscale population of singles and young professionals in their 20s and 30s. The neighborhood is bookended by green spacesβ€”Presidio in the west and Fort Mason in the eastβ€”that offer beautiful views of the Bay and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. Locals can enjoy international eateries, chic clothing boutiques, and a variety of bars and clubs along Union, Chestnut, Lombard, and Steiner Streets. With more residents taking public transit or biking to work in this neighborhood than anywhere else in San Francisco, most of the area’s best attractions are within walking distance. So if price is no concern for you, the Marina District is the place to be!

Mission Bay

San Francisco Mission Bay

Photo by Ken Lund

Home Price: $3,810 median monthly rent; $502,496 median purchase
Crime Rate: 67% higher than the national average

A former Victorian industrial complex renovated into one of the hottest neighborhoods of San Francisco, Mission Bay is a mecca for those who want to live, work, and play. Home to Gap, Inc.’s headquarters, The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and the University of California San Francisco, Mission Bay continues to pull in new residents each year, which has led to area redevelopment and new construction of high-rise apartments and condominiums. And with a variety of restaurants, bars, and boutiques cropping up, Mission Bay is the up-and-coming area singles and young professionals will want to consider!

Mission District

Home Price: $3,300Β median monthly rent; $707,238 median purchase
Crime Rate: 36% higher than the national average

Named for the oldest standing building in San Francisco, Mission District (or The Mission) is known for its vibrant Latino culture and Carnaval San Francisco annual celebration. The neighborhood is home to a number of restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, and parks, including the popular Dolores Park, where residents can catch concerts, cultural events, and more. Since the 1990s, Mission District has also been a major player in San Francisco’s independent arts scene, thanks to the Mission School art movement. Pair of all of that with affordable housing, and The Mission is a magnet for those looking for a great neighborhood!

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Noe Valley

Home Price: $3,490 median monthly rent; $957,814 median purchase
Crime Rate: 3% lower than the national average

Centrally located Noe Valley is an upscale, artsy neighborhood perfect for singles and young professionals who want to get a foothold in the eclectic social scene that surrounds San Francisco. With most of the buildings built in or before the early 20th Century, Noe Valley boasts gorgeous Victorian-style homes in an intensely urban setting, including some of the highest concentrations of rowhouses in the country. Locals are staunch patrons of the area’s art galleries, concert halls, and theaters, so this neighborhood is great for anyone who loves theatre, music, dance, and art. Noe Valley also has a growing population of young families, making it an excellent choice for those who have plans to settle down in the near future!


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All images are licensed under the Creative Commons.

Map of Median Home Prices of Neighborhoods in San Francisco Perfect for Singles & Young Professionals

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