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North Bergen, NJ

7 Things to Know About Living in North Bergen, NJ

North Bergen, NJ

North Bergen is a diverse, friendly township in Hudson County, New Jersey. Located on The Palisades, this community is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, so it’s the perfect place to live for people who want close proximity to the hustle and bustle of New York City. If you’re thinking about moving to North Bergen, here are a few things to know!

A Small Town Close to the Big City

View of NYC from North Bergen, NJ

Photo by Walter Burns

Even though North Bergen is close to Jersey City and Manhattan, it’s a safe, affordable area with a small town vibe! With a population around 60,000 and a crime rate 57% below the national average, it’s great for families and retirees who want a quieter home. Cost of living is 13% lower than New York with a median home price of $304,000 and median monthly rent of $1,261.

The Local Economy Is Growing

Skyline in North Bergen, NJ

Photo by Helene Samson

North Bergen is an urban enterprise zone, meaning the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs encourages businesses to move to North Bergen in order to stimulate economic growth. Because of this, the area is quickly becoming an attractive place for new job opportunities. Most jobs in North Bergen are in the financial and transportation industries, though health care and social services are expected to grow in the coming years.

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Hills As Far as the Eye Can See

Hudson River Palisades

Photo by Doug Kerr

North Bergen has the second most hills per square mile in the nation next to San Francisco! Because the township is situated on The Palisadesβ€”which consist of steep cliffs along the northeastern edge of New Jerseyβ€”rugged terrain is everywhere. If you enjoy a challenging hike or bike ride, make the trip up Palisades Interstate Pkwy. to visit Palisades Interstate Park, which has 30 miles of riverfront trails!

A Park Named After a Boxing Legend

Remember Cinderella Man, the 2005 movie starring Russell Crowe about the poor local fighter who became a heavyweight boxing champion? That film was based on real-life James J. Braddock. After retiring from boxing, Braddock settled in North Bergen until his death in 1974. James J. Braddock Park (sometimes called North Hudson County Park or 80th St. Park) was named in his honor and has a total of 167 acres with a dog run, trails, and 45 sports facilities.

North Bergen Knows Good Food

Thanks to its large Hispanic and Latino populations, North Bergen has excellent, authentic Mexican and Latin cuisine! Try the Carne Asada or Tilapia a la Colombiana at Noches de Colombia. Grab an El Gran Cubano sandwich and some cocktails at Rumba Cuban. Savor delicious seafood tapas at Sabor. Or enjoy a Peruvian breakfast at La Kausa Restaurant. Of course, if you need something faster, you can swing by fast-food joint Banana King, which serves Latin-inspired breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, and milkshakes.

Get Your Drink On


Photo by Janine

Small towns always have great bars, and North Bergen is no different! Check out Havana Rum Room, where you can sip on one of 35 available rums and get your fill of live music and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights! Relax at Jimmy D’s Blues Saloon, which embraces a “come as you are” bar attitude for its patrons. Looking for a local brews? New Jersey Beer Company is a hidden brewery gem in North Bergen. Try the Garden State Stout, a rich brew made with real Belgian dark chocolate. Also, gypsy brewer Bolero Snort contracts with several shops and bars in New Jersey. You can find them in North Bergen at Bottle Co!

You May See aΒ UFO

Photo by James Russell

In 1975, UFO researcher Budd Hopkins wrote about a North Bergen man who claimed to have seen a spaceship land in North Hudson County Park near the Stonehenge apartment tower. This incident inspired the book Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions. Then, in 2011, a North Bergen man recorded strange howling noises in the early morning. If you’re into alien stories and potential sightings, North Bergen has mysteries just waiting to be discovered!


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North Bergen, NJ
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