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Where to Store Your Motorcycle: The Best Indoor & Outdoor Storage Solutions

Looking for a motorcycle storage option for your bike when it’s not in use? Depending on where you live, what kind of protection your bike needs, and how much you’re willing to spend, there are a variety of ways you can store your motorcycle. Below is a list of indoor and outdoor vehicle storage options to consider for your motorcycle!

Indoor Motorcycle Storage Options

Inside a Motorcycle Shed

Keep your motorcycle close to home—or in your backyard—with a motorcycle shed! With both pre-fab options available for purchase and DIY motorcycle storage sheds readily available online, storing your motorcycle as close to home as possible is easier than you think.


  • Can be set up at home, next to a garage, or in a backyard
  • Protects your motorcycle from the elements
  • Saves on space in your garage
  • Can be moved, if necessary


  • Pre-built motorcycle sheds can be expensive
  • May require city approval and/or HOA approval for construction
  • Requires maintenance to ensure rain, snow, and debris stay away from the bike

Before You Store

  • Buy a good lock to make sure no one is able to break into your shed
  • Ensure your motorcycle will fit before purchasing a pre-built motorcycle shed

Inside an Enclosed Vehicle Trailer

four motorcycles being stored inside of an enclosed trailer photo by Instagram user @humbermotorcycle

Photo via @humbermotorcycle

Storing a motorcycle inside a towing trailer in your driveway can be a good option because it saves on space inside your garage. Additionally, regardless of the climate, using a trailer will help keep your motorcycle protected from wind, rain, and snow and have it ready to ride whenever you need it!


  • Makes traveling with your motorcycles easier
  • Protects your motorcycle from the elements
  • Trailers with a ramp make storing your bike simple


  • Trailers can be expensive to buy and maintain
  • Some HOAs may restrict trailers from being kept in your driveway
  • Vehicle trailers are still exposed to theft, as is anything stored inside

Before You Store

  • Buy a tow lock and strong padlock to make theft more difficult
  • Ensure all fluids are topped off, especially when storing your bikes for an extended period
  • Remove the battery and attach to a trickle charger
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Inside Your Home Garage

The most convenient motorcycle storage option is in your own garage. By keeping your motorcycle in your garage, you limit the chances of weather-related damage, are able to keep your motorcycle warm during cold days, and can easily take your motorcycle out whenever the weather is nice. Storing a motorcycle in your garage is one of the best options for saving money, too!


  • Provides easy access to your motorcycle
  • Storing a motorcycle at home doesn’t come with additional costs
  • Secure option preferred by vehicle insurance providers
  • Protects your motorcycle from the elements


  • Takes up space, limiting how many vehicles you can store in your garage
  • Pests, dust, and damage from other vehicles are still a possibility

Before You Store

  • Remove your battery or connect it to a trickle charger while storing it
  • Add fuel stabilizer to your gas tank to keep fuel from deteriorating over time
  • Use a motorcycle dust cover to keep it safe from dust and pests

Inside a Storage Unit at a Storage Facility

If you can’t store a motorcycle at home, storing your bike at a self storage facility is another great option. If you live in a part of the country that experiences winter, keeping your motorcycle in indoor vehicle storage may be one of the best ways to protect your bike.


  • Has good security features like video surveillance and electronic gate access
  • Storage facilities are located across the nation, making it easy to find vehicle storage in your area
  • Some indoor motorcycle storage options come with climate control
  • Can fit into convenient 5×10 or 10×10 unit sizes


  • Indoor self storage options can be more expensive than outdoor self storage options
  • Without climate-controlled storage, electronic parts may need to be removed to protect against cold weather damage

Before Your Store

  • Top off any fluids like antifreeze to avoid issues after long-term storage
  • Make sure your motorcycle is insured and registered before storing in a unit
  • Fully inflate tires and lift the bike off of the ground to avoid flat spots

Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Options

In a Home Driveway

If you don’t want to give up space in your garage, and your HOA allows vehicles to be kept outside, your driveway is always a solution. Storing a motorcycle in your driveway is simple, comes without additional fees, and gives you the ability to use it without hassle. If you’re limited on driveway space, you can also add a driveway extension to ensure your motorcycle has a home out of the way of cars.


  • Keeps your motorcycle easily accessible
  • Allows you to keep an eye on your motorcycle
  • Makes it easy to do quick maintenance
  • Comes with no storage fees


  • Leaves your motorcycle exposed to the elements, pests, and potential theft
  • Single-car driveways don’t offer enough space for multiple vehicles

Before You Store

  • Buy a weatherproof motorcycle cover to protect from unexpected weather conditions
  • Buy a wheel lock if you intend to leave your motorcycle unused for extended periods of time

In a Collapsible Motorcycle Shelter

two motorcycles being stored inside of an at home shelter photo by Instagram user @meli_matic

Photo via @meli_matic

When space in your garage is limited, keeping your motorcycles covered without putting them in self storage is possible with collapsible motorcycle shelters. These shelters are perfect for keeping your bike at home and accessible when you want it.


  • Multiple sizes available to fit all kinds of motorcycles
  • More protection than left completely uncovered in the driveway
  • Perfect for intermittent storage needs
  • Affordable option for avid motorcycle riders
  • Can be moved to wherever you park your motorcycle


  • Not as secure as storing your bike in your garage or in a motorcycle storage shed
  • Still possible for weather conditions and pests to affect your motorcycle

Before You Store

  • Ensure you have enough space to set up your shelter
  • Add security features like wheel locks and disc locks on your breaks before leaving it outdoors

In Outdoor Vehicle Storage at a Storage Facility

touring motorcycle being stored in an outdoor storage parking space photo by Instagram user @4aautostorage

Photo via @4aautostorage

Many self storage facilities around the country offer secure outdoor vehicle storage that can accommodate all types of motorcycles. Though not as ideal as at-home storage or indoor self storage, this option is affordable and makes it easy for you to pick up and drop off your motorcycle.


  • Typically more affordable than indoor vehicle storage
  • May have covered outdoor storage options to limit exposure from rain, snow, or wind
  • Has good security features like video surveillance and electronic gate access
  • Many storage facilities are located throughout the nation, making it easy to keep your motorcycle nearby


  • Outdoor storage means your motorcycle is exposed to the elements and pests
  • Usually only good for fair weather or short-term motorcycle storage

Before You Store

  • Cover your motorcycle to limit its exposure to the elements
  • Update any insurance plans and make sure your motorcycle’s registration is up to date
  • Top off any fluids to ensure you can ride your motorcycle to and from the facility

Now that you know the most common indoor and outdoor motorcycle storage options, choosing the solution that suits your storage preference, location, and type of motorcycle will be easy. Need to store your motorcycle through the winter? Be sure to winterize your motorcycle properly before storing it!


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Best Options for Motorcycle Storage