Extra Space Storage Media Kit

Extra Space Storage Inc., a leader in the self storage industry and a member of the S&P 500, operates from its headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. With over 3,500 properties in 42 states and Washington D.C., the company is the largest owner and operator of self storage facilities in the United States, encompassing about 1.5 million units and 164 million square feet of rentable space. Offerings include a variety of storage solutions, such as boat, RV, and business storage. Send inquiries to info@extraspace.com for more information.

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Instructions for Logo Assets

When using all three logos, Extra Space Storage should be seen first. It should be placed either on top of a stack of the logos or in the center of a line of the logos. It should be followed by Life Storage, and then Storage Express.

All logos should have the same height. The logos should be in color and on a white background.

When the Extra Space Storage logo isn't included, the alternate "an Extra Space Storage brand" logo for both Life Storage and Storage Express is used.