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Shared Room Ideas: Tips for Decorating Kids Bedrooms

For many families, a shared kids room is a necessity. A new baby on the way might mean there will soon be more people than bedrooms in your home. Or maybe you’re about to start working from home and need to convert a bedroom into an office. Or perhaps it’s better for kids to share a room so that they can bond, learn to share, and be more prepared for future roommates. Whatever your reason for needing the best shared room ideas, we have inspiration for all of the potential situations!

  1. Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms
  2. Designing a Shared Room for Different Ages
  3. Boy & Girl Shared Room Ideas
  4. Shared Girls Room Ideas
  5. Shared Boys Room Ideas

1. Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Often, it’s a lack of space that creates the need for children to share a bedroom. But just because a room is small doesn’t mean that it can’t be an oasis for imagination. Check out these space-saving tips and design ideas!

Invest in Bunk Beds with Storage

There are countless cool bunk bed ideas that can fit your needs! A great space-saving tip is to find kids bunk beds that incorporate storage options. This increases floor space and leaves more room for playing.

Give Minimalism a Try

While your children are sure to bring their own flair to a room, adopting a minimalist design can help a shared kids room feel larger and reduce clutter.

Consider Bed Sharing

Two little boys sharing a bed in their bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @rach.plus.four

Photo via @rach.plus.four

When it comes to budget-friendly and space-saving decorating tips, sibling bed sharing can free up a lot of space and keep more money in your pocket. This is especially great for kids who love to snuggle!

Find a Room Divider

Give your kids a little privacy while also adding extra storage. The bookshelf above is just one of many room divider ideas for shared bedrooms.

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Utilize Headboards with Storage

If space is an issue in your shared kids room, you might not be able to fit bookshelves and dressers. Choosing a headboard with storage allows children to display some of their favorite items and keep trinkets and other items off the floor.

Embrace an L-Shaped Layout

Arranging furniture strategically is an easy way to help a room feel larger. So when it comes to where put beds, lining them up against the walls or raising one above the other to form an “L” can save a lot of space.

Try Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are a great solution if you’re really cramped for space, especially if your shared room situation is only temporary! Roll the bottom bed in during the day to create more space for games and imagination, then pull it back out at night when it’s time to sleep.

Remember Less Is More

Colorful gender neutral shared kids room design with vintage furniture. Photo by Instagram user @projectjunior

Photo via @projectjunior

It can be easy to obsess over every little design detail. But when it comes to rambunctious children, leaving more space to play is sometimes your best bet!

2. Designing a Shared Room for Different Ages

When your kids are similar in age, sharing a bedroom presents less of a challenge. But if your kids are far apart in age, their tastes and needs for a bedroom might be vastly different. Utilize these design tips so everyone gets what they need out of a shared bedroom!

Put the Youngest Child Closest to the Door

If you’re planning a shared baby and toddler room, make sure to put the youngest child closest to the door. One of the biggest challenges for a child and baby sharing a bedroom is trying to make sure they both get enough sleep. Putting the crib by the door helps you get to an upset baby quicker!

Opt for Vintage Decor

A young child and baby sharing a room will have different needs and styles. So embracing a vintage style will tie the room together and help create an ageless, cohesive bedroom.

Make Room for Different Mattress Sizes

Your older child might not be thrilled about having a younger roommate. Help your big kid see siblings sharing a room is awesome by rewarding them with a bigger bed!

Store Baby-Friendly Toys Closer to the Floor

This may seem like a no-brainer, but storing your older child’s toys higher up keeps your baby or toddler out of things they shouldn’t be getting into. This special access also helps the older sibling feel special.

Break Up Space with Desks or Dressers

If you have a child in elementary school sharing with a teen, creating separate spaces becomes increasingly important. Make a DIY room divider for your shared room by positioning a desk or dresser between beds. This is a simple way to add natural boundaries and privacy.

3. Boy & Girl Shared Room Ideas

When it comes to a brother and sister sharing a room, decorating and creating separate spaces becomes even more important! Don’t get bogged down in the Batman versus Barbie decorating debate. Find ways to keep both siblings happy while sharing a room!

Use a Canopy for Privacy

Minimalist shared kids bedroom for boy and girl siblings. Photo by Instagram user @houseon14th

Photo via @houseon14th

Draping a canopy over one or both beds creates the illusion of separate spaces and gives an added feeling of privacy for siblings sharing a room.

Stick to Gender Neutral Designs

Gender neutral kids bedroom design with bunks. Photo by Instagram user @cecepaul

Photo via @cecepaul

When it comes to a brother and sister sharing a room, keep to design themes that can be enjoyed by boys and girls. Think minimalism, simple colors, and animal themes.

Choose Bunk Beds with Curtains

One fun kids bedroom idea is to incorporate bunk beds with curtains! These are perfect for building forts, telling spooky stories, adding privacy, and helping your kids sleep better.

Let Each Kid Pick a Color

Shared kids bedroom with pink and green twin beds. Photo by Instagram user @miagraham

Photo via @miagraham

We know you’re dreaming of one cohesive, organized shared bedroom, and you can have it! But let your kids feel included in the design process. One easy way to do this is to let them choose the color for their comforter or paint accents on their side of the room.

4. Shared Girls Room Ideas

Just because your girls are bunking together doesn’t mean they’ll want the same decor in a shared sisters room. If your daughters are old enough, ask them what they want out of a bedroom, and use these tips to design a beautiful shared bedroom!

Use Elegant Lighting

Teen girl bedroom with bunks and cute chandelier. Photo by Instagram user @kb_studio225

Photo via @kb_studio225

If you’re hoping to transition a shared bedroom from childhood to tween years, using sophisticated design accents means having to do less redecorating in the future.

Encourage Individuality

Shared girls bedroom with individual styling for each girl. Photo by Instagram user @janikaparbato

Photo via @janikaparbato

Remove some of the sibling rivalry by allowing your girls to express their individual styles. Have them choose their own comforters, accent pillows, or posters for their side of the room.

Incorporate Sunshine & Rainbows

Shared girls room with pink design and rainbow themes. Photo by Instagram user @hellobabybrown

Photo via @hellobabybrown

You know what they say—girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice! Incorporate bright colors and whimsical designs in your sisters’ room to create a bedroom as sweet as your daughters.

Include Names in Decor

Girls bedroom design featuring names on pillows and wall decor. Photo by Instagram user @craftedpineco

Photo via @craftedpineco

A simple shared girls room idea is decorating with names. Not only do wall hangers or pillows with names look cute, but they help each sister feel unique!

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5. Shared Boys Room Ideas

Legos, Batman, and sports decor can easily become the theme of a shared brothers room. But just because you have two boys in one room doesn’t mean they’ll want the exact same things. Use these tips to design a well-decorated, storage-friendly bedroom that keeps your boys happy!

Choose an Easy Theme

Ceiling view of shared boys bedroom with red, blue, and black theme. Photo by Instagram user @hawkes.landing

Photo via @hawkes.landing

If your boys have vastly different interests, picking unified boys room decor could be difficult. Find an easy solution by choosing a broad theme like the adventure and travel room above. Animal and sports-themed rooms are also safe bets for brothers!

Make a Bedroom Double as a Playroom

Gray-themed boys bedroom with bunks that function as playhouse. Photo by Instagram user @lissables

Photo via @lissables

Save space in the rest of your home by creating a bedroom that doubles as a playroom. These unique bunk beds are also a playhouse, so the fun never has to stop!

Let Your Boys Be Superheroes

Spiderman pillow on kids bed with superhero wall decals in background. Photo by Instagram user @shantallaimee

Photo via @shantallaimee

Are your boys begging for a Batcave? If they’re dreaming of the same theme, you can go all out! But if one loves Batman and the other Superman, use throw pillows and sheets to highlight each of their favorite heroes.

Emphasize Interests on an Accent Wall

Two boys sharing a room means they’re bound to go through a lot of phases. This year, they might love cowboys, but next year, their obsession could be soccer. Having only one wall painted or covered in wallpaper that highlights their interests makes it easier to switch themes and change styles as they grow.

Whether your kids are sharing a bedroom because you’re out of space or you want them to learn how to share, siblings can still express their individual styles and enjoy privacy in their shared room! When you embrace well-organized design and remember to have fun, your kids are sure to love their shared room!

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Little girls jumping on bed
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