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25 Amenities & Features to Consider When Apartment Hunting

When looking for your first apartment, there are a number of apartment building amenities and features you may want. Whether it’s walk-in closets, a clubhouse fitness center, an in-unit washer and dryer, or smart home technology, these 25 apartment amenities are among the most desired features for apartment hunters!

On-Site Office

Having a landlord, property manager, or leasing agent on-site is a huge benefit when living in an apartment. If you need an issue resolved, plan to have a package delivered, or have questions about your lease agreement, you can talk in person with office staff. This is especially beneficial in emergency situations where you don’t want to waste time tracking down or contacting off-site managers or maintenance personnel.


Updated Security Deadbolt on a Door. Photo by Instagram user @ezviz

Photo via @ezviz

One of the most important factors of a home is its safety. And while you should have renters insurance, you shouldn’t have to worry about your apartment getting broken into or having your personal belongings stolen. Apartments with good security will have things like video surveillance, gated access, key fob entry, smart locks, and third-party security patrols to ensure residents are safe.


Keep an eye out for accessibility features while looking at potential apartments, such as wide hallways, brail on interior signage, wheelchair ramps, accessible parking spaces, elevator access, and accommodation for service animals. These can go a long way in providing convenience for accessible living.


A good apartment community will have regular maintenance available for any repairs and emergency issues. The rental properties that go above and beyond for residents will also have a maintenance staff or hired contractors that maintain common areas like pools and courtyards and ensure that green spaces, walkways, and driveways are well-kept throughout the year.

Common Areas

Communal areas are a great way to meet new people in your apartment community. Meant to provide opportunities for residents to socialize, these common areas can be things like a coffee lounge on the main floor, a rooftop patio, or an outdoor courtyard with public grills. Larger complexes may offer athletic facilities such as basketball and tennis courts, dog parks, walking trails, and more.


Often more common with larger apartment complexes, clubhouses provide gathering and entertaining space for apartment residents. Not only is this space used by the apartment community for resident get-togethers, but it’s space that can also be rented out by residents for private parties and events.

Fitness Center

Why pay for a gym membership when you can just work out at your apartment’s own fitness center? While these aren’t necessarily standard, fitness centers and gyms are becoming one of the more common apartment amenities. These fitness centers are generally exclusive to residents of an apartment building and can save a lot of time that would be normally spent traveling to and from another gym.

Swimming Pool

Nice Apartment Pool. Photo by Instagram user @amliapts

Photo via @amliapts

Swimming pools are one of the most desirable apartment amenities for renters. Whether it’s an outdoor pool and hot tub or an indoor pool that provides year-round swimming, if you’re interested in renting a home that includes a pool, you might want to include that on your apartment wish list while hunting.

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Need a place to park a personal car or motorcycle? Most apartments will offer some type of parking via parking lots, gated lots, or access to garages where you can keep your vehicle. Keep in mind that some apartments charge extra for parking, especially if parking stalls or garages are assigned.

Bike Storage

If you prefer to commute by bike, you may want to look for rental apartment homes that come with bike storage. Instead of having to lug your bike up and down the stairs of your building, these storage spaces provide a place for you to lock up your bike when it’s not in use.


For those moving to an apartment with a dog, cat, or another animal, pet-friendly features are going to be at the top of the list. Not all landlords and property management companies allow pets, and the apartments that do typically charge fees to cover potential damages and may have type, size, breed, and number restrictions. The best pet-friendly apartments go the extra mile and offer additional pet amenities, such as grooming stations, poo-bag receptacles, dog parks, and pet meet-and-greet events.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Living Room in an Apartment. Photo by Instagram user @barnlight

Photo via @barnlight

You might be surprised that this is considered an amenity and not an always included feature. But if you live in a region that gets extremely cold or hot during the year, you may want to find an apartment home that includes an HVAC system. HVACs provide more benefits than just allowing you to control the temperature in your apartment—they also play a vital role in ventilating your space and maintaining healthy air quality.

In-Unit Washer & Dryer

Washers and dryers inside apartments are one of the more popular apartment amenities due to how much time and money they can save. Instead of having to take your chance at finding open machines in a communal laundry room or spending more money and time at the local laundromat every week, you can clean your clothes in the comfort of your own home with this convenient apartment feature.

Kitchen Appliances

If you want up-to-date kitchen appliances, that’s something to note on your apartment amenities wish list. Microwaves, stovetops, ovens, and dishwashers aren’t always standard in rental homes—especially with older buildings—so you’ll want to make sure the apartments you’re considering do have these features. You might also look for apartment options that offer upgraded, eco-friendly appliances if you want to save on utilities.

Smart Features

Updated Apartment Bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @liveonechicago

Photo via @liveonechicago

Smart home technology is gaining popularity in rental apartments. These features may include smart thermostats that control the temperature in your apartment throughout the day, motion or remote-controlled LED lights, and Bluetooth locks on your front door.

Hardwood Flooring

Updated Hardwood Open Concept Apartment Kitchen & Dining Space. Photo by Instagram user @tom_coselli

Photo via @tom_coselli

Not only do hardwood floors add style to an apartment living space, but they have practical benefits as well. Compared to traditional carpet, hardwood floors are easier to clean, more durable, and can improve the air quality in your space. Be sure to look out for hardwood flooring in prospective apartment units, especially in areas where the floor may come into contact with moisture like kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

New Carpet

While hardwood flooring is attractive for many renters, carpet is still an apartment amenity to look for—just make sure the carpet is new! Used carpet can carry lingering odors, allergens, and bacteria even after standard deep cleaning. There are a lot of benefits to having new carpet as well. It improves the air quality in your home, provides extra comfort, and keeps up with current design trends.

Closet Space

Even with homes for sale, closet space is a desirable feature, so it’s no surprise that closets are a make-or-break amenity for apartment renters, too. Check floor plans of apartments to see what kind of closet spaces they offer, including walk-in closets, his-and-hers closets, linen closets, coat closets, and even pantry space.

Patio or Balcony

Apartment patios and balconies allow you to get fresh air and make your apartment feel more like home. Because of this, they’re a popular amenity with many complexes and high-rise buildings. Consider how much space you’d prefer. Is a Juliet balcony enough for you to enjoy the views from your new apartment, or do you want a larger outdoor living space where you can set up an outdoor table and chairs?

Valet Trash

Apartment with an Orange Hallway. Photo by Instagram user @theluxliving_

Photo via @theluxliving_

Don’t want to lug trash up and down the stairs? Look for apartments that offer valet trash services. For a small fee typically built into your rent, a third-party company will come and take the trash from in front of your door or from your floor’s waste removal center and dispose of it properly.

Media Packages

Media packages—sometimes called technology packages—are discounted bundles of both WiFi and cable increasingly offered by apartment properties. Typically, a media package is more convenient than having to compare prices for individual services from individual providers. This is an important aspect of apartment leasing to ask about when touring potential units. While some apartments offer a technology pack, other apartments mandate this service, which may not work with your budget or preference in providers.

Internet Access

Whether you’re working from home or just want to stream TV shows and movies, internet access is a must. Many commercial apartments offer fiber internet, built-in WiFi, or discounted rates to select providers in your area. But internet providers aren’t all that matter—be sure to test out areas in the unit for any dead zones, too.

Online Amenities

Nowadays, apartment complexes have online payment portals where you can pay your monthly bills and fees or set up autopay so you never have to worry about missing a rent payment. Online portals can often be used for more than just payment, too. Some will allow you to contact your leasing agent directly or file a paper-free maintenance request from anywhere.

Package Lockers

Apartment Lobby Space with Package Lockers. Photo by Instagram user @rentsfnow

Photo via @rentsfnow

If you’re going to have packages delivered to your apartment, you’ll want a secure way to receive them. Many apartments are beginning to offer package lockers in addition to traditional mailboxes. This allows mail carriers and delivery companies to put any packages in your assigned locked space, preventing the chances that your package will get stolen or damaged.

Community Events

One of the most underrated apartment amenities is community events. To foster a sense of community among residents, apartment companies will host mixers and pool parties, hire food trucks, or hold decor competitions. This is a great way to get out and meet new people, especially if you’re moving to a new city!


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