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ranch home with stone and wood in craftsman style

Popular Home Styles: Ideas for Designing Your House Plan

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you’ll probably judge a home by its exterior! Whether you’re searching for a modern floor plan or a small house plan with traditional design elements, stay up-to-date with the most popular house styles.

Exterior Trends for Every Home Style

Building a craftsman home in the mountains, or embracing Cape Cod style on the coast? There are lots of trendy design ideas to try! Find inspiration on how to make your home stand out with the ideas below.

Try Bright Doors

Colorful doors are big in current home design trends! Whether a traditional exterior is desired or more modern designs are preferred, a bright door is a trendy way to add visual interest to any home!

Mix & Match Building Materials

Mountain Craftsman-style house in Naperville, IL. Photo by Instagram user @djk_homes

Photo via @djk_homes

When it comes to today’s home design, texture is everything! Try experimenting and blending different building materials. Pairing brick and stone and combining siding with contrasting shudders is in this year. Looking for inspiration? Check out the medley of design elements present on this craftsman home plan!

Bring Back Brick

Modern brick house in Barcelona, Spain. Photo by Instagram user @bulthauphq

Photo via @bulthauphq

In the last decade, the natural charm of stone was on the rise in design trends. But current styles are returning to the basics, and there’s a reinvigorated passion for simple, sturdy designs. That’s why brick house plans, especially those featuring red brick, are gaining popularity again!

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Invest in Eco-Friendly Options

Earthy homes are in! Solar panels, natural light, and energy efficiency are all staples of eco-friendly house plans. As consumers become more conscious of their carbon footprints and how things are made, contemporary floor plans with eco-friendly features will become an even larger trend for home buyers.

Embrace Downsizing

Tiny home in Hudson, NY. Photo by Instagram user @meetwalden

Photo via @meetwalden

Whether you’re searching for small house plans or a tiny home is your dream, minimalism remains prominent in the home design community! Just because you want to maximize your space doesn’t mean you’ll want the modern style that often comes with these contemporary homes. There are still many efficient plans that make the most of your square footage while embracing traditional design elements.

Add a Front Porch

Outdoor living spaces are in high demand. And while patios and fire pits are the standard, front porches are seeing a resurgence! Similar to the popularity of farmhouse chic, traditional design plans that incorporate outdoor space in the front are currently coveted.

Opt for Large Windows

Custom modern home in Dallas, TX. Photo by Instagram user @shmarchitects

Photo via @shmarchitects

Modern homes have always been known for their open space and floor-to-ceiling windows! But as eco-friendly designs move to the forefront of building, house plans with lots of windows are becoming more popular in all styles. You don’t have to love contemporary style to make the most of sunlight! This cabin-style house plan blends enormous windows with rustic design elements.

Get Creative With Your Garage

House with pergola balcony over garage. Photo by Instagram user @isiad

Photo via @isiad

Whether it’s a pergola or an extra bedroom, modern home styles that make the most of the area above the garage are all the rage! That’s why floor plans that utilize slanted garages for bonus rooms or add patios to flat garages are in high demand!

Most Popular House Plans

Floor plan trends and exterior home designs are constantly changing. Explore the new styles that are gaining traction and the classic styles that are making a comeback below!

Farmhouse Chic Is the New Standard

Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper, farm-style house plans with a modern twist are in style! Exteriors with slanted roofs, natural wood accents, and imaginative landscaping all highlight the rustic charm of farmhouse style homes.

Craftsman Style Gets Experimental

The overhanging eaves and exposed rafters of craftsman house plans stand the test of time! But recently the resurgence of this cost-effective style has made it the most popular architectural style in America. As the American Craftsman gains popularity, the mixing of genres and building materials has also increased. Cottage Craftsmen and Country Craftsman are just two examples of this blending of genres.

Mid-Century Modern Is on the Rise

Mid-Century Modern house in Palm Springs, CA. Photo by Instagram user @mimi.payne

Photo via @mimi.payne

As expansive windows, straight lines, and minimal embellishments become standard, Mid-century modern house plans are returning. While these contemporary homes were once exclusive to the West Coast, the design elements of these sleek homes are spreading across the country.

Ranch Homes Remain Popular

Ranch-style house in Spring Grove, IL. Photo by Instagram user @homechanneltv

Photo via @homechanneltv

Owning a ranch-style house has long been a staple of the suburbs! Sturdy construction, low-building costs, and the simplicity of a single-story have helped ranch home plans stand the test of time. Today’s love of minimalism makes this simple and straightforward style even more desirable. Builders are finding ways to modernize this classic option by embracing neutral colors and implementing natural materials!

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Cape Cod Style Spreads

Cape Cod-style house in Falmouth, MA. Photo by Instagram user @raveiscapecod

Photo via @raveiscapecod

Bring New England charm to life no matter where you live! Cape Cod-style houses are known for their unique blend of Colonial, Farmhouse, and Bungalow styles, which makes them perfect for oceanside residences. With symmetrical exteriors, large chimneys, and cottage influences, this type of home remains popular on the East Coast but is popping up more frequently across the country.

Go Custom

One-of-a-kind designs are always in style, and no two homeowners are exactly the same! That’s why more and more buyers are opting for custom home plans. This allows you to build your dream home, blending the styles and functions you want without having to choose from a pre-determined floor plan.

Thinking about building a home with one of these popular home styles? Check out our guide to what you need to know before building a custom home!

Popular Home Styles