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How to Pack Wine Glasses For Moving

Packing up your kitchen before moving to a new home? Some items that you should pay special attention to when packing are your wine glasses. Below are a few packing and moving tips that can help you keep wine glasses in good shape during transportation and storage!

Use Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

The benefit of double wall cardboard boxes is that they’re stronger than regular moving boxes, which means more weight can be carried within each box. Additionally, the double wall cardboard means there’s more of a buffer between the boxes holding your glasses and other moving boxes.

Utilize Glass Kit Cell Dividers

One of the best options for packing wine glasses for a move is to add glass kit dividers to existing cardboard boxes. With dividers, each glass will have its own space in the box. This adds some cushion between glasses to prevent them from bumping into one another during transport, and it can keep glasses from tipping over while you’re moving the boxes.

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Pick Up Some Bubble Wrap

The simplest solution for safely packing stemware is to wrap each glass with some sort of padding or cushion. Using bubble wrap is helpful because it can accommodate all types of glasses from long-stemmed champagne flutes to short stemless wine glasses. Bubble wrap is relatively inexpensive and can even be purchased from storage facilities like Extra Space Storage!

Wrap Glasses in Packing Paper

If you don’t want to use bubble wrap, packing paper is another great option. A big thing to remember if you’re just using packing paper is that you need to double wrap each glass individually. With just one extra sheet of paper, it’s easier to keep your glasses from breaking.

Avoid Newspaper When Packing

If you’re packing and moving stemware, don’t use newspaper as your padding of choice. The ink that’s printed on the newspaper can unfortunately transfer to the glass, thanks to the oils on our hands. This is why it’s recommended that you use packing paper or bubble wrap.

Add Towels or Paper Inside the Glass

A helpful tip when moving fragile glassware is to stuff packing paper—or even paper towels—into the mouth of each glass while also wrapping the outside of the glass. This helps diffuse vibrations and limit damage.

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Pack Glasses Tightly

In the event you don’t have moving box dividers, try to ensure that your wine glasses have been packed into a box tightly. That doesn’t mean you have to force glasses into open space. Just focus on limiting how much each glass can move around. You can even additional open space with extra packing paper or even socks to add some cushion!


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