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20 Packing Tips for Your Next Move

Getting ready to move? Packing everything you have can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out these helpful packing tips and tricks to make your move easier!

Get Different Moving Box Sizes

Lowe's moving boxes stacked. Photo by Instagram user @jencatsmiles

Photo via @jencatsmiles

When getting everything in your home packed for a move, it’s good to have a variety of moving box sizes. Having a mix of small, medium, and large moving boxes makes it easier to pack and transport items of all sizes.

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

Plastic moving boxes. Photo by Instagram user @rentalcrates

Photo via @rentalcrates

Go green with your move by renting plastic containers instead of using the traditional cardboard moving boxes! Not only does this cut down on waste since you simply return them when you’re done, but it also provides a sturdier box that makes transporting heavy items easier!

Coordinate Boxes with Label Tape

Moving is stressful enough without the hassle of trying to figure out where each box goes once it’s in your new space. Remove the guesswork and start labeling moving boxes with different colored tape or stickers. Better yet, find packing tape that has room labels already printed on it!

Pack By Room, Not Individual Items

As you move your way through your home, try to focus on room-by-room packing instead of packing similar items from different rooms. This will cut down on half-room packing and maybe keep stress a little lower throughout the time up until you move!

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Make a Packing List for Each Box

If you’re someone who likes knowing exactly where every item you’ve packed is, put together master packing lists that describe the contents of every moving box. You can do this for the whole house or do it room-by-room!

Mark Fragile Items Accordingly

If you plan to use a moving company rather than moving boxes yourself, remember to make note of which boxes have fragile items. This can be as simple as marking all sides of a box with the word “FRAGILE” or taping the box shut with tape that has the word printed on it.

Put Books into Rolling Luggage

The best moving tip for book lovers is to pack your books into rolling suitcases instead of boxes. This will make remembering where your books are much easier later when you’re unpacking, and it ensures you won’t have a heavy box to carry!

Use Packing Paper for Fragile Items

A classic moving tip for packing any fragile items is to wrap them in something gentle, such as packing paper. This is especially helpful for moving dishes, lamps, and other delicate home decor, as it can prevent items from jostling around inside boxes.

Pad Moving Boxes with Clothes

Moving boxes with items wrapped in clothes. Photo by Instagram user @miss.brandice

Photo via @miss.brandice

A moving hack to consider when you’re on a budget (or trying to avoid additional waste) is to use your own clothing as padding in moving boxes! This allows you to pack clothes and other belongings all at once while also saving on boxes and space!

Put Dishes in Padded Sleeves

Box with dishes in padded sleeves. Photo by Instagram user @asapmoversslo

Photo via @asapmoversslo

Dishes can be hard items to pack because of their fragility. That’s why it’s smart to use bubble wrap or foam pouches. This moving hack provides some padding in moving boxes for your plates, bowls, glasses, and fine china to keep them from scratching or breaking during the transition.

Use Box Dividers for Glassware

If you don’t want to move wine glasses and other glassware to and from homes by just wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper, consider picking up dish pack boxes that come with dividers for each glass. This puts a buffer between glasses so they don’t smash together, keeping them safe during your move.

Repurpose Food Storage Containers

An easy way to move small items like toys, makeup, jewelry, and other home decor pieces is to store them in food storage containers during the move! This keeps everything organized so you don’t have small items rolling around large moving boxes.

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Don’t Empty Your Dresser

Wrapped dresser for moving. Photo by Instagram user @benny_watt

Photo via @benny_watt

When it comes to moving a large bedroom dresser or wardrobe, consider keeping your clothes inside and simply wrapping the dresser in plastic. While this does mean you’ll have to move a heavier item with a dolly, it can save you from needing more moving boxes—and you won’t have to pack and then unpack your clothes!

Roll Clothes When Packing

Instead of just tossing clothing into a moving box, garbage bag, or suitcase, think about rolling your clothes to save on space! This technique will give you a chance to get more items into moving boxes or luggage.

Try Egg Cartons for Jewelry

Jewelry stored in egg carton. Photo by Instagram user @brittanyraup

Photo via @brittanyraup

Jewelry can be tricky to pack because of how small it can be. Rather than using small bags or trying to keep everything contained in a jewelry box, you can always place items in the individual cups of an egg carton!

Leave Clothes on Hangers

When packing up your closet for a move, it’s best to keep clothes on hangers and wrap them with garbage bags. Then, all you have to do when you get into your new home is hang the items and pull the bags off!

Save Space with Vacuum Bags

Bulky clothing and bed linens can be a problem when packing for a move. Instead of worrying about sweaters, winter coats, blankets, or pillows taking up too much space in moving boxes, use vacuum bags to reduce the amount of space you’re taking up and make items easier to pack!

Organize Cords in Clear Boxes

If you have a big electronic setup in your home, you most likely have a lot of cables and cords to move. Rather than having a big moving box full of cords you need, place each one in its own individual box that’s labeled with where it goes. This keeps all of your cords in one convenient place and prevents tangles while moving!

Take Photos of the Back of Electronics

Do you always struggle to remember how your electronics were set up when getting settled in a new home? Before packing anything into a box or pulling out cables, take pictures of the backside of your setup to make redoing it a breeze!

Tape Cords to Their Electronics

Another great way to move electronic accessories is to tape them to the backside of the device. This is especially helpful with TVs that have multiple cables, cords, and remotes!


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