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Moving Cross Country: Should You Hire Professional Movers?

When you’re only moving across town, it’s easy to call up your family and friends to ask for help. But when it comes to moving across the country, hiring professional movers could be your best bet. Learn more about how hiring cross-country movers could save you time, money, and a lot of stress!

Benefits of Hiring Cross-Country Movers

Why should you hire professional movers? We asked TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to share some of their expertise on the perks of enlisting long-distance moving services.

Save Time

Preparing for a cross-country move can take weeks! By hiring movers to pack, load, drive, and unload your belongings, you can focus on what matters to you—like tying up loose ends in town or getting extra time with friends and family—instead of stressing about your cross-country move. Plus, on moving day, your long-distance movers will transport your belongings for you, so you can save time by flying to your new home.

“It’ll save you the time of having to load up your own truck and drive it yourself across the country, [which can sometimes mean] running into hurdles of the rental truck breaking down or items being damaged during the process if you do it yourself,” TWO MEN AND A TRUCK explained.

Whether you're moving across the street or to a new city, our moving cost calculator can give you an idea of how much your next move will cost.

Reduce Stress

For a lot of people, moving a household is a stressful life transition, but trying to move cross country is even more complicated. If you don’t want to sort through old memorabilia or worry about organizing and packing for a long-distance move, cross-country moving companies can handle things from start to finish.

“Hiring professionals can take a lot of the stress away from moving,” TWO MEN AND A TRUCK said. “There are quite a few details that go into packing and transitioning your life across the country. Letting moving professionals handle that big stressor in the process can help you focus on other things during the transition.”

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Driving a rental moving truck isn’t like driving a personal vehicle. There are more blindspots, the load is heavier, and it’s harder to maneuver in small spaces. Combine that with unfamiliar highways and interstates, and you could be in for a stressful long-distance move. With a cross-state moving company, your belongings will be transported by people who have been trained to drive large vehicles and safely haul sensitive items. Not to mention, cross-country moving services are GPS-tracked and secured at all times.

“Using professional movers also means you’re hiring background-checked, drug-tested, and fully trained moving professionals to handle your most precious belongings,” TWO MEN AND A TRUCK added.

Get a Guaranteed Delivery Date

One way to cut down on cross-country moving costs is to ensure your belongings arrive on the correct date. If your possessions show up before you get there or before your new home is ready, you’ll have to spend money to temporarily store them.

A late delivery can also be a headache, as you’ll have to wait to be reunited with your items and lose precious unpacking time. When comparing cross-country moving options, make sure to choose one of the many long-distance moving companies that can guarantee your delivery date.

Count on the Extra Protection

One of the biggest concerns for a long-distance move is keeping your belongings safe in transit. When you move yourself, the responsibility of protecting your items falls on you. But when you hire professional movers, they know how to keep your valuables safe! From strategic packing to padding and stretch wrap services, interstate movers take the time to safeguard your items. Plus, cross-country moving companies usually offer different levels of insurance, so you can get a protection level that’s right for you!

“One option is more comprehensive and, therefore, comes at an additional cost; while the second option offers minimal protection and is offered at no additional cost to the customer,” TWO MEN AND A TRUCK said. “The customer may choose to purchase additional insurance through a third party. Homeowner’s insurance policies sometimes cover relocation insurance.”

Embrace the Convenience

When moving across the country, the best solution is the one that makes your life easier! Hiring cross-state movers means you can avoid moving-related injuries and simply focus on getting settled into your new home. And if you’re moving with children or pets, it means more time to assist with their transition!

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Ways to Save Money with Cross-Country Movers

Hiring long-distance movers is often considered an expensive option! But if you plan ahead, there are ways to save money and cut down on your long-distance moving costs. Try these tips for hiring professional movers!

Factor In All Expenses

How much does it cost to move across the country? While the estimated cost of hiring a long-distance moving company carries a higher price tag than renting a truck and moving on your own, most first-time movers forget to factor in the extra costs of doing it yourself. Boxes and tape might seem inexpensive at first, but inefficient packing can add up quickly. When budgeting for a move, ask if packing materials and moving equipment like dollies, straps, and mats are included in the moving cost.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

For TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, a move farther than 50 miles is considered a long-distance move and is no longer priced by the hour. The weight of the truck plus miles traveled is most commonly how cross-country moving costs are calculated. To save money, only move items that actually matter to you! Prepare for a garage sale to sell that old living room sectional. Donate smaller items like books. Or gift unique knick-knacks to your family and friends.

Be Strategic About Moving Dates

When is the best time to move? And when should you hire movers? If you’re searching for the most affordable options when moving cross country, call to schedule your move as soon as you can! Cross-country moving companies like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK prefer at least two to four weeks’ advance notice. You might even schedule your move for mid-week in the middle of the month when fewer reservations are being made.

“Typically, the summer months are the busiest for us,” TWO MEN AND A TRUCK said. “If scheduling a move during that time, we recommend calling and getting on the schedule as soon as you know you’re moving. This is to ensure you get your preferred move date.”

Get an In-Person Estimate

While calling or getting an estimate online might be convenient, it’s not as accurate as having a professional come out to survey your belongings. In order to stick to your long-distance moving budget, get an accurate quote for your cross-country moving services from the beginning!

If you can fit all of your belongings in your car or feel confident driving a rental truck, then moving by yourself could be a great cost-effective option for moving long distances! But if you would you rather skip the headache and maximize your time, a cross-country moving company could be the right solution for you.

Cross-Country Moving Companies

Want to hire professional movers for your cross-country move? Check out these 11 moving companies that can help you relocate across the country.


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Moving Cross-Country: Should You Hire Movers?