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RV traveling on road in the mountains

How to Make Money While Traveling in an RV

Want to make money while hitting the road in your RV? Thanks to increasing temporary, seasonal, and remote employment opportunities, full-time RVers can make a living without being permanently stuck in one location. Check out the job ideas below for how to make money on the road!

Telecommuting & Remote Jobs

Work Station with Desk and Laptop Set Up Inside an RV. Photo by Instagram user @tinyflip

Photo via @tinyflip

Telecommuting and remote positions are ideal for travelers who don’t want to work outside the RV. All you need is WiFi access and a laptop to get your work done. No formal office space needed!


  • Offers freedom and flexibility
  • No commute time
  • No business attire needed
  • Steady paycheck, some benefits
  • No office distractions


  • May have to keep lining up new jobs
  • Requires discipline
  • Hard to do collaborative work
  • Limited opportunities for advancement
  • No IT support team

Types of Remote Jobs for RV Travelers


Woman with Backpack and Photography Equipment Hiking Through Green Hills. Photo by Instagram user @yumika0121

Photo via @yumika0121

Become a freelancer and work as much as you’d like from your RV! Freelancing jobs like writing, graphic design, and photography are perfect for making money on the road. Keep in mind that there are a few challenges with bringing in steady income as a freelancer, such as making sure companies know you’re available for hire and building a portfolio.

Learn how to promote yourself as a freelancer here.

Digital Translator

Do you know a second language? A great way to make extra money on the go is as a digital translator! Translators are incredibly valuable for businesses that need websites, copy, or print items translated.

Learn more about digital translator job requirements here.

Online Retailer

Homemade Hats, Welcome Signs, Wooden Hangers, and More to Be Sold on Etsy. Photo by Instagram user @aquasoletsy

Photo via @aquasoletsy

Whether you’re an artist, a craftsperson, or an antique hunter, there are plenty of ways to make money off of your work while on the road. Sell your products on e-commerce sites like EtsyeBay, or Shopify. It’s easy to set up an online shop on these websites, and you can ship packages whenever you make stops in cities.

Learn more about how to run a successful Etsy shop here.

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Sponsored Traveler

You may be able to turn your RV road trip into a sponsorship opportunity. If you write interesting travel blog posts or share good photos and videos of your adventures on social media, you might get contacted by hotel chains, health food companies, tourism businesses, fitness organizations, or camping stores. But don’t wait for them to come to you. Reach out to potential sponsors to start making money!

Learn more about how to secure a sponsorship here.


Did you know you can turn a blog into a source of revenue? Whether you choose to write about beauty, fitness, parenting, travel, popular culture, food, etc., if your blog gets good traffic every month, you can earn a decent living from the ad revenue, sponsored posts, or affiliate partnerships.

Learn more about how to start a successful blog here.

Virtual Assistant

Woman Transcribing Copy on a Laptop. Photo by Instagram user @mydreamleap

Photo via @mydreamleap

Virtual assistants are exactly what they sound like: assistants who remotely work for a company or an individual. These positions are perfect jobs for full-time RVers. Tasks vary from transcribing phone calls to data entry. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection!

Learn more about how to become a virtual assistant here.

Online Tutor

If you have a computer and access to Skype or FaceTime, you can be an online tutor! Sites like TutorMe are great tools for connecting with students straight from your RV. You can also be an ESL tutor, and you don’t need to have a teaching certificate.

Learn more about online tutoring requirements here.

More Remote Job Ideas

  • App developer
  • Web designer
  • Computer programmer
  • Job recruiter
  • Marketing specialist
  • Accountant
  • Social media specialist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Consultant

Seasonal & Temporary Jobs

Seasonal jobs are perfect for RVers who plan to camp for a few weeks or months in one area. These jobs typically come with good pay, and they still allow you to pick up and move on to your next adventure when the work is done.


  • Temporary residence in beautiful spots
  • Find jobs with great benefits or perks
  • Work on a variety of projects


  • Can’t continue traveling while working
  • Responsible for lining up work ahead of time
  • Might have to work in an office setting

Types of Temporary Jobs for RV Travelers


Man Using a Riding Lawn Mower to Mow the Grounds at Disney Wilderness Reserve. Photo by Instagram user @parkit.us

Photo via @parkit.us

Trying to maintain a budget while traveling? Workamper helps travelers find jobs in RV parks where workers are compensated with free or discounted camping, an hourly wage, or both. You could work in a retail store, run a campsite office, landscape, or manage campground staff. Temporary RV campground jobs are a great way to save money on your stops and get the chance to meet new people.

Learn more about the workamping lifestyle here.

Resort, Camp, or Park Employee

Woman Working Through CoolWorks to Serve as a Tour Guide at the Grand Canyon. Photo by Instagram user @awhitneyl

Photo via @awhitneyl

Whether you choose to work at a vacation resort, a local campground, or a national park, being a seasonal employee is a great option. Jobs can be anything from park rangers, tour guides, and lifeguards to housekeepers, front desk staff, and groundskeepers. CoolWorks is an expansive site that lists tons of jobs with perks like discounted housing and meals. Workers on Wheels can also help you find seasonal opportunities in a variety of fields.

Learn more about seasonal park jobs here.


Looking to connect with the land? Trade a few hours of work on a farm for room and board or a free place to park your RV. You can sign up to work on an organic farm through WWOOF, or you can spend two weeks helping sugar beet farmers during harvest season. These jobs are labor-intensive and require hard work, but the rewards include good pay, camping perks, and getting to spend time outdoors.

Learn more about seasonal agriculture work here.

Traveling Massage Therapist

If you can fit a massage table in your RV, then you can become the most popular masseuse on the road. You can either make house calls during stops or have clients stop by your RV whenever you visit town. Keep in mind that this job will require you to be a certified massage therapist.

Learn more about working in travel massage therapy here.

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Travel Nurse

Travel nurses are in high demand throughout the nation, making the position perfect for nurses who want to live in different places. Most contracts are about 13 weeks long, which is the perfect amount of time to explore a new area and all it has to offer. Plus, you can live in your RV and save on housing costs!

Learn more about how to become a travel nurse here.

Amazon CamperForce Worker

With Amazon CamperForce, you can make your RV work double. You commit to three to four months of service (typically during the holiday season) to help pack items and transport boxes shipped from Amazon warehouses to different destinations. Workers receive discounts on camping, hourly wages, and even medical and prescription drug coverage. Plus, you get a bonus for finishing your contract!

Learn more about Amazon CamperForce here.

More Seasonal & Temporary Job Ideas

  • Construction worker
  • Substitute teacher
  • Camp counselor
  • Project manager
  • Gift wrapper
  • Store greeter
  • Inventory stocker


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Make money while traveling in an RV

RV traveling on road in the mountains
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