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Inside of an RV that Has Been Updated with a New Design

21 Design & Organization Tips for Your RV

Wanting to update the design of your RV without sacrificing organization? Whether you’re looking to change the wall color, upgrade the bathroom, or install open shelves for storage, check out these 21 RV decorating and storage ideas to get started!

Opt for Light Paint Colors

RV interior featuring white walls with a navy accent wall, light pillows and furniture. Photo by Instagram user @wisco_flip.

Photo via @wisco_flip

Keep your surroundings fresh by painting the interior of your RV! Instead of dark shades, opt for lighter colors like neutral earth tones, white, gray, and pale blue to help brighten up your space and make your RV feel larger. Common areas to paint that can transform any space include the interior walls, ceiling, and cabinetry.

Switch Out the Window Treatments

Replacing the original window treatments in your RV with new curtains or shades can make a big difference! You can go with a solid shade that matches your RV home decor or a patterned curtain to add contrast to your space. Light-blocking or blackout curtains are another great option, but keep in mind their effect on heating and cooling inside the RV.

Put Wallpaper or Shiplap on Walls

Corner coffee station in an RV with patterned wallpaper. Photo by Instagram user @the_ramblr_rv.

Photo via @the_ramblr_rv

Spruce up your RV living space by installing wallpaper or shiplap on the walls! This RV DIY project is an easy way to make your camper van feel cozier and can be done with the proper tools and supplies from a home improvement store! Opt for a printed wallpaper to bring pops of color into your camper, or go with neutral-colored shiplap to elevate the design of your RV bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

Add a Heating Element

If you plan to travel in colder parts of the country, you should consider getting a wood stove or fireplace to bring heat inside your RV. Built-in electric fireplaces are a popular option for RVs because they offer both supplemental heat and the ambiance of gathering around the fire! These heating options are not only good focal points to have in your RV living room, but they also give you an opportunity to decorate with knick-knacks on top of the fireplace mantel or beside the stove.

Install Lighting

A benefit to RV living is the ability to use natural light to fill your home. But when you can’t use sunlight, go with LED lights! They save energy and emit zero heat while still providing a bright display. Popular RV light fixtures to install can be as small as trendy wall sconces or as big as a statement dinette light to give your space a modern look.

Decorate with Plants

If you’re interested in using boho style in your van, try accessorizing your space with different types of plants! They not only help reduce stress, but they also provide an eco-friendly element in your RV. And you don’t have to put them on the floor, either—try hanging your plants or placing them on shelving. Plants to consider using in your RV include succulents, ferns, or an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree depending on how much space you have.

Bring the Outdoors In with Rustic Accents

RV interior featuring wood moldings and cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @coast2coast_rn.

Photo via @coast2coast_rn

Mimic the scenic outdoors in your RV by upcycling or utilizing reclaimed wood accents! You can use old wood to make ceiling beams, kitchen tables, or countertops to give your camper’s living space a more natural feel. Reusing unwanted materials is not only sustainable, but is great for transforming old products into new furniture or decor pieces, as well.

Use Adhesive Tile for a Backsplash

RV kitchen featuring peel-and-stick tile. Photo by Instagram user @mtnsinthesea.

Photo via @mtnsinthesea

A simple RV decorating idea for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash is to install peel-and-stick tile on the wall. It’s an inexpensive project to complete and takes minimal time to set up! Choose bold colors and patterns to brighten and customize your RV to your personal style. The best part is that the tile is easy to remove and replace if you end up wanting to remodel again in the future!

Update the Flooring

Is your RV flooring outdated or showing signs of wear and tear? Give your RV a makeover with new flooring! There are different flooring options to choose from to reflect your personal style and durability needs, such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile. And carpet is another great option if you’re looking for something with more cushion.

Utilize Hidden Storage in Furniture

Do you need more storage in your camper? Look for furniture options that are functional and can provide additional storage space! A few options to consider are couches with hidden storage, an entertainment center with built-in cubbies, or a bed with cabinets underneath.

Upgrade to a Bathtub or Shower

RV bathroom featuring a stand-up shower. Photo by Instagram user @meeshweav.

Photo via @meeshweav

Updating your RV bathroom doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul, but it’s worth it to have a shower or tub to use while you’re living on the road. Install a lightweight faucet or extendable shower head that will allow you to keep water usage low and a shower pan to help drain the water during showers. Or, if you’d rather have a bathtub, choose one based on the size of your bathroom.

Include a Vanity for Storage

RV bathroom with storage vanity. Photo by Instagram user @mrscaptainkoch.

Photo via @mrscaptainkoch

If you have the room, try adding functional storage to your RV bathroom with a vanity! Bathroom vanities with under-the-sink storage are excellent options to house toiletries and cleaning supplies. Or you can use storage boxes or baskets to organize smaller items in your bathroom like soaps, toilet paper, or hand towels. Some RV owners even use vanity storage to add a laundry hamper to make the most of the small space!

Tweak the Toilet Space

The toilet is a necessary part of an RV, but there are ways to maximize your bathroom area and add storage space around it! You can enclose your toilet or if you’d prefer more space to move around in, consider installing the toilet on a pull-out shelf. When not in use, the toilet can be shut away in what looks like a normal bathroom storage cabinet. Another RV storage hack is to put a shelf or cabinet above your toilet to keep toiletries organized and out of the way.

Rethink the Bedroom

RV bedroom featuring a bunkbed and daybed with under-the-bed storage drawers. Photo by Instagram user @ourtinywander.

Photo via @ourtinywander

Keeping your bedroom organized is key while living the nomad life. Bunk beds that come with storage underneath the bottom bunk can be useful for stowing away blankets, sheets, books, clothes, and more. Drawers or storage cubbies installed in a lofted bed can provide open or hidden storage. Or you can put your belongings in baskets underneath the bed for additional storage.

Put Storage Cabinets in the Bedroom

A useful RV organization idea for the bedroom is to put your things in storage cabinets to keep your living space clean and tidy! Install these cabinets above and around your bed to make the most of the wall space. You can store books, magazines, or other household items inside the cabinets to keep your room clutter-free.

Create Multi-Use Areas

RV living/dining/and work area, a space used for multiple purposes. Photo by Instagram user @wanderfulriah.

Photo via @wanderfulriah

Setting up a multipurpose dining and work area in your RV is beneficial to include if you’re planning to work on the road. Consider adding a bar top, which can triple as additional kitchen counter space, a dining area, and a spacious desk you can work from. Or use a foldable table to turn your space into a mini home office for multiple people.

Incorporate Kitchen Storage

RV kitchen with multiple cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @emilyfeely.

Photo via @emilyfeely

There are many ways to add more storage in your RV kitchen! You can use a kitchen island, countertop storage, collapsible counters, storage benches, or a dining set with a pull-out storage option. Within your camper’s cabinets, use dividers, expandable shelving, and pull-out drawers to keep your cookware and dishes organized!

Find a Dining Solution

RV kitchen showing bar stools behind the kitchen island as seating solutions. Photo by Instagram user @simplecatlady.

Photo via @simplecatlady

Setting up an area for dining in your RV will come in handy while eating meals. A popular option is to install a longer table with stools along one of the RV’s walls or below a window so you can have a view while sitting there! Or if you’re looking to save space in your RV, consider using a drop-leaf table at your current dinette or pulling a few bar stools up to your kitchen island.

Use Magnetic Strips

Save space in your RV kitchen by attaching magnetic strips on the wall to hold lightweight household items. These strips can easily hold kitchen knives to help keep them in place without taking up drawer or counter space. Setting up magnetic spice racks is another idea that works well for saving space and keeping your spices organized.

Set Up Travel-Safe Shelving

RV kitchen featuring floating shelves. Photo by Instagram user @jojothecamper.

Photo via @jojothecamper

Because space can be limited in your camper, it’s best to take advantage of vertical storage! Installing travel-safe shelves with edges or bumpers is an easy way to keep things organized and secure while living on the road. These shelves can be used to store pantry items, canned goods, books, toiletries, or small knick-knacks.

Hang Items on Wall Hooks

Installing wall hooks in your RV is the space-saving storage solution you need! You can use them to hang items like hats, keys, towels, purses, or small bags of fruit. If you want to go the extra mile, consider hanging a pegboard! This way, you can rearrange and adjust your hooks as necessary.


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