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updated RV interior with comfy banquet seating near door

Remodel Your RV with These 23 Makeover Ideas

Thinking about renovating your RV? Whether you want to update an outdated kitchen, upgrade the bathroom, install bunk beds, or replace the floors, these 23 RV remodel ideas can help you give your recreational vehicle the ultimate makeover!

Repaint the Interior

updated RV interior with gray and white walls and a blue couch photo by Instagram user @rvsandtrees

Photo via @rvsandtrees

Make your RV feel more like home by painting the interior! Get rid of dark, dingy colors and opt for lighter colors like white, gray, beige, sage green, or pale blue to brighten up your living space. Painting with lighter colors helps reflect light better, which can also make your camper van feel larger!

Make Over the Walls

RV walls with decorative wall paper photo by Instagram user @troopnashville

Photo via @troopnashville

Are you tired of plain walls in your van? Remove old wall coverings and replace them with new materials to spruce up your space! You can use white shiplap wall planks to give your RV remodel a polished farmhouse look. Or hang decorative wallpaper with a fun pattern throughout your camper’s interior. If you don’t want to make a huge commitment, go with peel-and-stick wallpaper as an accent wall!

Overhaul Your Space with Custom Furniture

Want to create cozy space where you can relax or entertain guests in your RV? Renovate your space with customized furniture! Install a loveseat with a console or bench seats around a fold-down table. Build an entertainment center where you can keep your TV and add storage cubbies. And make sure you secure furniture in place with straps or anchors to keep them from moving while you’re driving!

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Install Shelves for More Storage

new floating shelves added to RV wall with TV photo by Instagram user @choosing.less

Photo via @choosing.less

When van space is limited, it’s a good idea to take advantage of vertical storage! Install shelves in your living area to display plants, photos, knick-knacks, and books. For an open, airy look in your RV kitchen, opt for floating shelves in place of cabinets. You can also hang small cubes or bins on walls in a bedroom or bathroom to store linens up and out of the way.

Incorporate Reclaimed Wood Accents

RV interior with reclaimed wood accents on walls and ceilings photo by Instagram user @tiny_oregon

Photo via @tiny_oregon

Bring new life to your RV furniture with reclaimed wood! Depending on the size of your RV, you can utilize old wood to make kitchen tables, countertops, ceiling beams, or flooring. Designing your camper with reclaimed wood also gives the interior of your RV a more natural feel, mimicking the outdoors!

Go with New Windows

updated windows in new RV with dining table photo by Instagram user @choosing.less

Photo via @choosing.less

Windows are a key feature of any camper vehicle. If you’re looking to improve the look of old windows, replace them with all-weather windows! Make sure the windows you install are durable, protective against harsh weather conditions, and tinted to block out sunlight, too. Windows should be sealed well with caulk to keep any rain, sleet, hail, or snow outside of the RV. To complete the project, hang up stylish window treatments to prevent sunlight from overheating your interior during the day!

Transform Your RV with New Flooring

RV with new vinyl wood flooring and dog photo by Instagram user @danielvanhorn

Photo via @danielvanhorn

Is your RV flooring showing signs of wear and tear? Your RV remodel should include installing new flooring! Choose from easy-to-install options like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or tile to make your floor more durable when taking road trips around the country.

Update Interior Lighting

updated lighting on RV ceiling photo by Instagram user @danielvanhorn

Photo via @danielvanhorn

If your RV interior is too dark, it might be time to swap out lighting! Update old box lights with new fixtures and LED bulbs to give your van a more modern look. In your dining area, hang a flush mount dinette light that you won’t bump your head on. You can also put up wall sconces in a bathroom or living room to brighten up your space!

Add a Skylight

Make your camper feel bigger by adding a skylight to the roof! Skylights come in various shapes and sizes and are the perfect way to incorporate more natural light into your RV interior. Add pleated shades to your RV skylight to help block out direct sunlight during peak hours and close up the interior better for sleeping at night.

Get Refreshed with a Built-in Shower

new walk-in shower in RV photo by Instagram user @campervanbuild

Photo via @campervanbuild

If you’re living on the road, having a shower in your RV bathroom is key! For this custom van idea, build a shower with a high-pressure shower head and attachable hose. To keep water from spilling out, use a non-skid shower pan with high sides on your shower floor. Complete your RV shower makeover by adding a patterned tile to the interior for a fun, decorative touch.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

new bathroom vanity and mirror in RV photo by Instagram user @karleemmarsh

Photo via @karleemmarsh

Looking to upgrade an old bathroom vanity? Invest in an RV sink that’s built specifically to work with your plumbing system. Plastic, acrylic, or stainless steel sinks are popular options for an RV bathroom renovation. Nearly any type of faucet can be fitted for your bathroom vanity, as long as it’s lightweight! Go with a pebbled copper faucet or a sleek stainless steel one. And with finishing touches like a round mirror and towel rack, your bathroom will look brand new!

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Replace Your Old Toilet

new toilet added into redesigned bathroom in RV photo by Instagram user @xosimplytiny

Photo via @xosimplytiny

Change out the toilet in your RV for a new one to make life on the road a bit easier! When choosing a camper van toilet, it’s good to go with an option that works well with your camping needs. The best toilets to install for your RV remodel are a gravity flush toilet or a portable camping toilet. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, consider a composting toilet to help reduce water usage!

Dine & Lounge in a Cozy Banquette

updated banquette seating photo via @rachhupp

Photo via @rachhupp

If you’re searching for an RV space-saving solution for eating and working, opt for a custom banquette in your kitchen! Banquette seating maximizes kitchen space in an RV, and it can double as a hidden spot for more storage. All you need are some comfortable cushions and a small table in the center of your banquette where you can enjoy meals, set up a makeshift office, or play games with the family!

Install New Kitchen Appliances

new appliances added into RV kitchen photo by Instagram user @_the_fergusons

Photo via @_the_fergusons

Your RV kitchen is perfect for cooking meals and saving money on dining while on the road. Upgrade kitchen appliances like the stovetop, dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator to get your area ready for cooking, cleaning, and storing food. Consider choosing more energy-efficient appliances, too!

Opt for New Kitchen Countertops

new butcher block counter in RV kitchen photo by Instagram user @the_ramblr_rv

Photo via @the_ramblr_rv

If you’re searching for an affordable way to upgrade your RV kitchen, change out the countertops! Add a butcher block countertop style by repurposing old wood from other RV makeover projects. Go with concrete countertops by putting thin layers of cement over existing counters. Or install granite or marble countertops to elevate your camper van design with a more contemporary look!

Update Kitchen Cabinets

updated RV kitchen cabinets with white paint and new hardware photo by Instagram user @haileygolich

Photo via @haileygolich

For a budget-friendly kitchen upgrade, paint old worn-down cabinets to give them a fresh look! If your RV has an eclectic vibe, you could even paint your kitchen cabinets a fun color like a bold green or slate blue. If a simple paint job won’t suffice, tear out old cabinets and install custom cabinets. Not only will this give your RV interior a cleaner look, but it will also add more hidden storage space in your kitchen!

Add a Kitchen Island

Free up counter space in your RV kitchen by installing an island! Move the sink over to the kitchen island to make more room for food prep on other counters. You might also consider including more cabinet space in the island for storing dishes, silverware, utensils, and other kitchen items!

Design a Decorative Backsplash

RV kitchen with updated backsplash and faux marble counter photo by Instagram user @laurencicileo

Photo via @laurencicileo

Installing a backsplash is a smart choice! It protects your interior walls from damage, and it also adds some flair to your RV kitchen. You can go with farmhouse-style shiplap, classic mosaics, or patterned tiles. Don’t want to commit to a certain design with your kitchen? Install simple peel-and-stick subway tiles to complement almost any kitchen interior design!

Elevate Your Space with a Loft Bed

farmhouse style RV with loft bed set up in bedroom photo by Instagram user @theroamin30s

Photo via @theroamin30s

Need to maximize space in your RV? Install a loft bed! Lofting the bed is a space-saving solution used in many small campers that don’t have a designated bedroom. Just be sure to add a ladder or some built-in stairs so that you’re able to get in and out of your loft space without trouble!

Give the Kids Classic Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a great option if you’re living on the road or traveling with kids! You can custom-build bunks to fit your RV, camper, or van. Transform an existing closet into small space bunks. Create a conversion bed to bunk. And don’t forget to take advantage of the space you’ll gain underneath bunks—it’s an ideal spot for stashing storage containers or adding built-in hidden storage drawers!

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Build a Bunk for Pets

dog bunk in RV with sleeping pad and sliding screen photo by Instagram user @thesloppyjos

Photo via @thesloppyjos

If you’re bringing a furry friend on your RV road trip, consider building a small pet bunk into your RV where your pet can sleep, play with toys, and enjoy their meals! By giving your dog or cat a place to call their own, they’ll be more likely to stay relaxed throughout your drive

Add Solar Panels

RV with solar panels set on top photo by Instagram user @sumnerrvcenter

Photo via @sumnerrvcenter

Living on the road requires you to become more sustainable. Adding solar panels to the roof of your RV can cut down on energy needed from a generator. Solar panels are also a great way to extend the battery life of your RV, and they can even save you money on the propane used for heating your vehicle!

Revamp the Exterior

updated exterior of an RV with reclaimed wood on door and new porch light photo by Instagram user @robyns__nest__

Photo via @robyns__nest__

Don’t forget about the exterior of your recreational vehicle. Paint the van exterior with crisp colors like white or gray—or go for a brighter choice like blue or green! Reside it with aluminum or fiberglass and include better insulation. And swap out an old camper door with a DIY upgraded RV door!


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