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Creative Pet Storage & Organization Ideas

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, or other pet—you need supplies to take care of your best pal. Sometimes, the amount of items you have can get overwhelming and end up cluttering your home. These 11 creative pet organization ideas can help you tidy up your space while keeping your beloved pets happy!

Allocate a Pet Area

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If your home is large enough or you have extra space, why not just give your beloved pets their own dedicated area? This could be your mudroom, half of the laundry room, part of the attic, or the space under the stairs. Kennels, beds, pet feeding stations, litter boxes, and pet supply storage can all be in one place with this solution. Creating a cat room or dog room will make them feel like royalty without interrupting the rest of your home’s design! If you have more space, you can designate an area for play or training, set up a pet grooming station, add a pet playhouse, and much more. The sky’s the limit!

Create a Walking Station

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Depending on your dog’s breed and where you live, you might need a variety of items for walks. Set up a dog-walking station near your door where you can keep all the essentials for outdoor play and walks—like a kitty tent, outside toys, pet leashes and harnesses, a dog cooling vest, training treats, and waste bags. This can be as simple as hanging a shelf, placing hooks, or designating a mud room drawer just for your pooch.

Build a Pet Feeding Station

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Give dogs and cats their own space in the kitchen by building or buying a pet feeding station. There are many different types, but the most convenient is an all-in-one unit with spots for elevated pet bowls, a drawer for pet food storage, and a hole for a cord to run through for a pet water fountain—you can even get one with a bench on top so that you can use it, too! Installing a pet feeding station to fit your animal’s specific needs ensures your barkitecture will accommodate all your furry friends while blending with the rest of your home’s decor.

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Give Containers a Purr-Pose

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However you choose to organize your pet supplies—bins, baskets, totes, or boxes—each needs a specific purpose. While one can be used as the perfect cat nap spot, you’ll still want separate containers for pet grooming supplies, treats, toys, clothing, and more to keep them organized. Strategically placing your storage containers will also make for simple cleanup and allow you to quickly grab exactly what you need. Place a basket by the door with your cat’s harness, leash, and other walking accessories. Or keep a plastic shower caddy in the bathroom for grooming items.

Organize & Label Food

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The more pets you have, the more food and treats you’ll need to figure out how to store. Keep dry pet food and treats separate and organized with attractive, air-tight jars or storage containers with lids. Use decorative labels to indicate the type of food or which pet the food is for. By switching out the original containers for air-tight ones, you’ll keep everything looking nice on the shelf while still keeping Fido’s food fresh. You can also buy canned food organizers with handles that stack cans neatly for alternative shelf organization ideas.

Hide Food Cleverly

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If you have a large dog breed, you know they go through massive amounts of food quickly. To save yourself from always dealing with those huge dog food bags, use hidden storage! If you have a kitchen or garage cabinet to spare, keep a large storage bin of your animal’s food inside, so when it’s time to eat, you can scoop and serve the food and keep the rest of it out of reach and out of sight. Another hidden pet storage idea is to get stackable bins with wheels that you can simply roll between shelves or into a closet.

Convert a Cabinet

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For a one-stop spot for all your dog and cat supplies, dedicate an entire cabinet to pet storage for an extremely versatile pet storage solution! Plenty of cabinets come with built-in drawers and hooks—and while it’s pretty easy to pet-proof them, they often have doors and special finishes that allow them to be placed anywhere in a home. This easy pet supply storage idea can also be a fun DIY project—repurpose a mail divider to store pet bandanas, sweaters, and other clothes. Place extra hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors, and include a folder for their vet and adoption paperwork. Or put up a dry erase board to keep track of vet and grooming appointments!

Designate a Pet Shelf

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A simple, yet effective pet supply organization idea is to give your furry best friends their own shelf. A shelf or small shelving unit can fit well in a hall, kitchen, pantry, or corner. Add your baskets or bins of pet items, and easily grab and move them to wherever they’re needed at the time. If placed high enough, a pet shelf also keeps dogs and cats from getting into any items they shouldn’t. Keep pet cleaning products, jars of treats, their first-aid kit, pet medications, and more all in one spot!

Utilize Hanging Storage

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There are many options for hanging pet storage, including peel-and-stick hooks, decorative wall hooks, wall shelves with pegs, over-the-door organizers, and more. The great thing about this pet storage idea is that it can be implemented practically anywhere—in the garage, laundry room, mud room, or by the front door. Plus, this pet organization idea helps free up floor and shelf space for your personal things and keeps pet leashes and other items from getting tangled.

Give One Item Two Uses

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Pet items can take up a lot of room, but nothing says efficiency like one item serving multiple purposes. Buy a tall cat tower with shelves to store bins of other toys or extra sisal string and catnip. Choose an indoor dog house that also has space for dog food bowls and extra storage. Mount shelves around your reptile or bird enclosure to hold decor and frequently used supplies. Add a table on top of a large dog kennel—that way it can be right in the middle of your home without taking up any extra space. With some creativity, you can create a multifunctional pet retreat for your furry, scaley, or feathery best friends without creating too much clutter.

Tuck Away the Bed & Extra Storage

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If you want your beloved pets to have their own cozy spot, go with a tuck-under bed. You can easily convert a low shelf by adding the bed they already love or cuddly blankets—just make sure you choose an area that’s quiet or that they like to hang out in, like the mudroom, laundry room, kitchen, or a nook. Go all out and find a pet bed with already attached drawers or built-in shelves. Or pick up a nightstand that has a cabinet or shelf underneath and transform it into their bed—then you get the added bonus of Fluffy sleeping next to you!


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