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Large Propane Grill on a Deck in Summer

How to Prep Your Grill for Storage

Is it time to put your grill away for the winter? Don’t forget to prep your grill for storage! Whether you have a gas, electric, or charcoal grill, here are some quick and easy steps to follow before putting your grill away for the season.

Things You’ll Need

  • Dish soap and water
  • Sponge
  • Stainless steel grill brush
  • Cooking oil
  • Grill cover

Step 1: Perform a Maintenance Check

As you prepare your grill for storage, inspect your appliance to make sure all of the parts are still in working order. For all grill types, be sure to have any broken grill pieces fixed or replaced before storing it away for the winter. And if you have a gas grill, check that its grill hoses are intact.

Step 2: Unplug Your Grill

Before storing and cleaning your grill, the first thing you’ll want to do is unplug it from the electrical outlet. If you own a gas or propane grill, turn off the gas tank before storing it—remember, propane and other gas tanks should never be stored indoors. Be sure to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to take the gas tubes off of the gas lines and remove the tank from the base of your grill before storing it.

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Step 3: Empty & Dispose of Any Charcoal

Charcoal grill owners should take the charcoal out of grills and dispose of it properly before putting a grill into storage for the season. All you have to do is wrap any used charcoal in aluminum before throwing it away. You can also find other uses for it around your home, such as fertilizer for your garden or as pest control.

Step 4: Deep Clean Your Grill

Before you store your outdoor grill for the winter, it’s important to clean it thoroughly. That way, when you take it out of storage, there won’t be old grease or dirt to worry about. To clean your grill, start by taking a warm, soapy sponge to the exterior to remove any grease stains and other dirt. Next, take a stainless steel grill brush to the inside of your grill and the grill grates to remove any leftover food and carbonized grease, which will also help keep rodents away. Then, wash and rinse the grill’s interior with soap and water. Be sure to let it completely dry.

Step 5: Lock Out Moisture with Cooking Oil

No one wants to get their grill out for the summer only to find it covered in rust! By coating the grill burners and other metal parts in cooking oil before you store your grill, you’ll be able to keep out moisture and prevent any rust from developing while your grill is tucked away for the winter.

Step 6: Use a Grill Cover

A fabric grill cover made from durable, weatherproof material is a great way to keep your grill clean while it’s away in storage. It will also help protect the grill from getting any dents or scratches when you transport it. Whether you keep your grill outside, in your garage, or in self storage over the winter, a grill cover can help protect it from weather and prevent any critters from nesting inside.

Step 7: Store Your Propane Tank Properly

Since propane tanks should never be stored indoors and are not permitted in storage units, you’ll need to make sure your propane tank is kept somewhere safe. The best place to keep them while they’re not in use is outside at least ten feet away from anything flammable. Metal shelving units are a safe storage option for your propane tank, and they won’t clutter your outdoor space.

Step 8: Decide Where to Store Your Grill

You have a few options for grill storage. If you have some extra space at home, one storage option is putting your grill and any tools in a garage or backyard shed. You can also keep your grill outside, but if you live in an area with extreme cold weather and precipitation, this can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your outdoor appliance. Another solution is renting a self storage unit, which can be a good option if you plan to store other outdoor equipment, tools, and furniture during the winter.


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