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Thinking of Hiring Local Movers? Consider These Pros & Cons

Moving can be a stressful process with a lot of logistics to consider, so having professional help is often a smart decision. But is using a local moving company instead of a nationwide chain right for you? Check out this guide on the pros and cons of hiring local movers.

Advantages of Hiring Local Movers

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While there’s a reason for the success of large chains or franchises, local moving companies have several advantages of their own. On top of supporting local businesses in your area, here are a few benefits of hiring local movers.

More Flexible Scheduling

Compared to nationwide moving companies, local movers may have a lower business volume and therefore can be more accommodating of their customers’ schedules. This means it may be easier to hire movers at the last minute or reschedule if need be—which isn’t typically possible with national chains that are booked well in advance. Local companies also tend to have prompter response times, as many national chains handle their scheduling through large call centers prone to long waits.

They Know the Area

If you’re considering a short-distance move within your city or to somewhere relatively close to your current home, another advantage of hiring local movers is that they’ll be well-acquainted with the area.They’ll also know the fastest and safest routes for large vehicles, and be better prepared for any unique challenges your geographic area may present—including local weather patterns.

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More Cost-Effective Than National Chains

Rather than having separate moving expenses, hiring local movers brings the benefit of rolling up most moving costs into a single fee—without many of the additional fees associated with national chains. For instance, national chains often charge by weight and distance rather than a flat hourly rate, like most local movers. Similarly, local movers may have lower overhead costs—usually due to having smaller teams, less advertising-related costs, in addition to other factors. Be sure to do a cost comparison to find the most budget-friendly option in your area!

Quality Customer Service

As with any type of business, national moving companies don’t always offer the same quality of customer service as a local alternative. Where national companies may not be affected by one customer’s negative experience, this can have a large impact on a local moving service. Smaller businesses tend to thrive on word-of-mouth, so they’re often extra careful to offer exceptional service toward all customers. And because moving can be an emotional process, having additional personal care taken toward your move is a major benefit.

Disadvantages of Hiring Local Movers

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Although there are many advantages of hiring local movers, it may not be the right choice for everyone. Consider these drawbacks before making your decision.

Less Insurance Coverage Than a Larger Company

Larger brands typically have more resources than smaller companies, which can include more insurance coverage. In other words, some local movers may not have the same extent of licensing or insurance coverage as a nationwide brand. A lack of coverage could lead to costly repairs or replacements if any of your delicate belongings are damaged and not covered under their policies. However, keep in mind many local brands do have sufficient insurance coverage, and certain homeowners policies may even cover damages that occur within the home!

Smaller Team

Local moving companies tend to have fewer employees, which can be an advantage, but also can lead to complications. For example, during particularly busy times, scheduling may become difficult if the team has limited staff. Smaller teams may also take longer to move your items or not be able to offer as wide of a range of options for their services.

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Limited Service Area

If you’re planning a long-distance or cross-country move, it may not be feasible to hire a local moving company. Some local movers have a limited service area, whereas larger chains are more likely to be able to accommodate farther moves.


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