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How to Store Tailgating Equipment

When tailgating season is over, where do you store your gear and equipment? Whether you keep tailgating equipment in a self storage unit or at home, this guide can help you get your tailgating items ready for storage!

Preparing Tailgating Equipment for Storage

It’s important to thoroughly prepare and clean your tailgating supplies before moving them into short-term or long-term storage. Below is a list of tailgating equipment and how to prep them for storage!


No matter if you use a gas, charcoal, or electric portable grill, there are several steps for properly prepping your grill for storage. Empty and dispose of any charcoal, check if you need to replace the battery in the ignitor, and make sure no ports are clogged before placing your grill in storage. Once you’ve performed a maintenance check, it’s time to thoroughly clean the grill. With a warm, soapy sponge, clean the exterior and interior to remove any leftover food and grease that may have collected. Whether you choose to store your tailgating grill at home or in a storage unit, protect it from dents and scratches by covering it with a fabric grill cover!

Propane Tank

If you need to store propane, it’s better to keep it at home, as propane can’t be stored in a storage unit. Make sure to store your propane tank outside on a ventilated metal shelf at least ten feet away from other flammable gear. Outdoor storage is recommended because vapors from a propane tank could be potentially harmful indoors if the tank valve isn’t fully closed.


To avoid mold and mildew, take the time to properly clean and sanitize your cooler before placing it in storage. You can easily clean out the cooler with a washcloth, warm water, mild detergent, and baking soda. Start by wiping out the inside, making sure you get every corner. If you need to clean a moldy cooler, consider using a DIY cleaning solution of baking soda, liquid dish soap, and bleach. Or if it has a strange smell or difficult stain, use white vinegar and lemon juice to freshen it up. Once everything is washed, leave it open to air-dry for several hours to prevent mold from growing inside the cooler while in storage. And don’t forget to tightly seal and close your cooler and its plug before putting it in storage!

Team Flags

Once tailgating season is over, take time to inspect your flag for signs of wear and tear. Check for any rips or thread breaks that occur on the fly end. If you have frayed ends, trim or re-hem them. By taking the time to do this, you can extend the life of your sports flag. You should also wash your flag before storing it. Depending on the material of the flag, you can either hand-wash it in the sink or place it in the washing machine. When your flag is clean, let it completely dry on a drying rack to prevent mildew growth. Then, roll it up and store it in a storage tube to keep it in good condition.

Tables & Chairs

Keep foldable tables and chairs looking new by properly preparing them for storage. Before you get foldable chairs wet, use a soft bristle brush to remove any crumbs or dirt. Then, using a warm water and white vinegar mix, clean the chair from top to bottom and gently scrub it using a washcloth. Similar to your foldable chair, you’ll want to use a white vinegar solution and a sponge to wash the surface and the legs of your tailgate table. A white vinegar mix removes any oxidation that has accumulated on the metal part of the chairs and table.

Canopy Tent

Before you store a canopy tent, take the time to inspect the metal frame and the fabric of the canopy for damage from storms or strong winds it may have endured. If the frame of the tent is bent, you may be able to repair the damage by using a hammer. If your canopy tent has a hole, you can easily repair it by sewing the hole shut and covering it with a piece of fabric using an adhesive. After you inspect and repair it, clean the canopy with warm, soapy water. Once your tent has completely dried, store it in a canvas bag.

Tailgating Vehicle

Whether you have a truck, camper, or skoolie for your tailgating vehicle, it’s important to clean it before moving it to storage. Not only does this mean washing the exterior of the vehicle, but you should also take a vacuum to clean the floor and seats. It’s crucial to remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated during the tailgating season so that it doesn’t affect the long-term cleanliness of your car. Also, make sure tires are clean and full of air since it’s natural for tires to deflate slightly after long periods of time in storage.

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How to Store Tailgating Gear

Gray Plastic Bins on White Wire Shelves. Photo by Instagram user @theprojectneat

Photo via @theprojectneat

When it comes to tailgating equipment storage, there are many ways to pack your gear up for the season! Here are a few of the best ways to store your tailgating gear.

Use Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are great for storing sensitive tailgating gear, such as portable radios, small generators, speakers, and other electronic items. These storage bins are long-lasting, durable, and help save you room by allowing you to easily stack the bins on top of each other. Plus, they’re made of durable plastic that’s waterproof and airtight, keeping unwanted moisture and pests away from your valuables. Don’t forget to label the outside of each bin so you can quickly locate items when you’re in a rush!

Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Looking for an inexpensive storage option? Cardboard boxes are great for lightweight tailgating gear like utensils, tablecloths, first-aid kits, blankets, and small tailgate games. It’s best to avoid storing heavy items like skillets and small grills, as those items could cause the box to break. The best part of storing items in a cardboard box? You can easily fold and flatten them when they’re not in use.

Install Utility Hooks

If you have enough room on the walls of your garage or storage shed, consider installing sturdy hooks. Using utility hooks allows you to maximize your wall space and avoid cluttering the floor. Some items you could hang up include tailgating tables and chairs, cornhole boards, and flags.

Invest in Shelving Units

Get additional storage space and stay organized by installing free-standing shelving units to store tailgating gear and equipment. With storage shelves, you can gain valuable vertical storage space that you might not otherwise be able to take advantage of in your home or storage unit. You’ll also be able to clearly see which items are on which shelves. It even helps you keep items from being damaged by being on the floor. If your basement or garage tends to flood, vertical shelving options are an ideal solution for tailgating storage.

Take Advantage of Tall Ceilings

Have a tall ceiling in your shed, garage, or storage unit? Install overhead storage shelves to keep your floors open! Overhead storage is ideal for storing tailgating items like pop-up canopy tents and cooking equipment—as long as you store items in an air-tight container. However, overhead storage is more of a long-term solution. So if you need consistent, easy access to any of your tailgating party items, it may not be the ideal solution.

Where to Store Tailgating Equipment

Now that you’ve cleaned and prepped all of your tailgating equipment, you’ll need to find the best place to store items. Popular places for storing tailgating party gear include garages, basement storage rooms, backyard sheds, and storage units!


Your garage space can be used to protect a tailgating vehicle like a trailer, SUV, or pickup truck. Depending on the size of your garage, you can also add storage cabinets or free-standing shelving to store tailgating items, such as tents, yard games, or even cooking utensils. If you have temperature-sensitive items, though, the garage may not be the best storage solution.


If you don’t have a garage but have access to an outdoor shed, this is a great spot to store your tailgating items. While most sheds can’t accommodate vehicle storage, you can store other large items like speakers, coolers, tables and chairs, or even a large grill. Make the most out of your shed storage by adding adjustable wall shelving, free-standing metal shelving, or wooden pallets to store your tailgating gear.


Use your basement storage room if you need a place to store tailgating items out of sight. This is a perfect storage option for home tailgating items and decorations that you may grab more often since you don’t have to climb around vehicles or yard equipment to get to your gear. Use boxes and plastic bins that you can stack on top of each other in your basement storage room, or put up shelving solutions if you have a lot to store.

Storage Unit

If you don’t have room at home to store tailgating equipment, consider renting a self storage unit. With unit sizes starting as small as 25 square feet up to as large as 300 square feet, you can find plenty of space for tailgate items like grills, tents, coolers, tables, and chairs. In addition, many self storage facilities offer vehicle storage options that are ideal for large tailgating vehicles like campers, trailers, RVs, and buses.


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