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Feng shui bedroom interior design featuring white and gold colors.

Feng Shui Bedroom: 17 Ideas for Designing & Decorating

Dreaming of a restful and restorative bedroom? Using feng shui basics, you can help good energy (also known as chi) flow where you sleep! Why is feng shui so important in the bedroom?

“It’s the room of renewal,” explained Dana Claudat, designer and creator of The Tao of Dana. “It’s a room of love and relationships, the place we go to restore ourselves, to revitalize, to rest.”

Learn how to utilize a feng shui bedroom layout, design your room for the right energy, and decorate with items that foster great sleep and loving relationships below!

Declutter First

Pink neutral bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @aurahome

Photo via @aurahome

One of the most important feng shui bedroom rules is maintaining a clean space. Organize your closet, pick up dirty clothes, and clear nightstands and dressers of any magazines, books, accessories, or water glasses. Clutter blocks the flow of chi, and these energy blockages can lead to restless sleep and an overall sense of feeling out of control in your life.

Make a Feng Shui Bedroom Map

Bagua feng shui map. Photo by Instagram user @binderful

Photo via @binderful

Looking for bedroom layout ideas? Whether you’re designing a master bedroom or working with a small space, there are many principles of feng shui that could help you discover the ideal arrangement of your bedroom. While this room’s chi is deeply linked to love and marriage, creating a Bagua map of your home can help you know what other energies are being stored here.

You can further personalize your layout with your lucky feng shui directions, which are determined by your Kua numbers. Once you know your personal numbers, you can utilize the nine directions to help you cultivate energy around your health, career, money, success, relationships, and more by staging your room strategically.

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Use Yin & Yang for Design Inspiration

It’s important to have a mix of different energies in the bedroom! Because this is the room of rest, Claudat approaches feng shui decorating by prioritizing yin elements, but yang is still needed.

“Yin is more of a bedroom’s dominant energy, so more soft, more neutral, more dim lighting, more quiet, more subtle design,” Claudat said. “But some yang is also important to include to make a bedroom magnetic and fun—like some candles, bright pillows, a surprisingly colorful rug or nightstand.”

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Limit Electronics

Contemporary white bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @ashleypeacock

Photo via @ashleypeacock

“Keep electronics out of the bedroom,” said Ashley Peacock, a classical feng shui consultant and creator of Peacock Feng Shui. “This one is incredibly important and super easy to do, but I find that many clients are resistant to implementing it. The bedroom should be reserved for sleeping and connecting with your partner.”

Because you’re trying to create a restful space, feng shui dictates that you should remove electronics like TVs, laptops, tablets, and phones from your bedroom. If you can’t bear to part with your bedroom TV, try storing it in a cabinet or console with doors that you can shut whenever you’re about to sleep.

Embrace Earth Tones

Earth tones bedroom design. Photo by Instagram user @studiomcgee

Photo via @studiomcgee

Curious about the best color for bedroom feng shui? Because sleeping well is crucial to living well, implement a calming, earth-toned palette. Consider painting your room yellow, beige, or another neutral color to design a restorative and grounding space. Soft hues of green and brown are great accent colors for throw pillows, rugs, and other decorative items.

Highlight Wood Elements

Bed with wooden headboard and nightstand. Photo by Instagram user @cushello

Photo via @cushello

The feng shui wood element is associated with being rooted and secure, and thus is widely recommended for bedroom decor and furniture. Invite this calming energy into your bedroom with a wooden headboard, nightstand, dresser, or picture frames.

Use Fire, Water, & Metal Elements Sparingly

Neutral bedroom accents. Photo by Instagram user @alamaison.co

Photo via @alamaison.co

You want to foster passion and sensual energy in the bedroom, but not too much! Because your bedroom should be a restful oasis, you’ll want to keep elements that carry a lot of stimulating energy to a minimum.

Of the five elements of feng shui, fire is considered the most active, which means it should play less of a role in your bedroom design. Candles are a great way to incorporate the fire element without going overboard. Similarly, water features, plants, and metal items carry a lot of active energy, so they should be used for accent pieces and small decor only; they should never be the focal point of your bedroom.

Strive for Furniture Balance

Feng shui your bedroom by using pairs in decor as much as possible, such as two nightstands or lamps. Using pairs as much as possible here generates harmonious energy around dating, marriage, and love in your life! You can also create immediate harmony by arranging your bed with equal space on each side.

Choose Wood Nightstands

Cozy neutral bedroom with small nightstand. Photo by Instagram user @estudiodozi

Photo via @estudiodozi

A pair of nightstands is an easy way to include the feng shui wood element. Using this natural material near your bed will help you feel at ease in your daily life. Another pro tip is to choose a circular nightstand, which can help the flow of chi by minimizing sharp or harsh angles.

Try Feng Shui Bed Placement

Well-balanced bedroom design. Photo by Instagram user @dalishaffner

Photo via @dalishaffner

Wondering which direction your bed should face? Feng shui bed placement involves centering your bed so that either side can be easily accessed. Placing a side of the bed up against the wall can create a huge area for energy to get stuck.

Optimally, your bed should be in the feng shui commanding position. This means across from the door, but not directly in line with it, as you never want your feet facing directly out the door. If that layout is unavoidable due to a small bedroom, try arranging at an angle or using a footboard.

Get a Solid Headboard

Bedroom with wicker headboard. Photo by Instagram user @homewithkelsey

Photo via @homewithkelsey

An important rule to achieving good feng shui in your bedroom is utilizing a headboard. Because this piece of furniture supports you while you rest, it helps you feel safe and supported in all aspects of your life. Headboards are also great for adding the feng shui wood element, which is ideal to use where you sleep because of its grounding and soothing properties. Tufted headboards in warm colors work as well!

Invest in Quality Bedding

Contemporary bedroom with white duvet bed set. Photo by Instagram user @kylie_bedding

Photo via @kylie_bedding

Opt for a supportive mattress, sturdy bed frame, and soft sheets to ensure you’re getting the best sleep you can! Soft bedding and cozy blankets bring the yin quality of your bedroom to life. Picking natural and ethically-sourced products can also help ensure that you’re not resting your head on negative energy.

Keep Under the Bed Space Clear

Earth tones bedroom set. Photo by Instagram user @harveynormansg

Photo via @harveynormansg

Allowing chi to flow freely is a crucial feng shui principle. Because you don’t want stagnate energy near your bed, avoid putting it directly on the floor or using a bed frame with a built-in storage base.

“Do not store anything under the bed,” Peacock advised. “Ideally, the bed should have space underneath for the energy to flow around it freely. If you must store things under the bed, limit it to soft textiles such as bedding.”

Choose Romantic Wall Decor

Photo frame of wedding couple. Photo by Instagram user @camdy.com.my

Photo via @camdy.com.my

The bedroom is the most important area of your home for cultivating romantic relationships. To generate connectedness in your relationship, use feng shui bedroom pictures that predominantly feature you and your partner. If a spouse or significant other is something you desire but don’t have yet, display wall art that features pairs of people, objects, or shapes, as this can attract that energy.

Avoid Mirrors

Small mirror above bed. Photo by Instagram user @anna.joy

Photo via @anna.joy

While mirrors are great for expanding and recirculating energy in other areas of your home that need better chi flow, they can be over-stimulating in the bedroom. Since the purpose of a mirror is to reflect and move energy around, they can promote restlessness in your sleeping space.

“Mirrors are too active and can disrupt sleep,” Peacock explained. “If you must have a mirror, make sure it is not reflecting the bed or directly across from the door.”

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Use Rugs for Grounding

Along with integrating the feng shui wood element, adding rugs to a bedroom helps create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Plush rugs can soften hardwood floors, as well as add an extra level of yin to carpeted rooms. While a large master bedroom might seem ideal, too much space can cause energy to run wild. A rug framing your bed in a spacious room will help draw in energy and harness warmth perfect for nesting.

Focus on What You Love

While there are many feng shui bedroom tips on what to do and what not to do, what matters most is the unique energy you’re trying to attract and highlight in the bedroom.

“I don’t do a lot of one-size-fits-all tips because space is unique and people are unique, and there’s not one way it should be,” Claudat said. “In general, we all feel good with a clear space that reflects our style and our favorite colors and art and emotions.”

Now that you’ve explored these feng shui bedroom decorating ideas, it’s time to spread the positive energy in other areas of your home. Check out our guide to a feng shui living room!

Feng Shui Bedroom Design Tips