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Extra Space Storage Blends Old and New in Pittsburgh Facility Expansion - Featured Image

Extra Space Storage Blends Old & New in Pittsburgh Facility Expansion

Extra Space Storage is proud to announce the completion of an expansion project at our property located at 141 N Braddock Ave in Pittsburgh, PA. The property’s rich history and diverse uses—as well as our new, modern additions—create a blend of old and new that perfectly captures the spirit of Pittsburgh.

The property was initially constructed in 1921, featuring a 6-story main building and a single-story outbuilding. Over the decades, it served various roles as offices and warehouses before being converted into a self storage facility in the early 1990s.

141 N Braddock Ave storage facility before image

Our latest expansion involved the strategic demolition of the smaller outbuilding, replaced by a modern 3-story structure boasting 50,030 net rentable square feet. This addition introduced 595 storage units and 110 storage lockers, with the second and third levels seamlessly connecting to the main building.

141 N Braddock Ave facility exterior

What sets this project apart is the delicate blending of the old building’s classic, industrial brick exterior with the new climate-controlled storage facility. This successful fusion embodies our commitment to preserving the heritage of our properties while keeping pace with modern storage needs.

141 N Braddock Ave facility entrance

A host of new features was also included in the scope of the project. A new office, two elevators, and a state-of-the-art dehumidification mechanical system were installed to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience. Additionally, the existing roof, parapet, and facade were replaced to ensure the building continues to reflect and contribute to the community’s heritage.

141 N Braddock Ave storage facility exterior image

This development is a meaningful addition to the vibrant redevelopment and rehabilitation efforts in the vicinity. It’s conveniently located adjacent to Rockwell Park, an impressive redevelopment project sprawling across 24 acres and eight buildings with a combined space of 810,000 square feet. This complex includes retail outlets, flexible tech spaces, Class A offices, creative studios, and food and beverage spaces. Further up Penn Rd, the community will find Bakery Square, another exciting mixed-use project that adds value to the local economy.

Aerial shot of 141 N Braddock Ave storage facility

The successful completion of this significant project would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Extra Space Storage Sr. Development and Asset Manager, Danny Morris, and Sr. Construction and Property Development Manager, Peter McDaniel. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the local Extra Space team, the city of Pittsburgh, and all the project consultants involved.

Aerial view of the new 141 N Braddock Ave storage facility

We’re thrilled to continue serving the Pittsburgh community with our expansion of 141 N Braddock Ave and cutting-edge storage solutions while respecting and celebrating the area’s rich architectural history.

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