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How to Create the Perfect Office for Your Small Business at Home

Starting a small business? If you’re planning to operate out of your home, you’ll want to make sure you create the best business environment. Find helpful tips for setting up your home office and ensuring you stay productive while working from home in our guide below!

Where to Set Up a Home Office for Your Business

Designating a workspace that encourages productivity while limiting distractions is ideal for running an at-home business. Whether this is in a spare bedroom, a basement or attic space, or even a corner of your small studio apartment, you’ll want a quiet place where you can focus and get down to business.

Spare Bedroom

Home office set up in extra bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @soulhome_new

Photo via @soulhome_new

If you have an extra bedroom that you only use for storage, transform it into a home office! A bedroom will provide enough space for your office setup—and if there’s a bedroom closet, you’ll already have a built-in storage space for your office inventory, supplies, and equipment.


Want to avoid distractions when working from home? Set up a home office in your basement! This area can provide a quiet atmosphere for getting work done. Just be sure that you place your desk in an area with good lighting, especially if your basement doesn’t have windows that allow natural light in!

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Have an attic space you haven’t been using? This is an excellent spot for working from home! Similar to a basement, an attic is out of the way of most household foot traffic, which means you can have a quiet, productive spot to get work done without getting distracted.

Under Stairs

If your home has an under-the-stairs nook built in, you can easily create a small home office in this space! Simply add a desk, chair, and some basic shelves, and you can turn this underutilized area into the perfect office space for your at-home small business.

Flex Space

Does your home have a bonus room? This is an ideal spot for an office space setup! Flex rooms in homes are typically smaller and can have awkward shapes that make them hard to use for larger purposes like a living room or dining room. But they’re great for an office where you’ll only need a desk and shelves!

How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

One of the biggest struggles of trying to run a successful home business is maintaining focus and discipline during business hours. Mix in household chores you’ve been putting off and the presence of family members (particularly children), and it can get even more difficult to stay on track. Below are some working from home tips that should help you avoid distractions!

Only Work in Your Office

When you’re working at home, you might be tempted to go work in your living room or kitchen from time to time. To stay productive, however, you’ll want to keep your office and your living space as separate as possible. By having a designated place at home where you can run your business, you can maintain the distinction between work space and relaxation space, which will help with your focus.

Stay Organized

Running a business from home is much easier when you keep your office space clean. Before you start your workday, take some time to tidy up your desk and organize files, papers, and whatever else is creating clutter. This will help you stay focused when your work begins. In addition, try to incorporate smart home office organization and storage solutions that can help you avoid messes altogether!

Figure Out Inventory Storage

Does your small business have a lot of inventory? Rather than clutter up your office space and distract from your work, find a better place to store your inventory. Some small business owners choose to move these items into the garage, basement, attic, or storage room. But if that’s not a possibility, look into other affordable inventory management options, such as renting an inexpensive storage unit.

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Take Breaks from Work

Woman stretching in front of window. Photo by Instagram user @vohanwellness

Photo via @vohanwellness

Even when you’re working from home, it’s a good idea to take a break every now and then to avoid fatigue and give yourself a moment to clear your head. Go for a walk. Read a book outside. Play with a pet. Get in a yoga practice. Meet up with a friend for lunch. Spend a few minutes tidying up another room in your home. No matter what you need to do to refresh, give yourself a time limit and stick to it.

Stick to a Routine

A major perk of owning your own business is that you create your schedule. But if you’re someone who struggles with having unlimited flexibility, you’ll need to maintain a routine to stay productive. Make it a point to shower, get dressed, and even have breakfast before you start working from home. In addition, determine what hours you’ll work every day—that way, you can keep to a regular business schedule.

Add Some Green

Desk with computer surrounded by plants. Photo by Instagram user @ashleyhosmer

Photo via @ashleyhosmer

Natural elements—whether that’s natural light coming in through a window or a house plant sitting near a desk—can have a calming effect and give you a mental boost while you’re working. If your office at home has windows, position your desk so that you can look outside. If you don’t have windows (or the view isn’t great), put a couple of succulents or potted plants around your office to freshen up the space.

Create Flexible Workstations

White home office. Photo by Instagram user @workspacery

Photo via @workspacery

Having multiple surfaces and seating options throughout your home office can help you remain productive throughout the day by allowing you to move around and refresh your mind when you feel yourself getting tired or stuck in a mental rut. If you don’t have enough space to set up multiple workstations, opt for a sit-stand transitioning desk, which will at least allow you to stretch for a bit.

Set Some Ground Rules

Balancing your home life and your work life is important, but it can be tricky to keep them apart when you’re doing both of them in the same place. Occasional distractions are going to happen, but many interruptions can be avoided by setting some ground rules with your family. Set your work hours and make it clear that you’re not to be disturbed during those hours, unless it’s an emergency. And if you have an office door, close it so kids and pets don’t come in.


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