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16 Ways to Help Your Family Transition to a New Home

Moving and having to say goodbye to a home full of memories can be pretty tough—but it’s even tougher when kids are involved. Whether you’re moving to a new city or simply moving down the street to a different neighborhood, the loss of familiarity for kids can be stressful. Fortunately, there are ways to help them transition between homes. We partnered with Brittany Hayes of Addison’s Wonderland, Sarah Rhodes of Paro Home, and Summer Hogan of Simple Stylings to create a moving guide with creative ideas for helping your kids get through the moving process.

Involve Your Kids in the Planning

One of the best tips to make moving easier for kids is involving them in the planning process. Whether it’s packing boxes, having them determine how they want their bedroom or playroom set up, or running errands with you to prep for the new house, let your kids have a role in moving.

Read Books About Moving

If your kids are struggling with moving homes, consider getting them books that can walk them through what’s happening and help calm any nerves they might have about being in a new place. These are also good tools to help you create discussions about moving if you’re not sure where to start.

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Take Pictures for a Scrapbook

Allow your kids to take a piece of home with them by snapping photos of your old house. Or have a photographer come hang out at your house before you move to snap candid photos of your family doing everyday things. Put the pictures into a scrapbook and have your little ones write about their favorite memories next to each one.

Hide a Time Capsule

Creating a time capsule that can be hidden in the attic or basement for the new homeowners is a fun activity for kids to participate in. Include things like the newspaper from your moving day, a note or piece of art from each family member about their special memories of the house, and small memento that represents each person.

Turn a Picture into Painting

Keep the memory of your old home alive forever by turning it into a work of art! Take a photo of your home and have an artist paint or sketch it, then hang it up on the wall in your new home. That way, you’ll always be able to look back on fond memories while also having a stylish piece of decor.

Write a Goodbye Letter

A fantastic tip for helping kids cope with moving is having them write a goodbye letter to your home. Have them share fun memories that they had, what they wish they could’ve done in your old house, what they’re nervous about with their new home, and what makes them excited for moving.

Bring Your Garden with You

Little boy staring at sunflower. Photo by Instagram user @nironest

Photo via @nironest

If you and your little ones have been working on a garden at the old house, dig up the bulbs and plant them at your new home! That way, you bring a little piece of your old place to the new, and it’s something familiar your kids have to help with the transition.

Put Together a Keepsake Collage

Keepsake collage with fabric squares. Photo by Instagram user @kyeandhardy

Photo via @kyeandhardy

Take wallpaper scraps, fabric cuts from curtains, old pieces of carpet, and other things from your old home and make a collage with your child. You can frame it and hang it in your new home for a custom sentimental piece of DIY moving art.

Tour the New House

Little girl running through new home with parents watching. Photo by Instagram user @helloeave

Photo via @helloeave

Before moving all of your stuff in the new home, take your whole family to tour it. This allows your kids to explore and get the lay of the land, which can help them feel excited about their new place.

Host a Farewell Party

Say goodbye to friends and neighbors in the area by hosting a farewell party. Have everyone sign a picture frame or write fun messages and memories on a poster for you to hang up on the wall in your new home.

Have a Family Campout

Family campout inside. Photo by Instagram user @jazzkatat

Photo via @jazzkatat

The night before moving, get together in the living room and have a family campout—sleeping bags and all! You can order some pizzas, watch old home videos, and share what you’re looking forward to with moving to another home.

Make a Memento for Holidays

Make a family Christmas ornament that represents your home (either the old or the new) as a reminder of precious memories. Try this DIY home ornament, which involves some air-dry clay, rubber stamps, and a ribbon!

Explore the New Neighborhood

Mom and sons walking through neighborhood. Photo by Instagram user @itsnicandjess

Photo via @itsnicandjess

Get your kiddos excited about their new neighborhood by going on a walk and exploring the area. Stop by all of the local parks, ice cream shops, fun stores, and even where they’ll be attending school so they feel more comfortable navigating.

Get to Know the Neighbors

Neighbors on front porch. Photo by Instagram user @househunterpdx

Photo via @househunterpdx

Meeting the neighbors is crucial for your family to adjust to a new home and area. They can suggest good restaurants, where you can get groceries, and any fun activities nearby. Plus, if they have kids, you can set up playdates so your children have a familiar face when they start school.

Set Up Kids Rooms First

Little girl in nursery. Photo by Instagram user @petite.voyou

Photo via @petite.voyou

Once in your new home, set up kids rooms first to get them excited about their new spaces. Add artwork from their old room to make it cozy and familiar, or let them decorate it to feel completely new.

Stick to a Schedule

Going through a ton of changes all at once can be difficult for the entire family. One way to help transition everyone after moving to to another house is by sticking to the same routine. Schedules might change after school and activities have started, but having family dinner at the same time or doing the same bedtime routine like you did at the old house might help reduce any uneasiness.


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