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Tips for Moving When it’s Raining

Planning to move during a rainy time of year? Whether you’ve been preparing to move for a while or are making a last-minute move, rain on moving day can make things more difficult. If the forecast for your moving day predicts precipitation, here are ten tips for preparing and moving in the rain!

Set Aside Supplies

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When the clouds start to form, you’ll want to pull out any rain gear that’s packed away. While it may seem like a hassle, having raincoats, boots, and umbrellas will go a long way toward helping your rainy moving day go smoothly. In addition to keeping your feet dry, a good pair of non-slip rain boots can also help keep you on your feet when walking on slick surfaces. And whether you’re moving boxes out of your old home or unloading into your new home, be sure to have plenty of towels on hand to help dry up any messes created along the way.

Wrap Items in Plastic or Protective Covering

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If there’s rain on your moving day, you’ll want to take extra precautions when packing to protect your belongings from getting wet. Smaller items can go in plastic bags or plastic storage totes, while larger items can be protected with stretch wrap. And while moving blankets can help keep your furniture from getting torn, scratched, or broken, they aren’t waterproof—so you’ll still want a layer of plastic on these items, as well.

Opt for Moving Help

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A rainy day could make moving by yourself a little tricky. If you can, reach out to friends and family for extra help on your moving day. If your friends aren’t available, plan to hire movers! You’ll need to schedule movers ahead of time, so be sure to keep an eye on the forecast. The more help you have, the better—it shortens the amount of time each person has to spend in the rain.

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Check Your Insurance

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Since you’ll likely need extra help, it’s important to make sure your friends and family are protected! Before moving in the rain, make sure your homeowners or renters insurance covers any slips or falls. When hiring movers, it’s also important to ask if their policy covers any injuries to their workers on the job, as rain can create some risky conditions. Aside from protecting people, insurance can also cover damaged items. If your current insurance policy does not cover losses from moving, consider investing in moving insurance. Since rainy-day moves can lead to slippery situations, insurance is a great way to protect your belongings!

Shorten Distances for Loading & Unloading

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When moving in the rain, you’ll want to limit the amount of time spent hauling items through the downpour. Move all your items to your garage or entryway before loading your moving truck, and try to park the truck as close to your home as possible for both loading and unloading. In addition to helping your items stay drier, shortening the distance that you have to carry things reduces chances of slipping on rain-slicked floors or walkways. Plus, it helps keep your floors clean during your moving process.

Have an Inside Crew & an Outside Crew

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If you have enough people to help during your rainy-day move, consider designating one group to stay outside and one to stay inside. In this scenario, the outside group would be the only one getting wet while they load or unload the moving truck. The inside group can then walk around safely to move items in or out of your home and dry off wet items as they come in to your new space! This helps keep the indoors clear and limits the risk of injury, as there won’t be wet shoes tracking water throughout the house.

Set up an Assembly Line

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If you have enough people, creating an assembly line is a great way to move items quickly and safely when moving into your new home! A moving assembly line makes it easier to avoid slipping, as no one has to move very far. Have everyone form a line from the back of the moving truck to the entrance of your home, and pass lighter objects along to quickly get them inside.

Create a Safe Path

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While moving in the rain, make sure to keep your floors clean and dry—including the floor of your moving truck! Taping down cardboard boxes, towels, or non-slip mats before loading up your truck is an excellent way to keep the ground safe and dry. If your home has wood floors, keep a mop or towels on hand to clean up water and prevent any injuries while moving on a rainy day. Or, if you’re dealing with carpet, you can opt for a non-slip tarp to keep your floors clean.

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Take Your Time

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While it may seem logical to move as quickly as possible, taking your time is a safer bet when moving in the rain. Rushing while moving in the rain could cause more slips, drops, and accidents. You could wait for the rain to slow down or even stop—or just take extra care when moving delicate items like your TV, wooden furniture, or artwork! If these items are wrapped properly, you won’t have to worry about any water getting in.

Quickly Dry & Unpack Wet Items

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Even with the proper precautions, moving in the rain will likely result in some belongings getting wet. Make sure to wipe things down as you go and unpack any wet items right away. Prioritize unpacking anything that water could damage, such as electronics or artwork. Dry off any wooden or fabric furniture, and throw clothes into the dryer or hang them to dry as needed to prevent mold and mildew from growing.


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