Types of Businesses that Can Benefit from Self Storage

Whether you’re a small business or large company, business self storage can help you clear space, store inventory, and more. From content creation to real estate, these are the types of businesses that can benefit from self storage.

General Contracting

General contractor jobs—including construction, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry—involve a lot of equipment. Tools left outdoors are susceptible to weathering, theft, and vandalization, but a secure self storage unit can help keep your equipment safe and put your mind at ease. General contractors are also frequently on the move from one job site to another, so a storage facility that offers contractor storage provides a safe place to store your equipment with easy access. Plus, if you need to store a pickup truck, forklift, trailer, or other work vehicles, renting secure vehicle storage is one of the best storage unit options for businesses like general contracting.

Landscaping & Lawn Care

If you’re running a lawn care and snow removal business, perhaps you’re using a garage or shed for lawn equipment storage. However, renting a storage unit offers more flexibility with how much you can store, since you can choose the appropriate unit size for your business. Additionally, self storage can help you free up room at home so your business doesn’t encroach on your personal space. You can also use storage seasonally, for lawn care equipment in the winter and snow removal equipment during the summer.

Real Estate & Home Staging

Staging a home is a precise process that requires proper storage techniques to keep furniture and decor in good condition. A climate-controlled storage unit gives you a place to keep staging pieces safe and protected from extreme temperatures until you’re ready to use them. And if you’re a realtor looking to sell a home, storing furniture in a self storage facility can help reduce unnecessary clutter—plus, it gives you plenty of space to store promotional signage and other materials when they’re not in use.

Restaurants & Catering

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Storefront restaurants, catering businesses, and mobile food trucks involve more than just food preparation—most require a vast array of furniture, decorations, and kitchen essentials to function. Catering businesses also often have tents, tables, chairs, and other equipment. And while much of this equipment can be kept mobile, catering events or cozy restaurants can get cluttered fast. Why not store unused items like back stock, cookware, canned foods, cutlery, out-of-season decor, and more in a convenient storage locker or unit? During the off-season, consider vehicle storage to help protect your truck from the elements and get back space in your driveway.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Reps

Self storage is a useful resource to help keep medical and pharmaceutical supplies secure. Storage units provide a controlled environment for storing medical products in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Plus, advanced security features make renting a storage unit practical for those in the medical or pharmaceutical fields who have inventory, equipment, and samples they need to keep safe—in addition to documents like marketing pamphlets and other informational literature.

Professional Offices

While running a professional office space requires a certain amount of equipment for daily employee use, having excess items sitting around can quickly clutter a workspace. Give more flexibility to your space by using commercial storage units for important files, paperwork, business documents, extra supplies, office equipment, and furniture. Plus, office space and other commercial storage solutions can help your small business—especially if it’s outgrown the home office stage!

Brick & Mortar Sales

Small businesses need to stock up on inventory but often don’t have the space to store it in their shop. Using self storage keeps your inventory safe and your shop clutter-free as your retail venture grows. Plus, renting a storage unit for sales inventory is often less costly than renting out a warehouse! Businesses that sell seasonal items like gardening equipment or holiday decor—or businesses that decorate their stores throughout the year—can use self storage during the off-season to free up space.

Online Retail

Electronic storefronts and e-commerce businesses have become increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers have no physical location and need somewhere to store inventory between production and shipment. Renting a storage unit for e-commerce storage provides a convenient solution for inventory organization and management. Not only that, but self storage is a flexible, cost-effective solution for a variety of home-based businesses—including artists, clothing retailers, book dealers, and more.

Content Creation

Being a professional content creator requires the right materials for high-quality results. If you’re posting to social media or advertising a product, you’ll probably be investing in equipment like cameras and microphones, along with proper lighting and backgrounds. Renting a self storage unit means content creators can securely store equipment—including video props and backdrops—when their personal or professional space is limited.


Does your business need self storage? Extra Space Storage has storage locations across the U.S. that provide small business storage and commercial vehicle storage. Find business storage near you!


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