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What items need climate-controlled storage?

Sensitive items that can be damaged by extreme changes in temperature should be kept in climate-controlled storage at Extra Space Storage. Storage units with climate control typically maintain temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees year-round to help prevent damage to items.

Climate control at Extra Space Storage can be beneficial for all kinds of household and business items. Here are some of the most common items that need climate-controlled storage:

  • Electronics: TVs, gaming systems, stereos, computers, cameras, and other electronic devices can be easily damaged by heat and cold. High humidity can cause rust or corrosion, heat can cause plastic parts to warp, and cold can cause screens to crack.

  • Artwork & Antiques: Fluctuating temperatures over a long period of time can cause delicate materials to deteriorate. Hot, humid summers can warp vinyl, weaken fibers, and make paint bubble or blister, while extreme cold can make paper and paint brittle.

  • Paper Documents: Books, magazines, newspapers, and other paper items can lose their structural integrity when stored improperly. These items are susceptible to moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and deterioration of inks. Additionally, extreme cold temperatures can make books and papers brittle, causing them to break down faster.

  • Photos & Media: If you plan to store photos, film, or tape for an extended period, a climate-controlled storage unit is vital to help keep these items safe. Extreme cold conditions make these items susceptible to cracking, while hot conditions can cause warping and fading.

  • Furniture: Depending on the material, furniture can be susceptible to damage. Wood furniture can warp and crack in fluctuating temperatures, while leather furniture can shrink or warp. Upholstered items are prone to collecting moisture, which can cause mold growth.

If you're not sure whether you need climate-controlled storage for your items, consider the region in which you live and the weather you experience. If the city where you live sees extreme temperatures or all four seasons throughout the year, climate control may be worth it.

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