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What type of storage unit do I need?

The type of storage unit you need at Extra Space Storage depends on several factors, including what you plan to store, how much space you need, if you require a temperature-controlled environment, and more. We offer several different self storage unit types, including:

  • Indoor Storage Units: Located within a self storage building, indoor storage

    provides a secure interior storage space with an extra layer of protection from the elements.

  • Drive-Up Storage Units: With drive-up access, you can pull a vehicle into or up next to your exterior storage unit to easily and quickly move large, heavy items in and out.

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units: Climate control typically keeps storage units between 55 and 80 degrees throughout the year to help protect temperature-sensitive items in storage.

  • Vehicle Storage Units: Indoor, covered, and outdoor vehicle storage options are available to accommodate car storage, motorcycle storage, boat storage, RV storage, and more.

  • First-Floor Access Storage Units: Many indoor self storage locations offer multiple floors of storage units. Storage units on the first floor provide the easiest access.

  • Elevator Access Storage Units: If your storage unit is on a floor above the first level of a self storage building, this may be referred to as an elevator or lift access storage unit.

  • Extended-Height Storage Units: Though 8' is the standard storage unit height, storage units at select locations offer higher ceilings at 10' to provide more vertical storage space.

  • Reduced-Height Storage Units: Most storage units are 8’ tall, but in cities where space is limited, a storage facility may offer reduced-height storage lockers for smaller needs.

  • Rolling-Stair Access Storage Units: Another popular option with storage lockers is rolling-stair access. These units are stacked on top of each other and perfect for storing small items.

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