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Man Carrying Extra Space Storage Boxes out of a Drive-Up Storage Unit

Why You Should Rent a Drive-Up Storage Unit

Trying to decide if you should reserve a drive-up storage unit when you rent self storage? Whether you’re planning to store large, heavy items or simply want the convenience of ground-level storage that you can pull right up to, drive-up access could be the perfect choice for you!

How Can Drive-Up Storage Make Self Storage Easier?

Drive-up access can make your overall storage experience easier! With convenient loading, a variety of storage unit sizes, and more, drive-up self storage is an excellent feature to have!

Convenient Loading & Unloading

The greatest benefit of drive-up access is that you can pull a car or moving truck right up to your storage space to unload and load items. Unlike a standard indoor storage unit that’s located inside a building, a drive-up unit is exterior-facing, so you don’t have to worry about walking through tight hallways or up flights of stairs when storing belongings.

More Storage Unit Size Options

In many cases, drive-up access units come in a wider range of sizes, from small 5×5 units and medium 10×10 units to 10×30 and larger! Before reserving a drive-up unit with Extra Space Storage, check out our storage unit size guide, or call our team of self storage experts to see which unit is right for you.

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Easier to Store Large Items

When storing large items like household appliances, mattresses, recreational equipment, and more, a drive-up storage unit is going to be your best bet! Not only can you find drive-up units in larger sizes to accommodate these items, but you’ll have the convenience of pulling your vehicle right up to your unit to move items in and out as well!

Convenient for Business Storage

Drive-up access can be useful for commercial storage, especially if you’re storing inventory, materials, or equipment for your business. Renting a storage unit with drive-up access near your business location or in your customer service area can make picking up and dropping off supplies easier.

How Can a Drive-Up Storage Unit Be Used?

While there are many ways drive-up access can make your self storage experience easier, drive-up units can also be used to store a variety of items, including vehicles and business inventory.

Vehicle Storage

Need convenient vehicle storage? Drive-up storage units are perfect for storing different types of vehicles! At many Extra Space Storage locations, you can store vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and small recreational vehicles like jet skis. Some locations may even have oversized drive-up units that can accommodate larger vehicles like boats and RVs.Use our Vehicle Storage Calculator to help you calculate the right size of storage unit for your vehicle.

Furniture Storage

If you’re using self storage while moving, having a drive-up access unit can be more convenient for furniture storage needs. Moving large couches, beds, dining tables, desks, appliances, and more is much simpler when you can unload and load furniture right from your moving truck.

Recreational Equipment Storage

Recreational equipment comes in many sizes, and though smaller items can often be stored at home, many larger items might take up too much space in a garage, shed, basement, or attic. Items like camping gear, skis, and snowboards can be difficult to store at home and could be stored in a drive-up storage unit nearby instead to help free up some space.

Business Inventory & Document Storage

Drive-up storage can save time when transporting and storing business inventory and supplies. Plus, many Extra Space Storage locations accept deliveries, so managing small business inventory in self storage can be easier, too!


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