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What’s the typical storage unit height?

The typical storage unit height at Extra Space Storage facilities is approximately 8 feet. This is the standard height for the majority of our available storage unit sizes.

Select locations offer storage units with ceilings up to 10 feet to accommodate larger self storage needs, while others may offer reduced-height storage lockers for smaller self storage needs. If you're curious about how tall storage units are near you, contact your local Extra Space Storage!

If you rent a self storage unit with a taller ceiling, be sure to take advantage of all the available vertical space offered. Some helpful ways you can utilize vertical space in your storage unit:

  • Use standing shelves along the walls

  • Stack items vertically (with the heaviest items on bottom)

  • Stand large items like mattresses and dining tables up

  • Utilize coat racks, rolling racks, and hooks to hang items up

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