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What are the typical storage unit sizes?

Typical storage unit sizes at Extra Space Storage are:

However, these aren't the only unit size options available at our self storage locations across the U.S. We offer a variety of storage units as small as 2 square feet and as large as 1,000 square feet.

Small Storage Units

The most common small storage unit sizes are 5x5 (25 square feet) and 5x10 (50 square feet). These units are comparable to a walk-in closet, providing plenty of space for mattress sets, small furniture, and moving boxes. Some can even be used for motorcycle storage.

Medium Storage Units

The most common medium storage unit sizes are 10x10 (100 square feet) and 10x15 (150 square feet). These units can hold the contents of a small apartment, such as bedroom sets, entertainment centers, and more. These can also be a great solution for small business storage.

Large Storage Units

The most common large storage unit sizes are 10x20 (200 square feet), 10x25 (250 square feet), and 10x30 (300 square feet). These units are similar in size to a household garage and can hold the contents of a multi-room home or office. Some can even be used for vehicle storage.

Storage Lockers

Unlike small storage units, storage lockers offer spaces that are smaller than 25 square feet. Additionally, these lockers come with reduced-height ceilings and/or stacked on top of other lockers with rolling-stair access. Storage lockers are perfect for storing small personal items.

Warehouse Storage Units

Unlike large storage units, warehouse units offer spaces that are larger than 300 square feet. These oversized storage spaces can accommodate large boats and RVs, contracting equipment, business inventory, and other large self storage needs.

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