How big of a storage unit do I need?

Figuring out what size of storage unit you need isn’t always easy to visualize. Though not a perfect system, the easiest way to discuss storage unit sizes is discussing the amount of living space that is going into storage, and in some cases, specific items that are being stored.

One-Bedroom Apartment

A 5×15 (75 sq. ft.) or 10×10 storage unit (100 sq. ft.) is best for a one-bedroom apartment.

Two-Bedroom Apartment

For those with less to store, a 10×10 storage unit (100 sq. ft.) will be a great fit. If you’re maximizing the space in your two-bedroom apartment, it’s more likely that a 10×15 (150 sq. ft.) will fit your needs.

Three-Bedroom House

A 10×25 storage unit (250 sq. ft.) is the most commonly used storage unit for a three-bedroom house. With the contents of the house, as well as yard and outdoor items like lawnmowers and grills, a little more space is needed!

Four-Bedroom House

For four or five-bedroom houses, a 10×30 storage unit (300 sq. ft.) should provide ample space.

Storing a Car

This depends on the length of the car you’re storing, but the majority of cars fall between 15 and 20 feet in length, making the 10×20 storage unit perfect for most cars.

Storing a Motorcycle

A 5×10 (50 sq. ft.) is typically more than enough space for a single motorcycle. If you’re looking to store multiple bikes, a 10×10 or larger will be your best option.